Encounter With Two Erotic Dominant Women

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Ready to Eat A Load Sissy?

I get in the car and look at you and you look back and smile at me saying,

  • “How are you today slut?”

I instantly moaned a bit and bite my lip ever so slightly. You noticed and smile bigger, asking,


  • “Awe, did that turn you on?”  I moan and nod yes.


  • “Well, you are in for a treat tonight.”

You touch your panties, which are exposed because you are wearing a skirt, and stroke slightly.

  • “I have a surprise for you slut,” she said.


I bite my lip harder and squirm a little bit. We arrive at a house I had never seen before and you say,

  • “Ready to eat a load sissy?”


I moan and reply,

  • “Yes, Miss”.

A woman with brown hair and braces opens the door to the house and we go inside. You introduce us. Her name is Tara. You tell me you’ve known her for about a month now. I ask,

  • “How did you meet?”

The erotic dominant women look at each other and smile,

  • “We shared a big black cock,” you say and start laughing.

Tara just smiles and nods with a mischievous smile on her face. You lift your skirt up and ask if I’m ready to clean you, I quiver a bit and moan,

  • “Yes, Miss.”


  • “Good sissy!” you say and point at Tara, “Start with Tara!”

Tara’s Lacey Panties

I look over and Tara started sliding her yoga pants down, revealing blue lace panties with a soaking wet spot in the middle. I bite my lip and quiver, she smiles and tells me to come to clean her out as she sits on the couch and spreads her legs a bit. When she spread her legs, the wet spot visibly got bigger. I move between her legs and kneel, biting my bottom lip the whole time. She closes her legs around me and slowly starts pulling her panties off. As she does the sticky wet spot stuck and slowly pulled away, clinging to her smeared cum eagerly.

She finishes taking them off and tells me to stand up. I do and you tell me to undress. I comply and do so standing there nude. Tara takes her panties and holds them out expectantly, telling me to take them and put them on. I quiver as I slide the lacey panties up my legs. Once I finished pulling them up I feel your cum covering my clit and balls and I moan. You both smile and you order me to get on my knees to clean your friend Tara.

The Erotic Dominant Women Order Him To Eat Cum

I sink to my knees and Tara slowly opens her legs. Her pussy is very pink and gapping slightly, cum is covering her lips, and more starts leaking out as she spreads her legs.
Biting my tongue, I look at you and you smile and say,

  • “Go on slut, it’s time to clean Tara from her two “bbcs” an hour ago.”

I moan and nod, turning towards her filled pussy. I move closer and can smell the sex on her. Up close I can see her pussy is very red and swollen, her ass is also red and has a little cum leaking from it. The erotic dominant women have total control over me.

I start licking her lips, cleaning them up, swallowing them as I needed to. She keeps leaking cum as I clean so I stick my tongue in her and a gush of cum pours out into my mouth. Tara giggled as she feels what’s happened asking,

  • “Did you like that load sissy?”

I moan yes and continue cleaning her swallowing the cum. I finish cleaning her pussy and look at you, you ask,

  • “Did you think you were done?”

Kiss Me My Cum Slut

Her ass still has cum dripping from it. I bite my lip and hesitate.

  • “Clean her ass!” you tell me bending over and shoving a finger up Tara’s ass.

You pull it out, it’s covered in cum and juices, and you smear it on my lips.

  • “There you go slut! Now you shouldn’t have a problem.”

I quiver, moan and lick my lips like a good slut. The erotic dominant women look at me pleased at how eager I am to follow their orders.

I slowly lick her ass, I can taste the cum and smell her pussy. It still smells like sex and cum. You spread her cheeks and her ass gapes a little, cum streams out into my mouth… loads of it. I swallow and blush, you notice and ask,

  • “Aw sissy, did drinking multiple loads of cum turn my little cum dumpster on?”

I mumbled yes and continued cleaning Tara’s ass. Once I finish, Tara takes my hand and helps me get off my knees.

  • “Kiss me cum slut,” she orders.

I oblige and she laughs at me after I kiss her. She looks over at Her and both erotic dominant women laugh at me together.

erotic dominant women

Swallow All The Black Cum

  • “Your mouth tastes like the “bbcs” I took earlier!”

She giggled and I say to Tara,

  • “It’s something she will need to get used to tasting anyways.”

My clit instantly got hard and the black cum on my clit from the panties dripped slowly onto the floor as you look me over and say,

  • “That’s enough cum on your clit for now. It’s a shame that cum doesn’t actually come out of you or maybe this would be different,” smiling wickedly.

You grab my cum covered clit and squeeze till I moan. You pull your hand away and it’s covered in cum, you look at it, smile, and smear it on my mouth and lips telling me,

  • “Lick up the black cum from your little clit whore.”

I bite my lip and clean it from your hand, also scooping it with my finger from my cheeks to my mouth, swallowing it all.

Locked In A Cock Cage With Matching Bra And Panties On

Tara gets up and leaves the room for a second coming back with a pair of white lace panties and a small cage.

  • “These panties are special,” she said “Your Miss told me how you like a pocket for your clit and these have one.”

She take the other panties I had on slips them on me pulling them up to my legs. I like feeling the soft fabric slide up my legs.

  • “And this here is a chastity cage for small white clits like yours.”

She tucks my clit into the cage and clasps it shut, caging my clit. I moan loudly and quiver as she finishes tucking me away pulling my panties up.

You can see a bulge and the erotic dominant women giggle together,

  • “If only that was really you!”

I blush and bite my lip. Tara leaves the room again and comes back with a black butt plug and white matching lace bra. She holds the plug up to my face and says,

  • “This is going to go in your pussy okay?”

I nod and quiver a bit.

  • “Bend over slut and arch your back.” I hear Tara laughing. I’ve always wanted to make my own sissy slut.”

She Stretches Me Out With A Butt Plug

She slips the plug into her pussy, taking care to show me what she was doing, and takes it back out. It’s covered in black cum. She moves and stands behind me lowering my panties around my ass. She places it against my pussy saying,

  • “Okay slut, you will have this in until we tell you to take it out, okay?”

I squirm and nod slightly.

  • “Answer her properly slut!” you say. “Yes Tara,” I say and you tell me that’s better.

Tara smiles and places it against my pussy. I can feel the cum from it start to get on me, mixing with the rest already there. She pushes slightly a little bit, just enough where it’s starting to stretch me.

  • “Are you ready to have a plugin your pussy slut?” she asks.

I arch my back, which pushes me a bit farther onto the plug, and whimper,

  • “Yes.”

You both smile,

  • “Good slut! Go ahead Tara.”

She slides it in slowly taking her time. I feel myself stretch more.

  • “It feels big,” I say.

The Erotic Dominant Women Continue Sissifying Me

You smile,

  • “It’s not the biggest one you’re going to have in your pussy hun. You should probably get used to this feeling. I’ll be putting one in you a lot from now on.”

I shudder and leak some precum. You notice and smile,

  • “Normally I’d clean it up and feed it to you but today you need to do that yourself. I only want to touch black cocks and cum today.”


  • “Yes miss.”

I say meekly and clean myself up through the cage eating my precum.

Tara takes the bra and slips it on me, clasping it in the back. It doesn’t fit very well but neither of you cares. I squirm a bit, trying to adjust it.

  • “We know it’s uncomfortable but you will wear it anyways to show what a slut you are.”

I’m now in a chastity cage, covered in black cum with matching white panties and a bra on with a black cum covered plug in my pussy.

You both smile at each other, happy about your work transforming me into a slut.

  • “Now slut, I’m going to open the door and let a big black cock in okay?”

I nod and blush. You go to the door and open it. A large black guy in shorts and no shirt is at the door, already visibly hard. His cock looked like it was at least 8 in. and very thick. He comes in and you shut the door. He turns to you and I drop on my knees right there and pull his shorts down and start sucking his cock while the erotic dominant women looked at me approvingly.

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