Adrian’s training to be a good slave!

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In the not-so-distant future, society had evolved into a meticulously organized and controlled entity. Every aspect of life was regulated by the Council of Mistresses. Deviation from the norm was considered a grave offense. One man, Adrian Kane, was about to discover just how unforgiving this world could be.

Adrian lived in a world where some men had become a threat to the collective order. Pleasing Women was the cornerstone of society, and the Council of Mistresses closely monitored every citizen’s behavior. Council of Mistresses, a shadowy group of individuals, held immense power in deciding who was fit to be a part of the carefully structured society.

The Misfit


Adrian Kane was different. From a young age, he had always questioned the norms and rules imposed upon him. His thoughts were unconventional, his actions defiant, and his spirit unyielding. He often found himself touching himself for his own pleasure unfortunately this has led him to become a premature ejaculator. Last night, he seduced a Woman and spent the night with her. He wasn’t really concerned with her satisfaction and came long before her orgasms. Then he did not do anything to give her the pleasure she deserved. Since the establishment of the Council of Mistresses, the following rules have been decided.

If a man has an orgasm, he MUST ensure that the Woman also has an orgasm. When possible, the man should orgasm after the Woman.

Ideally, a man should ask for permission to cum, especially during sexual intercourse with penetration regardless of the use of condoms.

Women are encouraged to report men who violate these rules to the Council to protect other Women from these ugly men.

Sandy was a well-educated Woman and she was attracted by the gentle manners of Adrian when they met at the University. After a few meetings and a nice dinner, she invited him to her place. She couldn’t tell if Adrian was just selfish or unable to control himself, but he came after less than 2 minutes. Sandy was extremely unhappy and frustrated. Even if she was not very interested in FLR, she decided to report this behavior to the Council of Mistresses for evaluation. Maybe they might teach Adrian how to become a submissive lover.

The Assessment

This message was sent to all his past girlfriends Assessment of Adrian’s Initial Behavior

Dear [Girlfriend’s Name],

We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out to you as part of an assessment process related to an individual named Adrian 234543. Adrian is undergoing a personal assessment, and your input as someone who has had a past relationship with him is valuable to us.

Please take a moment to complete the following questionnaire honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

1. How would you describe Adrian’s abilities to please you during your relationship?

 Excellent  Good
 Fair
 Poor

2. Did Adrian demonstrate empathy and understanding in your interactions?

 Always
 Often
 Sometimes  Rarely
 Never

3. How would you rate Adrian’s willingness to respect the rules of the Council of Mistresses?

  •   Very committed
  •   Moderately committed
  •   Not very committed
  •   Not committed at all

4. Did Adrian cum without your permission?

 Yes  No

5. Overall, how would you describe Adrian sexual’s performance during the time you were together?

  •   Very positive
  •   Somewhat positive
  •   Neutral
  •   Somewhat negative
  •   Very negative

6. Is there any other information or insights you would like to share about your experiences with Adrian?

Your feedback is essential to help us gain a comprehensive understanding of Adrian’s initial behavior. Please submit your responses at your earliest convenience.

Helena for the Council of Mistresses

The Day of His Assessment

The day of his Assessment finally arrived, the dreaded evaluation that every man had to undergo if a Woman reported unsatisfactory sexual intercourse.

Inside the sterile assessment room, Adrian faced a panel of stern, emotionless Women. They scrutinized his every word, his every gesture. The assessment was meant to determine his adherence to societal norms. The answers sent by his previous relationships were extremely bad. Only one Woman wrote a positive report about him. Adrian, however, refused to admit his problem with premature ejaculation. He answered questions with wit and humor, challenging the very premise of the assessment.

  • “This is not acceptable, Slave Adrian,” one of the evaluators said coldly. “You have a real problem with your cock, you don’t know how to handle it correctly.” We’ll have to assess if that means you are a submissive lover who doesn’t accept his true situation or if you need some sexual training to become an adequate lover.

Adrian was requested to undress and one of the judges took a medium-sized strapon from her desk. Adrian’s cock became hard once he saw the Judge coming in his direction with the strapon.

  • “I think your case is crystal clear, you are a slave”.

Adrian was labeled a slave, a danger to the harmonious existence of society if not under the strict control of a Mistress. He failed the assessment and was promptly escorted out of the room.

A More Severe Punishment: A Trial

Council of Mistresses decided that his case required a more severe punishment – a trial.

The Trial of Adrian Kane was a public spectacle, a warning to all who dared to defy the norms. The charges against him were numerous: premature ejaculation, violation of all the rules of the Council of Mistresses, and lack of intention to amend his behavior. The courtroom was filled with Women, all eager to see justice served.

Adrian’s defense was unapologetic. He argued passionately for individuality, for the right to have his pleasure, and for the importance of diversity of thought. But the judges were unmoved. In this world where Women’s pleasure and satisfaction were valued above all else, Adrian’s words were seen as dangerous.

The verdict was swift and unforgiving. Adrian Kane was found guilty on all counts. The sentence was unlike any other, a punishment designed to both protect society and make an example of him.

  • “Adrian Kane,” the judge intoned, “you are hereby sentenced to serve a Mistress. You will lose your right as a citizen, and you will be listed as a slave. Any Mistress will be allowed to buy you and to use you as she would like. You will not be allowed any contact with the outside world.”

The Opportunity: a special slave training program

Adrian Kane’s life took an unexpected turn when he was given an opportunity to attend a special training program. The catch was that it required two years of dedication, and he only had enough money to cover the first year. Desperate to make the most of this chance, he applied to enroll in the prestigious Academy led by Mistress Caroline.

Mistress Caroline was known for her strict adherence to the Academy’s rules and high academic standards. Her office was a place of reverence, where submissives could learn how to behave correctly and get chances to be hired by the most educated Women in society. Most submissives enrolled freely as they didn’t want to face a trial as Adrian did.

One day, Adrian received a summons to meet with Mistress Caroline. Nervously, he entered her office, which was adorned with accolades and framed photographs of past scholars.

A Meeting with Mistress Caroline

Mistress Caroline looked up from her desk, her sharp eyes fixing on Adrian.

  • “Slave Adrian,” she began, “you have applied to our Academy, and we have reviewed your qualifications. I’m concerned about your behavior and disciplinary record. Our Academy has a reputation for producing well-behaved and high-achieving submissives. We expect nothing less from our attendees.”

Adrian cleared his throat, fully aware of his unconventional past.

  • “I understand your concerns, Mistress Caroline, but I am committed to changing. I believe this Academy can help me become a better person, and I am determined to prove that I can meet your standards.”

Mistress Caroline studied him for a moment, her expression inscrutable.

  • “Slave Adrian, we do have a scholarship program for exceptional submissives. If you perform exceptionally well during your first year and demonstrate that you are a changed individual, you may be considered for the scholarship to cover your second year. However, I must emphasize that these scholarships are highly competitive, and not all submissives receive them. If you do not meet our expectations, you may be expelled.”

Adrian’s heart sank at the prospect of losing his chance.

  • “I understand, Mistress Caroline. I’ll give me all during my first year and prove that I deserve to stay and complete my training.”

Mistress Caroline nodded, her gaze unwavering.

  • “Very well, Slave Adrian. You may have the opportunity to turn your life around but remember, actions speak louder than words. We will be watching closely.”


The first year of the special slaves training at the Academy!

As Adrian left her office, he knew that his future hung in the balance. The next year would be a test of his determination to conform and excel in the highly disciplined environment of the Academy. If he succeeded, he could secure the scholarship that would allow him to complete his life-changing training. If he failed, he would be expelled, and his dream of a better future would slip through his fingers.

As Adrian embarked on his first year of training at the prestigious Academy, he became increasingly aware of the stakes. The Academy had a reputation for producing submissives who were highly sought after by beautiful and elegant Mistresses. Those who excelled had the chance to secure a comfortable life, working as certified slaves for the beautiful and elegant Mistresses. Those who failed to meet the standards were left with limited options, relegated to serving brutal and uneducated Mistresses.

Adrian, however, had more than just the prospect of a better life on his mind. Over the course of the year, he found himself drawn to Mistress Caroline in a way that he hadn’t anticipated. Her dedication to the submissive and her unwavering commitment to discipline had not gone unnoticed by Adrian. He admired her strength and felt a deep connection to her.

A special proposition from Mistress Caroline!

One day, after a particularly rigorous class, Mistress Caroline asked Adrian to stay behind. She looked at him with a mixture of concern and curiosity.

  • “Slave Adrian,” she began, “I’ve noticed your dedication and the progress you’ve made during your first year here. But I’ve also noticed something else – a connection that seems to have developed between us.”

Adrian blushed, his feelings for Caroline no longer a secret.

  • “Yes, Mistress Caroline, I can’t deny that I’ve come to respect and admire you greatly. You’ve inspired me to become a better person.”

Caroline nodded thoughtfully.

  • “I’ve decided to offer you a unique opportunity, Slave Adrian. I’m willing to provide you with one-on-one training. This will be in addition to your regular coursework, and it won’t provide you with any special advantage when it comes to scholarship applications. In fact, it will raise the requirements for you to be considered.”

Adrian listened carefully, understanding the gravity of her offer.

  • “I appreciate your willingness to help me, Mistress Caroline. But what about the scholarship? If I devote all my time to extra training, I won’t have the opportunity to earn money, and the scholarship is my only chance to continue my education.”

Mistress Caroline’s expression softened.

  • “You’re correct, Slave Adrian. The one-on-one training won’t guarantee you a scholarship, and it will make your financial situation more challenging. However, I believe in your potential, and I want to see you succeed. But you must be aware that this is a risk you’re taking.”

Beginning of the one-on-one slave training!


Adrian looked into Mistress Caroline’s eyes, determination burning in his own.

  • “I’m willing to take that risk, Mistress Caroline. Not just for the scholarship but also because I want to prove that I can change, and I want to be someone you can be proud of.”

Mistress Caroline smiled, touched by his sincerity.

  • “Very well, Slave Adrian. We will begin your one-on-one training immediately. But remember, the road ahead won’t be easy. You’ll need to excel in all aspects of your education to have a chance at that scholarship.”

Adrian left her office with renewed determination, knowing that he was embarking on a path filled with challenges and uncertainties. His admiration for Mistress Caroline and his desire to prove himself would drive him to push beyond his limits, all in the hope of securing a brighter future and a chance to be with the woman who had changed his life.



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  1. i like this story even if it is set in a fantasy world (i wish it existed). i feel this way about my Mistress, i just want to please Her, make Her proud of Her accomplishment and become a better slave.

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