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Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I am 41 years old and live in a suburb of Dallas. I am 5′ 7″, with blue eyes, a 36D chest, and sexy legs that can really wrap around a guy or girl, depending on my mood. I have blond hair on top and none below. I am a dominant woman and bisexual.

I have a regular boyfriend and two girlfriends with whom I enjoy playing. I like having them do things to each other and to me. I also like having them do things when I am not around, just to help them remember that I’m in control of them.

This story is about what I do to my boyfriend and what I have him do when he travels. The next time, I will tell you more about what I do with him and my girlfriends when they are here.

My boyfriend always away for business!

My boyfriend, I’ll call him Brian, is a few years older than me. He’s overweight, but I’ve been helping him lose weight. I dominate him when he is with me as well as when he is away.

He travels on business several days a month, mostly in the southeast. I used to give him things to do on his trips to keep him thinking of me and to remind him that I am in control of his body when he’s not with me as well as when he is. When he left on his trips, I would give him manila envelopes, one for each day that he was gone, telling him what I expected of him each day. He was to email me each night and report what he did and what happened when he did it.

Dominant woman


What’s wrong with this situation you might ask? Easy. I had no way to verify whether he was following my instructions. Sure, when he came home, I could, but not while he was away.

In contact with another dominant woman who lives in Atlanta

The solution came one day when I was talking with a fellow dominant woman, Susan, online. I’ve never met her face to face, but we’ve talked online for several months now. She lives in Atlanta, where my boyfriend goes about once every three months.

  • “Let me help you out,” she said. “When will he be here next?”


  • “In a couple of weeks,” I answered.


  • “How long will he be here?”

I looked at his calendar. He faxes me a copy every day. It’s something I insist on.

  • “He’ll be there on a Tuesday and flying back out on Friday,” I said.


  • “Let’s work out something to check on him,” she said.

We talked back and forth over the next two weeks. Finally, we agreed that she and two girlfriends would check on him. We discussed his limits, my limits, and the instructions I would give him ahead of time. We agreed that I would not tell him in advance that I was going to have another dominant woman check on him.

The last instructions to my boyfriend before his trip to Atlanta!

As I let him out at the airport on Tuesday morning, I told him that I had left one envelope in his briefcase and two in his suitcase.

  • “Open the one in the briefcase this afternoon, as soon as you leave your meeting,” I said.

I grabbed his nipple through his shirt and twisted it.

  • “Do you understand,” I asked.

He looked down, and said,

  • “Yes, ma’am.”

He had no idea what I had planned for him.

I then grabbed his cock through his trousers, twisted, it, and said,

  • “Have a good week. Keep thinking of me. You must cum once in the airplane bathroom on your flight up, but not for the rest of the week. Understand,” I asked.


  • “Yes, ma’am,” he said, not having a clue about what was in store for him.


  • “I’ll wait for your email tonight,” I said.

He left the car and went into the airport, still not suspecting anything out of the ordinary.

The first instruction for his first evening alone!

Late that afternoon, he went to the restroom in the office building in which he had his last meeting. He opened his briefcase and took out the manila envelope I had placed in it.

Upon opening it, he read this note. “Hello, slave. Do what I say and you will have an interesting evening. Take the string in here and bind your balls, then lace it up your cock. Tie it tightly enough that you won’t be able to cum with it on. Then, take the butt plug that was also in the envelope and insert it.”

There was still nothing unusual here. He was used to reading such notes from me.

The note then told him to go to a bar at a location on Peachtree Street. “When you get there, open the white envelope in here.” Still nothing too unusual.

I had no doubt that he would make it to the bar. I sometimes called him at a bar where I told him to go. He wouldn’t want to miss such a call. When he got to the bar and opened the white envelope, he read the following note, “If you see a woman in a red dress in the bar, go up to her and tell her your name. If she gives you instructions, do what she says.”

Still not unusual, I often had him approach women.

First order: to approach a woman with a red dress in a bar!

Dominant woman

Sure enough, there was a woman in a red dress in the bar. She was a beautiful brunette, with small breasts, but with a dress cut low enough that she could see almost all that she had to offer. He went up to her.

  • “Hi, I’m Brian,” he said, expecting nothing more than a brush-off.

This time he was wrong.

  • “Hello, Brian, I’m your Mistress for the evening,” she said.

Actually, she was a friend of Susan’s. In fact, she was normally a sub to Susan, the dominant woman.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. This was not what he was expecting at all. She then gave him a code word. It was a code word that I had given him months earlier. The fact that she knew the word, meant that she had my permission to have control over his body. He was surprised, but to his credit, he did not let on.

  • “Let’s go to a booth,” she said.

She pointed to a booth on the side of the room.

Once there, she said,

  • “I want to see your cock, and it had better be properly wrapped.”

Brian paled. It wasn’t expected this at all.

She pointed down.

  • “Unzip,” she said.

A dilemma for Brian…

He blanched, hesitated, and then slowly removed his cock. The lady in red reached down and took in her hand. He had not wrapped it as he had been instructed.

  • “Not smart,” she said.


  • “Now, I instruct you to take this little cup,” she handed him a cup of the sort in which restaurants often served butter, “to the restroom, masturbate into it, and bring it back to me.”

Now, Brian had a dilemma. I had told him he could not cum after he left the airplane. I had also told him that he had to obey the woman in the red dress who was now telling him to cum into the cup. To his credit, he did what the woman in the red dress told him. He took the cup to the restroom and returned fifteen minutes later. He handed her the cup filled with a white sticky gel.

She looked at him and said.

  • “Didn’t your Mistress tell you not to cum until after you returned from your trip?”

He froze. His eyes got big. He had been so focused on obeying the goddess in red that he had completely forgotten my instructions.

Wrong choice…So big trouble for Brian!

He cast his eyes down towards the table top and said,

  • “I am sorry, ma’am. I forgot.”


  • “Not good, Brian,” she said. I expect Mistress Rachel-it was the first time she had used my name-will be unhappy.”

Of course, just as Susan and I had planned, he was going to violate one of my instructions whatever he did.

  • “I suggest you report your failure to her tonight.”

With those few words, she told Brian that she knew me and that he was in trouble whatever he did for the rest of the trip.

She had ordered a Vodka Collins for him in his absence. Then, she took the little plastic cup from him, picked up a spoon, and carefully, and in view of all the other patrons of the bar, scraped the contest into his drink. She stirred it and gave it to him. She told him he had five minutes to consume it. He put it to his lips and sipped. He looked at his watch and drank again.

That evening, I raised the level of my domination over him.

Brian had once told me that he would never take the cum of another man-it was one of his limits-but he had not told me that he would never drink his own. I was taking advantage of this when through Susan’s surrogate, I made him drink his own. I loved reading about it in his email that evening. To his credit, he was very explicit.

That evening, I raised the level of my domination over him.

The next night I sent him to another bar. This time a woman in a black miniskirt met him. She was one of Susan’s fellow dommes. She pushed his limits even further than the previous evening. But it was nothing like what he faced the third night.

The third night Susan herself met him at a bar. She is a tall blond with a prominent chest. She was wearing an emerald green dress with a slit in front that went almost up to paradise. He didn’t know it, but the dress, and her ‘fuck me’ four-inch heels were all that she wore.

When Brian approached her, she gave him the codeword and an emailed note from me. It said, “This is Mistress Susan. I have given you to her tonight. You are to do whatever she says. You won’t have to email me tonight since you won’t be back in your room until noon tomorrow. When you’ve finished reading this note, tell her, ‘I submit to you, Mistress Susan,’ then do whatever she says. She will report to me after you leave to come home. Make me proud.”

The third evening, a night of terror and pleasure began.

He read the note, turned to the beautiful blond, and said,

  • “I submit to you, Mistress Susan,”

And his night of terror and pleasure began.

Following the plans we had discussed by email, Susan put him in her car and had him immediately strip. She took his clothes and put them in the trunk. He then was completely at her mercy. She handed him a string and told him to tie his balls and cock, just like I had told him to do the first day. This time, he did it.

She then handed him a blindfold. He put it on. Finally, she handed him a butt plug. Even though he couldn’t see, he managed to put it where it belonged. She then gave him two earplugs and told him to put them in his ear. He did. Finally, shouting, she told him to lean forward in the seat and put his hands behind his back. When he did, she bound his hands behind him.

After a half-hour drive, she arrived at her house. She could have parked in the garage but chose to stay in the driveway instead. She went around to his side of the car and opened the door. He felt the cool night air as she led him, naked, from the car through the yard-he felt the grass beneath his feet and up the steps into her house. He, of course, had no idea where he was or who was watching him but knew he was outdoors.

Spanked and whipped by the three women!

Dominant woman

Once inside, she shoved him through the house and into her bedroom. She pushed him down on the bed and tied his feet, spread to the maximum, to the lower posts of her bed. She then untied his hands and retied them to the posts at the top of her bed. He was now spread-eagle and helpless on the bed. Susan mounted him and fucked him. Another pussy placed itself on his face.

He had no way of knowing that it was the brunette from his first day there. Both women pleasured themselves without ceasing until they came multiple times. Mindful of his earlier failure, he tried desperately not to cum himself. He succeeded until a third woman, the domme from the night before took his cock in her mouth. She would not be denied.

When he came, she took his reluctant offering in her mouth. After his cock became limp, she moved up to his mouth and kissed him deeply, depositing his own cum into his mouth. At first, he resisted but reconsidered and swallowed. It was the second time in three days that he had been made to swallow his own cum.

The three women then untied his hands and feet and rolled him over, retying him face down. They spent the next hour spanking and whipping his ass and legs. When he was sufficiently red, they put him back on his back and tied him again. They put clamps on his nipples and tugged on the string that still bound his cock and balls. Eventually, they got a ping-pong paddle and spanked his genitals. It was excruciating for him, but he learned a valuable lesson: I am in charge, even when he is on the road.

At the end of this special evening, a phone conversation with me!

Finally, they removed one of his earplugs and put a telephone to his ear. I was on the other end.

  • “Enjoying yourself?” I asked.

After a long pause, he gave the right answer.

  • “If it pleases you, mistress,” he said.


  • “It does, slave, Brian,” I answered. “Have you learned something?” I asked. “I want you to remember that I am in charge of you at all times.”


  • “Yes, mistress,” he said. “I have, and I apologize for letting you down.”

He had, after all, failed to properly bind his cock and balls the first day and he had cum twice without my permission.

  • “Good, slave,” I said. “Your apology is important to me, but you still need to remember that disappointing me, has a price.”


  • “Yes, Mistress, I realize that. I’ve paid the price and I’ve deserved it.”


  • “You’re only half right, slave. You do deserve it, but you’ve not yet paid the price. Mistress Susan will put you on your plane at noon tomorrow. She will give you an envelope then. Open it as soon as the plane is in the air. Your punishment will begin then. Don’t disappoint me this time.”


I heard him gulp, then say,

  • “I won’t mistress. I won’t.”


  • “Good, I know you won’t. You will be at the mercy of Mistress Susan until Noon. Have a good evening. Enjoy yourself.”

As Susan’s email told me later, he didn’t, but she and her friends did.

Brian lives near Dallas, but travels to South Florida twice a month, to Atlanta once every three months, and to other places in the southeast. If you would like to help me monitor my slave in the future, just email me. We need to talk.


Adrian’s training to be a good slave!

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  1. Great story and devious idea to show Your control over Your slave. My Goddess Samantha would be very impressed.

  2. Thank You, very well told. i am older, and held in chastity, but my small dick responded by getting as hard as it can. Would love to see the rest of the story, which I will share with my Mistress. Thank You again!

  3. i agree with all the other comments. Nice narrative, very thoughtful Mistress. i really like the notes too. there are some anachronisms, but they don’t interfere with the overall story.

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