What are Chastity Devices Chastity & Orgasm Denial

What are Chastity Devices Chastity & Orgasm Denial

In the context of BDSM, a chastity device is any instrument or tool – although typically one designed exclusively for the job – that restricts access to an individual’s genital region. Although there are a number of female chastity devices, for the purposes of this text and how it relates to the content on this website, we will focus more on the concept of male chastity. It should also be noted that male chastity is much more common and prevalent than female chastity.

Chastity devices are often administered by a dominatrix, typically in a teasing and abusive way, to the genital region of their male slave. Most chastity devices are a block of hard plastic that wraps around the penis itself and encases it with a locked element, meaning that only the person with the key is able to open it up. This can be particularly demoralizing and suggestive of submission for a man, seeing as it might imply he will never be able to touch himself or have sex again. Incidentally, the application of the device is both to deter masturbation and penetration – some devices allow for an erection to occur, whereas others will heavily limit the amount of free space that is available for the penis to expand.

The purpose of a chastity device is to control the sexual habits and experiences of the person that is locked up. Some men might be accused of perverted behaviors, including excessive masturbation or attempting to have sex with multiple women. Chastity devices can then be used by a dominatrix to restrict this activity, as both the physical presence of the device prevents them from doing it and even if sexual contact was possible in a non-penetrative sense, it would be heavily discouraged owing to the potential of someone finding out about the chastity device.

The concept of being locked up for an extended period of time is also appealing to appliers of chastity devices and those that wear them. Because the key is kept in control of the dominatrix, she can decide when it is allowed to come off and an orgasm is allowed to be experienced. It should be noted that while the implication of never being allowed out is sexually appealing to a lot of men during a scene, most dominatrices will allow for their chastised slaves to experience an orgasm every once in a while. Chastity in and of itself should not be eternal; otherwise the teasing and waiting aspect serves no purpose other than to frustrate the individual. Orgasms after being locked up for extended periods of time are often reported to be much stronger and enjoyable when compared to their normal forms. For this reason, chastity presents itself as a potentially attractive opportunity to experience a better orgasm.



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One comment on “What are Chastity Devices Chastity & Orgasm Denial
  1. Honestly, i was hoping for pictures. Many of the male chastity devices do not have photos of a guy wearing the model and style they are trying to sell, Personally, i like the look of the metal ones, but wish the manufacturers made then in black stainless steel – not only chrome or shiny metal.

    Another unmentioned side effect, is that most male chastity devises require the guy to pee sitting down and require a large amount of toilet tissue to clean-up after each of his urinations. Both condition can have a psychological feminization effect.

    Unfortunately, REAL male chastity, like whipping and tickling, can not be done w/o a partner / mistress / owner.

    wr maxwell (badly in need of chastity to curb my masturbation habit)

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