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“I’ve always been submissive. For as long as I can remember, my fantasies have always been about getting dominated by a powerful and authoritative woman. I fell for my wife when I was only 19, and even after 10 years of marriage, I still hid my deep desire for submission. My wife on the other hand seemed pretty disinterested in matters of sex, which frustrated me deeply. The thought of seeing new people crossed my mind. I therefore then went on Slave Selection both in hopes of getting to speak with dominant women, and because the action itself made me fantasize. I had the chance to talk with Madame Caroline NO, she reprimanded me before I could even go further with another woman and make a big mistake. She made me realize that my wife had always been the one in charge in our couple and that I needed to become her submissive, and no one else’s. I was too shy and embarrassed to openly admit my submission to her, but the concept won me over anyway. From that moment on, I desired for my spouse to take full control and that hopefully she’d like to do so. Under the guide of Madame NO, I simply shared my desire to serve her as her knight. I also went on to make her this proposition: from this point on, if she accepts, she will be able to ask for my services if she wishes. It’s a sort of gift that I’m offering her, where I put myself at her complete disposal. Overall, my wife reacted with total indifference to my proposition. I think she–at least at first–didn’t take me seriously at all. It took her some time to really accept the idea, then more for her to admit to how tempting it indeed was. The system then slowly became a reality.

I then got to start introducing, in subtle ways, the many renown tasks and procedures, one after the other. Always without any pressure, and most importantly, without ever asking for anything. My spouse got to discover the obedience and promptness of her man. She found herself with full reign over my desires and whether to satisfy them when she pleases.

Further than on a sexual level, Madame NO’s method has been for her an amazing way for personal growth, it helped her fully realize what she wanted and how to properly express it. I’ve been able to see her change, until one magical evening, where she shared with me her BDSM Domination fantasy. I couldn’t believe it! I of course cheered her on to take pleasure

in her supremacy over me. Ever since we adopted this new way of life, I am head over heels for her all over again. It all brings so much intensity and passion to our relationship.

Our way of life is not what is usually considered “normal”, but nonetheless we strive towards a form of happiness and comfort that fits us better than anything else. Being a submissive husband is one of the ways that can bring someone joy, and that is what works for me.”




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  1. i like this e-book snippet. i think it illustrates when a Woman considers FLR, eventually if not immediately She realizes how much pleasure She can experience.

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