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How I ended up being a Cockold.

I’ve always been attracted to strong and older Women. Lucky for me my looks and charm generally don’t disappoint with regards to getting these Women. However as I started to fall more and more involved with femdom, I started to seek a more serious ‘relationship.’

It was my second year of college and although I’d slept with mostly Dominant Women and done a few ‘femdom’ roleplaying scenes, I hadn’t actually been tied down yet (excuse the pun). All the girls my age are just up for a little ‘kinky’ fun with no cuckold and then they move on. As the Captain of my football team in High School, I always kept my attraction to Femdoms very discreet. I had too much pride to admit to the world that I was actually a submissive male who longed to be dominated and controlled by a powerful BDSM Woman.

Regardless, I decided to wait for the right Woman before telling the world my little secret. The idea of telling people I am a submissive still terrifies me; what will my friends and family think of me? will they see me differently? Judging is easy but being judged is a different story.



The Need to Worship a Mistress.

My entire world flipped when I met my new law lecturer. She was wearing a black dress which came down to just above her knees. Her open high heels showed perfectly painted black toenails with sharp manicured fingers to match. She walked past me to go to the front of the lecture hall and I felt weak. I wanted to drop at her feet and worship her in front of everyone, but I knew it would be totally impossible for me to approach her because of the risk. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to get reported and lose my scholarship, so I just worshipped her from afar. 

I asked questions regularly and couldn’t help staring at her feet and legs a lot. After a while she noticed and she called me aside after a lecture. The rest of the class was leaving as I was walking to the front. I approached her in her full glory and power and felt myself getting hard in the process. She noticed and began to chuckle; my cheeks turned red in embarrassment. I can’t stand people with foot fetishes, she said. So, or you stop staring at me during lectures or I will have no option but to report you for inappropriate behaviour. 

In a brief moment of weakness, I blurted out, “Yes Mistress” in response. I felt a rush travel through my body as I realized what I had just said to my lecturer, MY TEACHER. She was silent for a few seconds as I was anxiously awaiting her reply. “So you like Dominant Women hm.” I figured out that if she wanted to report me she could have done it anyways after my previous inappropriate behaviour. After hearing me out she looked at me and smiled. You are exactly what I need, she said. 

My Foot fetish.

My world stopped for a second and I wondered if I’d finally found what I’d been looking for. Horny and eager I begged for her to allow me to kiss her feet. “Before you get the privilege of doing anything boy, I need you to drop this class.” I tried to explain to her that this class was compulsory for my course. Well apply for another course or I will report you for inappropriate behaviour. I agreed with her demand and went back to her office after I had changed courses as instructed to do.

She explained to me how important is her career, and to make sure there was no risk she will need insurance. She demanded the passwords to all of my social media accounts, nude photos, and a written letter of me begging her to dominate and control me. This way I would have no way of exposing her without completely screwing myself over. She told me it all needed to proceed immediately as she had plans for me. My cock sprung right up and I eagerly gave her everything she wanted. Sit down and wait for me here boy.

After 15 minutes she returned with a small fitting chastity device and a ball shock collar. She closed all the curtains locked the door and told me to undress immediately and put on the chastity device. I of course complied with her request and she locked the cage and put the key in her pocket. I fell to the floor and thanked her for my ‘new toy.’ 

My new Chastity Device

cockold cage

At first, I thought this was all foreplay and that I’d get let out later and be allowed to fuck her. But I soon realized that this was far from reality. Mistress told me that she would be taking me back to her place that night for some ‘fun.’ I held back my excitement and simply replied “Yes Mistress, thank you for the honour.” She took all my clothes and told me that I had to find my way to her house, and must not be late. She wrote her address on a piece of paper on the desk and left.

There I was, completely naked in her office with nothing but a chastity device on and a cellphone. I decided to walk to her house which was only about 15 minutes away from college. I didn’t own a car and I definitely wasn’t going to call a taxi since I was naked, so I decided to just walk quickly through ally’s and quiet paths.

About 45 minutes later I arrived at her house and she did not seem at all impressed. Mistress told me that I was late and needed to be punished. She pulled out the shock collar she showed me earlier and fitted it to my chastity device. Thank me after each shock I give you, and if you fall on the floor I’ll give you another three shocks, she said. I was shocked so many times that I lost count, but I managed to stay up. Mistress said she was pleased and told me to kneel and wait for her in the living room.

The Meaning of Cockold

Mistress was gone for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, I heard her heels tapping against her oak wood floor and my dick grew painfully inside my tiny cage. She walked into the living room wearing nothing but her open high heels and a tight short cheetah print one-piece suit. It perfectly showed her double C cup cleavage and her long perfect legs. I begged to worship her, but she told me I would get that opportunity later.

The doorbell rang and my heart dropped in fear. She walked over to the front door and there it was; the Captain of my varsity cup football team! My heart completely sunk and I wanted to burst into tears. I covered my chastity device with my hands and tried to run out of the room. Before I could start running I felt a massive shock in my balls; “Where do you think you’re going my little cuckold, did you forget what I can do to you?” snarked Mistress. 

I was defeated! All my cover was blown and I would never be able to return to college again. This was all part of Mistress’s plan. I completely surrendered my power and accepted my new cuckold faith. Mistress began fucking this man right in front of me and told me that this was my chance to worship her. I felt conflicted; but once my pride was out of the way, I accepted what I had done to myself. The next day I dropped out of college to be a full-time live-in cuckold slave for Mistress.

This is what I always wanted, I just needed a little push. I am now shamelessly a cuckold slave for my Mistress, my teacher. 


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