Shy Submissive Man Ready To Surrender Mind, Body And Soul

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Introducing Himself To The Alpha Females In The Room

  • “Hello. I’m Matt Johnson, and I am a shy submissive man.”

In my mind, I can hear myself introducing myself as if I was attending an AA meeting. I can feel the tension in the room filled with strong, independent women. They could clearly smell my insecurity and weakness as I was declaring my status. I could see their eyes measuring me up. I was kind of frozen at the moment as it didn’t seem real. But it was, and I had no regrets about signing up for this presentation and introducing myself as a shy submissive man.

  • “I am nervous as I’ve never done this before, but rest assured I am 100% sure of my decision to be here. Yes, I am a shy submissive man, and you should know that I am totally sincere and honest as I am surrendering myself. I hope for the opportunity to serve one of you ladies. I will surrender my current life and become your slave. As you can see on your list in front of you, I have virtually no limitations to meet any of your desires.”

I was a middle-aged healthy man who was well educated and had traveled all over the world and met many people along the way. I had a great career and as a manager, I was responsible for hundreds of employees. So how did I ever decide to go into this situation of my free will? Well, the mind and soul are sometimes not so easy to understand.

shy submissive man

Shy Submissive Man Ready To Surrender

My approach to women in the social scene has always been awkward. I thought I was just shy and inexperienced. As I grew older I started to learn that it was not that simple. I found lots of information on the internet. At first, I could not fully believe everything. But as time went on and I had opportunities to check things out I knew where I was heading. Nevertheless, it is difficult to understand how a successful man like myself would want to journey into the world of submission.

The more I learned and the more I experienced, the more sure I was in my conviction. As submitting to a woman wasn’t strange enough, my urges became deeper, stronger, and more elaborate. It was like there was no bottom to how low I wanted to degrade and humiliate myself. My fantasies and desires would surely be seen as gravely perverted by most people. But I could not help myself. My subconscious was emerging and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Some people have written that successful men can find satisfaction in surrendering their power for a mind-liberating experience. I can understand that, but it is not an explanation that fits my situation. First of all, this is a temporary relief. I’m not looking for a one-time thing or anything short-term. If I meet a good match, I will make a full and irreversible commitment. One can argue, how could I be so sure?

There are so many submissive men who are just wannabes and do not truly understand what it means to fully surrender. Well, I have lived many years contemplating my purpose as well. I have met with professional dominatrixes and experienced all my fantasies. The bottom line is that I am in a stage of life where it is now or never. So I do understand what I will be giving up. And I am ready. Ready to surrender my body, mind, and soul.

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  1. i like this story. i like the idea of being judged by Dominant Women and giving myself. i like the idea of being owned.

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