Rex Ryan, His Wife And Their Foot Fetish Are All Wonderful

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Rex Ryan, His Wife And Their Foot Fetish Are All Wonderful


On the point of the Jets coach making rather tame foot-fetish videos of his wife, we must agree with Bravo’s Andy Cohen: “BIG WHOOP! Leave him alone.” Right. We should be celebrating Rex Ryan and his wife.

Our brother site Deadspin is at it again, igniting sex scandals around men in sports. This one does not involve any uninvited cockshots, though — it’s just (apparently) a couple that’s been married for 23 years, acting out their consensual fantasies. If it’s them, and there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence, they shot some foot-oriented videos of her, and also put up a profile on indicating they were looking for BDSM partners.

On Wednesday morning, Rex Ryan didn’t deny that it was his wife in the videos or his voice. When asked about it, he just said, “I know you need to ask. It’s a personal matter.”

It is. But since it’s been made public, can’t we just be happy that the Ryans have what appears to be a sexually-fulfilling marriage? Yes, it was naive of them to put it on the Internet, but exhibitionism is clearly part of it for them.

Ryan has often publicly, adorably described his affection for his wife Michelle, 47. She was his college sweetheart. He showed reporters a photo shoot of her wearing NFL gear and said he had something in common with Tom Brady: “I’m also married to a supermodel.”

And last year, he said in a press conference, “My wife of 22 years right there … there’s only two kinds of coaches’ wives in the NFL and that’s ex-ones and great ones.”

No disrespect to the ex-wives, but that’s sweet! Rex and Michelle, fuck the haters. You can take that as literally as you want.



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