My submissive husband : Male chastity and domination story(2)

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Here comes the second part of the story of my particular marriage. Everything changed when about year eight of our marriage, we both came to the mutual realization and decision that I was a natural Dominant woman and he was a natural submissive husband!

I realized about the same time that I enjoy having sex with another man (and occasionally another woman) while I sexually deny and humiliate my husband. In fact, I like to date other men.

How long do I date my lovers?

I date men until I tire of them. However, I make sure to inform them upfront that the relationship will only last for a season because I am a married woman. I am honest with the man and let him know that I find him sexy and attractive, but my goal is to use him for my own selfish pleasure. If he is a submissive man, this kind of bold talk usually excites him. The duration of my relationships varies: I have dated men for as short as two dates and as long as two years. My best cuckold ever lasted for two entire years.

Ending a relationship with a lover is not usually difficult. The lover often decides to move on before I do because he desires a full-time relationship with a single woman who can offer him more than I can. This is the ideal scenario for me because I dislike breaking it off with a man who becomes overly attached to me. Unfortunately, that has happened several times, and I never become accustomed to it. A man typically knows that I am ready to move on when I encourage him to date other single women.

Have I ever been hurt?

Yes. The man I dated for two years became my best friend other than my husband, and I became more attached to him than I had planned. I broke some of my steadfast rules with him, such as taking vacations with him and allowing him to live with us for a few months. Both of those are bad ideas. The live-in boyfriend is the fastest path to trouble. Three is definitely a crowd under one roof.

The friction between him and my husband made me ask him to leave, and he never forgave me for that, so he ended the relationship. It hurt, but it was the correct thing to do. I had some great sex with that one and lots of pleasant memories. The great thing about being married is that your husband is there to cuddle with you and comfort you after a breakup. You are not alone, which makes it easy to get over it. However, the best advice is to keep your wits and do your best not to get too emotionally involved with your lovers. That is easier for some women to do than others.

Do I have sex with all the men I date?

No, but that is the goal. I only date a man that I hope to take to bed with me. I rarely have sex with a man on my first date, and there have been men that I was outwardly attracted to but changed my mind about after a couple of dates. The great thing about being married is that it gives you an easy out when you want to break things off after a few dates. You can simply say that you can’t go through with it because of your husband, and it always works like a charm.

Do I always have a boyfriend?

No, but I am usually looking. Sometimes I want a break, and I have gone as long as a year without having a boyfriend or lover. In the fifteen years that I have been doing this, I have dated about fifteen men and about ten of those have been my lovers. Therefore, I have had many in-between times with no boyfriend. I always tease my husband that I have dated and slept with more men since I have been married than when I was single. It’s just another great thought to humiliate him with.


Typical cuckold date

Now let me describe a typical date and a typical cuckold. Most husbands enjoy getting their wives ready for their dates and mine is no exception. This is great for humiliating the husband, which takes him to subspace. Without the pre-date activities, it would be much tougher on the husband. My pre-date routines vary. I might allow him to bathe me if we have the time, but regardless, he will assist me in picking out my outfit and help to dress me.

Obviously, I add lots of humiliating comments and sling some verbal abuse at him about how excited I am about my date with my young stud. I will allow him to kiss and worship my body as he is dressing me. After I am dressed, I will allow him to worship my feet and stocking-covered legs. I always make him confess to me my right to date other men, and he must always wish me a good time.

If my date picks me up at my house, I do not allow him to enter the house before the date. I don’t want these men making eye contact. I have my date honk his car horn and I go outside to meet him. If you have nosy neighbors, it may be best to meet your date at a predetermined location. I usually give my husband some chores or errands to run while I am on my date. That adds to his humiliation and also keeps his mind occupied. I usually make a few calls to my husband on my cell phone during my date and take the opportunity to humiliate him by telling him what a marvelous time I am having and what a great conversationalist my date is.


Always keeping my husband busy with chores during my encounters with other men!

I might even tease how my date can’t seem to keep his hands off of me. Some women prefer to put their husbands in bondage before they leave for their date so their husbands have to lay helpless to dwell on the fact that their wife is on a date with another man. That is a great thing to do the first few times, but eventually, I think the chores are better. I guess it depends on your husband’s submissive nature and what has the best chance of keeping him in subspace.

I always inform my husband of the time I expect to be returning home. If I am going to be late, I will call to let him know. If I feel that I want sex from my date, I will make him remain in the car when he drives me home so I can prepare for my husband. I will go to the house and order my husband to get in a submissive position and then I will inform him of my desire to take my date to bed with me.

What I do with my submissive husband depends on my mood.

Submissive husband


If it is the first or second time I have had sex with this man, I will usually take my husband to his bedroom and tie him to his bed. I may place a butt plug in him. He always has his chastity device on when I am on a date or cuckolding him. I will leave his door open so he can hear everything. I know some women have elaborate setups where they pipe the sounds from their bedroom into their dungeon or husband’s bedroom, but I just leave the doors open. After my husband is secure, I will motion for my date to come in. We may have some snacks or drinks, but usually, we get right into it. I am always dominant with my date, but I give him some liberties. My husband must lay in his bed and listen to us having wild sex.

Once we are done, I see my lover at the door and he leaves. If I have the energy, I will go to my husband and I will dominate and humiliate him. I will tease him about what a great lover my date was and what a big cock he had and such things. I almost always make my husband clean me out with his tongue, and I’ll make him worship my body. Also, I may whip him or even use my strap-on while I humiliate him.


After a few dates with my new lover, I may make my husband be present in the bedroom or playroom with us. I may tie him up and make him watch. If I do this, I forbid my husband to speak, and I forbid my lover to make eye contact with my husband. My husband must watch another man fuck me, and he must feel shame and humiliation. I will usually make lots of eye contact with my husband while this is going on, and I will usually say humiliating things to him. Of course, I will make my moans as loud as I can for the added effect.


There have been times when I will make my submissive husband assist.


submissive husband

I may make him suck my nipples while my lover is licking my pussy. This is rare and only after my husband has proven that he can sit quietly and watch us a few times before I allow him to assist in pleasuring me. I never allow the two men to touch each other. My husband has no homosexual desires, and I think it would be going too far to make him do this. I know of some women that do, but I don’t.

One of the women in my group will actually make her husband suck her lover’s cock to warm him up before he fucks her. To each his own, I guess. I think that would send my husband into the crazy house, so you need to know your husband and decide what is acceptable. Once, I had a lover that actually asked me if he could have sex with my husband. I denied his request to my lover’s disappointment and my husband’s relief.

I have had sex back at my boyfriend’s house as well. In these cases, I will call my husband on the phone and tell him what I am about to do. I have even made him listen over my phone while my boyfriend and I had sex. But most of the time, I fill my husband in on the details when I get home and begin to tease him about it.


How often do I date?


If I am in a relationship with a man, we usually meet once a week. This keeps things distant enough so I don’t become too attached, and it gives me something to look forward to each week. During the week, I do not spend a lot of time talking on the phone with my boyfriend. I prefer to keep things to once a week as I have a career and a husband to attend to. The boyfriend is for my pleasure and I date to have fun, great sex, and express my female liberation. I am not looking for another long-term relationship. One is enough.

What are some highlights from the past fifteen years?

When I was forty-two, I dated a twenty-one-year-old man with a ten-inch penis. My husband was very jealous and humiliated. I dated this man for six months because of his penis, but I had nothing in common with him and I didn’t enjoy his company after the second date. However, you can’t pass up a cute boy with a ten-inch penis. I sucked it a few times, which is the only one I have sucked in the past seventeen years. I made my husband watch me do it and I enjoyed myself.

Also, I dated a black man who was built like a brick shithouse and had an eight-inch penis. The extra-racial dimension also made my husband very jealous and humiliated. I only went out with him four times and had sex with him on all four dates. Also, I found out that he had other girlfriends and I ended it out of fear for my health. I have my rules and if a man does not follow them, then hit the road, Jack. By the way, if you use the Internet, do not give your last name. As a woman, you have the upper hand, so you must require their full name but never give them yours until you are certain that he is a keeper.

I have experimented with bisexuality

My husband and I went on vacation one time and I ran into a man that I went to high school with. I was very attracted to him, so I invited him to dinner with us. I flirted with him all night in front of my husband and later sent my husband to our room. Then I told my former classmate about my arrangement with my husband, and I had the only one-night stand of my life. Oh, I forgot to include that one, so that makes eleven men I have had sex with these past fifteen years.

I have experimented with bisexuality and had sex with another woman on two separate occasions. I recommend it to every woman at least once. It is very erotic if you do it with the right woman. However, I think my husband enjoyed watching us a little too much.

Are my submissive husband and I closer today than before the cuckolding?

Yes, we are, but it is a different intimacy. We have bonded on a higher D&s plan as I pretty much control his entire being. He is much more submissive today than he was before we started this lifestyle and I am more dominant. I will be honest and confess that I only see him as my husband to satisfy my female supremacist beliefs. He has to be my husband to stand in proxy for all husbands so I can control him and dominate him as a husband.

But the truth is that our relationship is more of a Mistress and Slave than the Wife and Husband relationship of seventeen years ago. He does what I say, and I do what I say. He is still allowed to orally please me on occasions, and that combined with the D&S play, keeps us intimate on a special level. No other man enjoys that kind of special relationship with me.

To conclude

Cuckolding is not for every FemDom couple. I agree with her that the Dominant Wife falls into one of three categories. But if you fall into that last category and you hunger to totally control your husband, then cuckolding is the way to go. If you love to humiliate your husband and if you love to express your liberation, dating other men or even other women is the way to go. Just be sure to include your hubby in all that you do and have fun with it.




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  1. Do you still have sex with your cuckolded slave?

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  2. i love this story. its all about what She wants! i also like that She includes Her sub in everything. i love cuckolding too, there are some fascinating dynamics and rules.

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