The Majesty Sandglass: “Dungeon. Collars, cuffs and spreader bar. Now.”

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The Majesty Sandglass: “Dungeon. Collars, cuffs and spreader bar. Now.”

Emily gave the order, “Dungeon. Collars, cuffs and spreader bar. Now.” Slave looked up from clearing the table then immediately dropped to his knees and said “Yes, Your Majesty. She got up from the table. He sprang to help her rise and pull the chair for her, then scurried to finish and obey her command.

Emily strolled to the bedroom, mused on what to wear. It was, after all, a special occasion. She’d never tried this technique before. It would be an incredible rush, she decided.

She knew she’d go braless, but chose a dark satin blouse that would show every movement of her breasts, and also feel quite sensual to her nipples. That was important. Then she looked at skirts.

Hurry Up Slave!


Slave hurried. Her Majesty could not be inconvenienced. He rushed to open a chilled bottle of her favorite wine, put it and a crystal goblet, on a silver tray. Downstairs in the dungeon, he put it on the polished walnut table next to her throne, which was a luxurious easy chair that could lean back. When Her Majesty chose that position, there was a hole just big enough for his head just between her legs. She made use of it often.

He continued to rush, knowing she’d be down any second. Taking them from their hooks on the wall, he quickly put on all four cuffs, then clipped his left wrist to one of the two chains that hung from the ceiling and waited.

Her Majesty is now Prepared

Emily finished preparing, looked in the mirror and approved. She knew exactly what effect her beauty had on men, and she used it to her advantage without regret. She slipped on a pair of heels and went down to play.

Slave had done pretty well. Her wine was set, candles were lit, his legs where held wide.

She walked over and took a sip of the wine. It was good.

She pulled his free hand to the other chain and clipped it. She stepped back. He was spreadeagled, naked, yet once the pain began he’d be pulling at the chains, waving his arms helplessly. She adored his struggles to escape.

Nipple Clamps


She went to a cabinet and took out chained butterfly nipple clamps. She glanced at him. Then she pulled hard at his left nipple, enjoyed his grimace and slight groan, then let the clamp snap down tight. His flinch was delicious. She did the same thing with the right nipple.

And then the fun began. She got out her newest toy. It was a simple sandglass, the kind that comes with some board games, and held it up in front of him.

“This is a two minute timer. I’m going to set it there, next to my wine. Keep your eyes on it. When I turn it over, the time begins. You understand?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“The instant the sand runs out, you yell ‘Time, Your Majesty!’ You understand?”

The pain in his nipples was building as she spoke. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

10 Stokes to Come

“If I see it run out first, the clamps stay on while you get ten strokes with the cane. So you better keep an eye on it. You get it?”

His eyes were growing wide. He was afraid. She was already loving every second. Yes. This would be a good night.

“Here’s the routine. Clamps on for two minutes. Then I take them off and turn the sandglass over. You watch it. When those two minutes are up, you yell ‘Time, Your Majesty’, and the clamps go back on. I turn the sandglass over. We go through the cycle again. Got it?”

His slight hesitation and the look of growing awareness of what the night help for him was already making her horny. And they hadn’t even begun yet.

Leather Paddle

She took a leather paddle from the wall and sauntered back over to him. “Oh. While the timer’s on, I’ll just be having some fun.” She went to the sandglass. “Here we go.” She turned it over. The sand started.

Slave, terrified, kept his eyes on the sandglass. Emily went behind him and gave him a hard whack. “Thank you, Your Majesty!” he yelled. This was getting better and better. She would give him the first round; she barely glanced at the timer.

After six more sharp whacks he yelled “Time, Your Majesty!”


Fast or Slow?

She put down the paddle and stood in front of him. He as in agony; she was smiling. “Fast or slow? I think… for the first round… fast!” And she yanked the clips off his nipples. His shriek of agony sent thrills through her. She watched his arms flail against the chains and his legs fight against the spreader bar. She couldn’t help herself – she grabbed his balls and squeezed. His knees instantly twisted in and the wind was knocked out of him and his face was a mask of agony. Finally she let go and he collapsed, held upright only by the chains.

Round 2!

“Next round,” she said. She first took a sip of wine, looking at him. He was terrified, and she adored it. “Mmm. Good wine,” she said. She smiled. She had a beautiful smile. “All right, I guess. Let’s go.” She picked up the clamps and attached them again, this time easing them onto each nipple. Slave was twisting and hissing through clenched teeth. “Thank me.” “Thank you, Your Majesty.” He just managed to get the words out.

Emily turned the sandglass over, and the countdown began. This time she’d be watching it herself. Tonight was going to be hot and horny, and when the time came, her orgasms were going to be out of this world.

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