Introducing Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon

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Introducing Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon

Meet a True Femdom Mistress: Lady DaeMoon – Part 1

I would like to take a moment to introduce another wonderful Femdom Mistress! Welcome to the Femdoming Team Mistress Lady DaeMoon and Thank you for participating! We wanted to help our readers understand more about the Femdom lifestyle from the Mistresses point of view.

  1. So, what does a Femdom Mistress do?

    A role of a Domme is to properly and professionally execute punishment or a reward in a D/S relationship ether it is a long term relationship or like in my case a session length consensual short term relationship between myself and a client. In my case being a Femdom  Mistress, despite so many stereotypes, has nothing to do with sex. I know that this wasn’t a question but so many people watch too much porn and when call me, expect what they’ve just watched. I might do this sort of things with my partner and some of my female subs play partners but never with a client or another male. As a femdom Mistress I try my best to have as much fun as my subs and as preferences are varies the destination is one: to feel complete again.

  1. When did you first realize that you were a Dominant Female and when did that knowledge manifest itself?

    To be honest I think I felt unhappy for most of my life. Never knew the reason, I blamed the weather, my relationships and many other things. Finally I went to fetish related party about a 1,5 year ago and discovered the world of kink. That opened my eyes and helped me discover myself and then I realized that I am an incredible sadist and a dominant person

  1. Do you feel that you were born to be a dominatrix and dominant person or was it something that you learned and grew into?

 As I said before, I felt all my life that something wasn’t right but I realized what it was just about 1,5 year ago.

  1. Did you start work as a Pro-Domme alongside another Domme as a kind of apprentice?

    Yes, I was trained by another domme and worked under her supervision for a few months

  2. Once you realized that you were a Dominant Female was it a smooth move into being a Pro-Domme?

    It’s never smooth and there’s so many things I still don’t know. Being a Domme isn’t as easy as it might seem at first.

  3. What kind of training did you have to go through to get to where you are today?

    You might laugh but I read up a lot on the subject, spoke to other Dommes and been hitting my pillows repeatedly to get the aim right. Studied books of psychology and behavior. Been watching other Dommes having sessions and learn loads from asking questions after it was finished. Don’t get me wrong but I am still learning.

  1. Do You Dominate just male subs or do you also dominate Female subs? If so is it done in the same way?

    I dominate both however most of my clients are male. I have a couple female subs but this is mostly for fun. Is it done the same way…No, everybody is different and getting into someone’s head isn’t easy so every time it need a slightly different approach.

  2. How do you perceive the “lifestyle” as being viewed in mainstream society?

    I’m not sure to be fair…I think it is kinda “forbidden fruit” for some and many people get embarrassed by even thinking about kinks and fetishes. For some most of them seems “wrong” but that’s just being very narrow-minded.

  1. How do you feel about the way that Pro-Dommes get portrayed in the media?

    It is sad that working as a Domme is classed same as prostitution in this country. The lack of understanding and ignorance makes me sad but on the other hand I really do not want to be a hypocrite as about 1,5 ago I would possibly think the same….or maybe not.

  2. How long have you been a Pro-Domme and have You seen many changes within that time?

    I’ve been a Pro for about a year now and I see changes in myself but not sure if this is what you meant.

  1. What would you say is your prime attribute that makes you a Dominant Woman?

          My brain hahaha.

  1. Do you consider yourself as being a Dominatrix in all aspects of your life or do you separate this from a more “vanilla” life?

    I have a 2 year old daughter so I have to keep it “vanilla” to a certain level.

  2. Do your friends and family know what you do? What was their reaction when they first found out?

    Most of my family and friends know, luckily they’re all very tolerant and although they needed some time to get used to it, I was and still am fully supported by my closest and dearest.

  3. What satisfies you the most about being a Femdom Mistress?

    Overpowering people and being in control. You can’t beat that feeling when you see your sub on his/her knees in front of you with those big puppy eyes waiting for you to tell them what to do or how worthless they are.

  4. What was the last request that surprised you?

    It must be the request for mummification with two thick sleeping bags and cling film. I had to say no for safety reasons…he’d die of a heat stroke there!



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