Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon Part 3

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Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon

Part 3

Mistress Lady DaeMoon is back! We have more insider Questions Answered by one of our favorite leading ladies! Remember if you have any further questions feel free to leave comments here!

  1. What are the most common fetishes that you encounter?

    Strap on play, OTK spanking and humiliation must be the three most requested so far.

  2. What types of guys avail of your services?

    All types really. There is no stereotype, the only problem is that not all can afford it.

  3. Would you be happy for your Daughter/son to follow you into this world?

    At the moment I can only say that I would not force my children to do anything they are not happy to do but if they are interested in kink, that’ll be their own choice and I will not stop them from doing what they like.

  4. What advice would you have for women who want to introduce dominance & Submission play to their partners?

    To make sure that they’re both on the same page and that they both have the same understanding of BDSM and the roles they will be taking on.

  5. Do you use strap ons on men? If yes what do you like about it?

    I do. I feel the power of being in control and being the “alpha”

  1. Anything you like the least?

    Lack of hygiene. There is no excuse for that.

  2. Should everyone try this?

    I don’t think this is for everybody….it’s like with marmite you ether love it or hate it but to establish it you should taste it first.

  3. Are butt plugs and strap on sex about the same?

    It might be just me but I do not class this as sex…not for me at least. I know that there is penetration involved but for me it isn’t sexual or a turn on even. But plugs and strap on in my opinion are different for the reason that some men take strap on as something more personal and sexual and but plug is just a play…anal play. It’s a whole different story if we are talking about the personal not professional point of view tho 🙂

  4. What do you find breaks males and females down the fastest?

    So far I found that men are more prone to anal play and females want to be verbally degraded. This is based on my short experience but I believe it is all-different with every sub and different Dommes have their own individual “signature” way of braking people.

  5. What is your favorite type of Lingerie/sex outfits??

    For work I mostly try to be classy and professional so a blouse, pencil skirt and stockings but for my personal endeavors…I love lace full body stockings, suspender belts and stockings, corsets-I love corsets!

  1. What are your favorite sex toys??

    I think I’d have to go with the Hitachi wand. It is brilliant for everything. Equally for personal and professional use. It has so many ways to be used. Just brilliant.

  2. Are you always dominant??

    Sex wise not with my partner. I like to be spoiled in bed but love it harsh and brutal at times. He is the only person I would switch with. In every other situation I think I try to be clever most of the time so if being dominant can get me something, I’ll use it but there is situations where a good strategy is better than demands. Hope this make sense 🙂

  1. How long have you been a dominatrix??

    It will be about a year and a half

  2. Why did you get into it??

    To be honest I started to look into it cause I knew someone who did it and it seemed like a very easy way of making money and hurting people at once. In my entire life I was never more wrong than that day. After learning basics and spending hours on hitting things and practicing I realized that it’s something that I really enjoy doing, the money that comes with it is just a nice bonus.

  3. What sorts of services do you provide your clients??

    My services list is quite long but basically it is CP, all kinds of humiliation, cbt, edge play, restraints and rope bondage, CD/TV makeovers, role play scenarios and financial domination

 That concludes Part 3 keep an eye out for Part 4!




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