How to Get FREE Slave Selection Credits (The Easy Way)

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This guide will help you get Slave Selection credits for FREE!

Slave Selection is the best Femdom Dating and Female Led Relationship & Dating platform on the Internet. It is FREE for the Dominant Woman to post personals and to chat with other members but it can be expensive for men. Men have to contribute to Femdom lifestyle development.

But how can you find a Mistress to live with if have no money? The answer is “Credits”!

Femdom tips

Credits are used to purchase memberships, gifts, and goodies. This guide will help you learn how you can earn credits.

Write an article

If you like writing, you can write an article for and send it to [email protected]. Topics should be FLR, Femdom, Femdom lifestyle, Femdom stories, Femdom tips, etc. If your article is published you’ll earn 250 credits on your Slave Selection account.

Female Authority Discipline


Share your personal link

👉 Connect to your Slave Selection account and click on the settings button

👉 Click on “Credits”

👉 Then click on Referral Program

👉 Scroll down to Personal Link and click on the red button to copy it.

👉 You can now go on. your social media, Femdom blog, forum, etc, and paste your link to share.

Femdom pics

👉 If you want to share photos you can share the Free Femdom pics library

Femdom pics

For every person who subscribes with your link, you will earn credits👍

Go back to Slave Selection Credits page to check your credits

femdom dating

You can now use to upgrade your account

upgrade your femdom account


Enjoy 💋



Mistress Maggie Wants To Whip me

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5 thoughts on “How to Get FREE Slave Selection Credits (The Easy Way)”

  1. thank You Mistress Caroline NO for this helpful article. i will follow these instructions. i hope for the best

  2. i am writing an article as i write this comment. i am hoping for a favorable and i hope to finish soon.

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