The Female Supremacy Movement

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Why is Female Supremacy So Important?

The question I would like to explore today is why Women are so powerful? Why has the female supremacy movement made such an impact on the world we live in today? Why should women inherit and control the world? In short, what is the rightful place and order of men and women?

Power of Creation

The answer to this question is not an easy one, and this article cannot account for the numerous reasons for Female supremacy. First and foremost Women alone hold the power of creation. They bring life to this world. For this reason alone, all men should bow at their feet. Now, this does not mean that it is a Women’s role to have, carry, and nurture but rather it means they have the power to choose. If God holds the power of creation, does it not make sense that Women are made in God’s image or rather “Goddess”. God must be a Woman and Women are made in Her image and therefore superior.

female supremacy

The Neanderthal Theory And Female Dominant Societies

This paragraph represents some historical facts with unproven theories. These theories make an important point about male-dominant versus Female dominant societies. Over the centuries, societies have developed and maintained a strong male dominance. It was believed that generally stronger physical traits represented a dominant role which is a pre-historic Neanderthal way of thinking.

The Homo Sapiens, in their earliest form, were believed to have a female-dominated society. Ultimately, this allowed them to dominate and replace the Neanderthals, a male-dominated race. Unfortunately, this Neanderthal way of thinking seeped into the much smarter Homo Sapien population. The Neanderthal brain is believed to be responsible for much of the world’s violence and resulted in a male-dominated society that has resulted in pollution, world wars, and nuclear power. Now compare that to societies that never lost their Female dominance… these societies are sanctuaries with no weapons where issues are dealt with by local counsel (ran by Women).

Today men are guilty of the Neanderthal dominant brain which is inferior to Women’s Homo Sapien dominant brain. They are also guilty of centuries of suffering, which is why Women have a right to beat men. The truth behind statistically stronger physical traits in men holds for two reasons:

  • 1. It comes from the physically stronger but mentally inferior Neanderthal


  • 2. it is preserved to allow men to better serve Women.

These traits are given to men because it is not important for them to think for themselves but rather let Women do the thinking for them. Today we see many men try to maintain the male-dominated society out of their own insecurity and fear of the all-consuming power of Women.

Picture of Perfection

Perhaps the less disputable reason for female supremacy is their ideal image. The Female body is made for perfection, only this could result in the miracle of creation. But more than physically ideal, Women represent an ideal way of being. Women are the perfect combination of light and dark, yin and yang, water and fire, they are untamable. A Woman can display power and love with a single glimpse. They can be kind and cruel at the same time, seductive and alluring while also absolutely terrifying. In truth Women can be totally confusing, contradicting, but are nevertheless a necessity for every man to worship.

Again this is not a full list of why Women are superior but it is at least a start. One day men will break free from their bonds and finally be free to live in a Female dominant society and all will be right with the world.

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5 thoughts on “The Female Supremacy Movement”

  1. You know what bothers me the most is you actually believe what right there going by the theology that you just presented. Then that would mean that what ever predator that becomes the apex predator is there for the dominant species made so by natural selection. What you right there is is very poorly thought-out I prefer female-led. Not because I feel that women are any Superior to me physically or necessarily mentally. I am just attracted to dominating women. I have met women that are far more intelligent than me and I have met quite a few that are less so. They all are within the Norms of human character and ability. In the cultures of lions the pack leader is who a male lion or a female why? In the cultural of elephants who is the dominant the male or the female why? In the cultures of hyenas who is dominant male or female why? In primate culture while not universally so. It is usually the m a l e s who are dominant why? women in our culture have evolved in what is usually considered a submissive role. In prehistoric times women cultivated the land and Men would predominantly hunt and fish. As such we grew certain biological traits that better allowed for these functions. But like language if you believe in the theory of evolution we are an evolving species. And as such. There are some women who are stronger than men there are some women who are smarter than men there are women who are more able in different ways than then. However the exact same thing could be said for men. One interesting thing I find among lions most of the female Lions do the hunting. But the male lions are the largest of the sexes why? Amongst elephant the females lead. Amongst hyenas many of the female hyenas are much bigger than the males again why? You’re running bias ideas and ideologies without proof and only assumption where is your proof? And how would your assumptions differ if you were taking them from a male perspective. Is your gender bias only because you’re female? I disagree with your view I disagree with your conclusions and I see no proof of any logic that you used to form said conclusions. So my response if you think that what you’ve said is accurate prove it. Where is your proof.

  2. A woman is perfect in being a mother and being feminine and gentle And A man is perfect in being a father, being masculine and being his support We are both halves of each other Superiority or comparison is wrong because our world is different

  3. I would like to pipe up my opinion, but only in the utmost respect and because others have done a piss poor job of expressing their own unsolicited opinions, and it is my prayer that those who have eyes to see an alternative theology which accounts for both the sentiments of the Goddess who originally posted this discourse on the rightful Matriarchy despite its handful of flaws and logical leaps, and the sentiments of those who saw the logic leaps but failed to understand the assignment or retort in proper form whatsoever and just resorted to more patriarchy apologetics and equally failing logic.

    I believe that a Female led society is not only ethically just and correct but also historically more ancient and more natural for Homo Sapiens, yes. I will rest my evidence on paleolithic spiral goddess worship, the earliest martiarchal vedic hindu settlements, the ancient Goddess traditions of North and South America, the worship of Ishtar, Ashereh, and even to go back to our cradle the proto-indo-european sun goddess Arinna and the very powerful and legislative Hittite and Hattusan priestesshood which governed in her name in the bronze age, in the Hittite civilization where the religions and doctrines of all the other bronze age traditions intersected and were preserved and integrated until the collapse of the Bronze age, and so much more evidence for greater preservation of knowledge, tradition, distribution etc of human thought in general but also of greater abundance and a universal trend of matriarchy more often preceding patriarchy across cultural and temporal gaps. Patriarchy always spawning alongside ownership of land and currency, in most cases. There is plenty of evidence, and fewer outliers for that. We know paleolithic civilization was almost unanimously Goddess Worshipping devoutly and solely.

    Now. Man was also made in Gods image. Man is the active principle. The conductive spark. The seed. But what is the seed without the soil of Mother Earth into which it is planted? Bird food at best. A spark of static electricity at worst. The soil nurtures the seed. Just as Hathor is the “Mansion of Horus.” Woman is the passive principle (THIS DOES NOT MEAN WEAKER, PSA). She holds and surrounds the spark and consumes it entirely in the womb to give birth to LIFE ITSELF, INDISPUTABLY. Both are made in God’s image, as God is an Androgyne or Syzygy. We are both sides of God in polarity. Now…. Men…

    Men have a gift. This gift is Power and Will.

    Women are gifted with Wisdom and Fertility (ability to create, not just children) (clear sight)
    (Wisdom is always personified even in judaeochristian patriarchal religions with Female Pronouns and linguistic indicators. Why? well if you can’t see why then kindly and respectably take your unworthy and blind self the fuck off this blog because it’s right in front of you.

    It is clear how God (the neither male nor female God) intended things. Men had a choice, use power for Good (to serve Wisdom) or for Evil (to serve himself, and take what he pleases) Men chose that, and used land to do it, then gold that the land gave them. This led us down this slippery slope all the way to *YOU ARE HERE* sign right now.

    Now we can always re-choose Truth and Just-ness and return to Wisdom. Even in Male only Freemasonry (which I belong to, even as a lifelong and devoted worshiper of the Goddess) it is said that Power unguided by wisdom is cruelty and Despotism and Tyranny (confederate general albert pike actually very ironically gave this badass metaphor I am about to use as a thesis for Femdom as the praxis for future Human civilization). The Mallet of Force is the power of Man, the power to act. The chisel is the Will to guide the Mallet, and it is only wisdom which can angle this tool so delicately to make the works of the Master marblesmiths and stonemasons. The Chisel is Woman, The Mallet is Man here. Man left to his own devices is cracking more marble than it is chipping away at. If anything remains it is a pile of dust and rubble. The chisel here is the very possibility of the marble statue. It is the wisdom to envision it. It is the beauty and symmetry required to craft it. Yet…. it cannot chip the marble without the Mallet. The ONLY WAY it works is if FORCE AND WILL work together in their own operation. The Hammer will never guide the Chisel. This would be ridiculous, would not chip any stone, and would likely just hurt the operator (civilization in this case). The Mallet must and WILL always follow the Chisel, when rightly applied. Force must follow Wisdom’s guiding hands and seeing eyes. In otherwords. Men must obey Women. Men must create what she envisions. The only things man invents are instruments of war and instruments of deeper control over other men. Women invent the music, beauty, flavors, aromas, dances, and cultural vision through reproductive and intellectual evolution and through her innate WISDOM.

    There are Men who have known this in history even when it was to risk death to do so. Jesus Christ kissed Mary Magdalene in front of his other disciples and scolded them for not listening to her and called her his favorite Apostle and yet she is erased and demonized as a whore redeemed at best, when she was the literal favorite of the Savior, and the only one of the Apostles that he knew truly understood his words to their deepest mysteries. Read the Gospels of Mary, Philip, and the Pistis Sophia if you have not. I implore you deeply. Jesus Christ was the first to remind late Abrahamic patriarchy (originally women were seen as closer to Hashem/YHVH but when God’s Wife was erased by Gideon and Jeremiah of course this was lost until Christ) that Women were Divine. If you follow through past the dark age of Islam to the Baha’i Faith who had Female mystic poets and prophetesses and who called for Women to remove their hijabs and to be called equal (out of the mouth of islams last imam, The Bab, who was murdered by his own priesthood only 200 years ago)

    We see even this clear proof that the PROPHETS of the Abrahamic religions revered Women. The scripture refers to wisdom as Her all throughout Proverbs and elsewhere throughout the old AND new testament. It is only the RULERS of these regions who rejected this, killed their own prophets, and put women into positions of slavery against the advice of their very prophets. Everyone speaks on how the Bible says woman obey your husband, but never keep talking when the next line says “Man Obey thy Wife.”

    This is a constant in both poly and monotheistic faiths, across all cultural lines, and across all divisions of time and history that is always present, but often suppressed and hidden in plain sight.

    Female Supremacy is thus; Without Woman’s wisdom, Men’s power and might is nothing but a hammer striking Marble block trying to make a phallic obelisk but instead they made a pile of rubble and dirt. Without Female supremacy behind EVERY LAST STRIKE of the Active Principle, there is no direction nor plan nor foresight, only ego and plotting, or intent self sabotaged by bruteforce without grace.

    In stark contrast when Man is obedient to the equally needed but far more valuable and praiseworthy Wisdom of her Chisel, that same block of marble becomes a carving of the seven muses, with every fold of the garments of her clothing perfectly carved to be almost lifelike… the lifelike detail and perfection of the master marblesmiths of the Italian Renaissance.

    I could make more theological arguments, alchemical arguments, kabbalistic arguments for equality of power and of importance, but the stark greater value and need for women to preserve and stabilize the future, and a future that is not dying but coming to life.

    You can find your own evidence if you’d like to dig deeper. I only spoke to break the silence left by unsatisfactory replies to a well meant and beautiful essay with a few incomplete arguments and perhaps less descriptively worded nuances of argument which only set out to argue for the Future which will literally save us all. The Future which would be a sin to resist. The Future which is also our most ancient past. The Future which brings us home to rest in her grace and her nurturing arms as a human race, and out of this long series of unfortunate dark ages suffering in bondage slavery and genocidal colonial and financially/agriculturally/geologically abusive system of value and ownership being the measurement of status underneath the greater egregore of Patriarchy or Wisdom-less Humanity.

    With the deepest and reverence to the Goddess who took the time to write this OP blog post, the Women who run this page itself, and to the Divine Feminine who I worship upon my altar in my ritual space and with every last breath that she has given my lungs, and with the most sincere of love, mutual respect, and potentially righteous but polite debate with any who may read this short toe-dip into the waters of the iceburg of Goddess Driven Culture Ancient Past and Impending Future alike,

    Memento Mori, credunt.
    Amor sicut Semita.

  4. I would also like to say, if I have failed, fallen short, or displeased any Goddess with my defense of the Sublime Divine Feminine, in any way whatsoever, please correct me, share, reply, your voice is sacred and valid and I look forward to integrating whatever it is you may say to expand my only-so-far-encompassing perspective of vision, as a Man who is merely using his Will to defend the Wisdom of Female Supremacy that Life, Study, and Experience has proven. My words are still a Male voice, and I am always open to criticism which is intended to help me grow and to better advocate for the Goddess. You may respond to me here. If you are a Man trying to defend patriarchy or say that even after all of those clear examples and the countless more even just a cursory self study would cover you cannot see why Women must Lead and Men must build their every desire or vision exactly as the artist sees it, and how that is natural law and how God designed us, I will just block you. I have a male opinion, and I don’t need yours. I am only interested in Female commentaries, positive or negative, and if a Man writes me at the email I shared publicly it will just get flagged as spam and my laughter because it is unhelpful and literally spam. I don’t feel bad about setting boundaries or being candid here because this is a real world issue that I want real world Female perspectives on. I don’t want to hear its not all Men. As a Man, It *IS* all Men, myself included, and it took 26 years of my life so far, a Women’s lit professor as a Mother, plenty of failed relationships and let down or mis-treated women, and so much wisdom coming back around to hit me in the face, along with real loss of love, and relearning of empathy and consideration and many other massive breakthroughs to even BEGIN to curb the Male brain, and even here still, I am falling so tragically short of the kind of Justice a Woman’s voice would bring to this exact same data and argument. So just don’t.

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