The Female Supremacy Movement

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Why is Female Supremacy So Important?

The question I would like to explore today is why Women are so powerful? Why has the female supremacy movement made such an impact on the world we live in today? Why should women inherit and control the world? In short, what is the rightful place and order of men and women?

Power of Creation

The answer to this question is not an easy one, and this article cannot account for the numerous reasons for Female supremacy. First and foremost Women alone hold the power of creation. They bring life to this world. For this reason alone, all men should bow at their feet. Now, this does not mean that it is a Women’s role to have, carry, and nurture but rather it means they have the power to choose. If God holds the power of creation, does it not make sense that Women are made in God’s image or rather “Goddess”. God must be a Woman and Women are made in Her image and therefore superior.

female supremacy

The Neanderthal Theory And Female Dominant Societies

This paragraph represents some historical facts with unproven theories. These theories make an important point about male-dominant versus Female dominant societies. Over the centuries, societies have developed and maintained a strong male dominance. It was believed that generally stronger physical traits represented a dominant role which is a pre-historic Neanderthal way of thinking.

The Homo Sapiens, in their earliest form, were believed to have a female-dominated society. Ultimately, this allowed them to dominate and replace the Neanderthals, a male-dominated race. Unfortunately, this Neanderthal way of thinking seeped into the much smarter Homo Sapien population. The Neanderthal brain is believed to be responsible for much of the world’s violence and resulted in a male-dominated society that has resulted in pollution, world wars, and nuclear power. Now compare that to societies that never lost their Female dominance… these societies are sanctuaries with no weapons where issues are dealt with by local counsel (ran by Women).

Today men are guilty of the Neanderthal dominant brain which is inferior to Women’s Homo Sapien dominant brain. They are also guilty of centuries of suffering, which is why Women have a right to beat men. The truth behind statistically stronger physical traits in men holds for two reasons:

  • 1. It comes from the physically stronger but mentally inferior Neanderthal


  • 2. it is preserved to allow men to better serve Women.

These traits are given to men because it is not important for them to think for themselves but rather let Women do the thinking for them. Today we see many men try to maintain the male-dominated society out of their own insecurity and fear of the all-consuming power of Women.

Picture of Perfection

Perhaps the less disputable reason for female supremacy is their ideal image. The Female body is made for perfection, only this could result in the miracle of creation. But more than physically ideal, Women represent an ideal way of being. Women are the perfect combination of light and dark, yin and yang, water and fire, they are untamable. A Woman can display power and love with a single glimpse. They can be kind and cruel at the same time, seductive and alluring while also absolutely terrifying. In truth Women can be totally confusing, contradicting, but are nevertheless a necessity for every man to worship.

Again this is not a full list of why Women are superior but it is at least a start. One day men will break free from their bonds and finally be free to live in a Female dominant society and all will be right with the world.

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3 thoughts on “The Female Supremacy Movement”

  1. You know what bothers me the most is you actually believe what right there going by the theology that you just presented. Then that would mean that what ever predator that becomes the apex predator is there for the dominant species made so by natural selection. What you right there is is very poorly thought-out I prefer female-led. Not because I feel that women are any Superior to me physically or necessarily mentally. I am just attracted to dominating women. I have met women that are far more intelligent than me and I have met quite a few that are less so. They all are within the Norms of human character and ability. In the cultures of lions the pack leader is who a male lion or a female why? In the cultural of elephants who is the dominant the male or the female why? In the cultures of hyenas who is dominant male or female why? In primate culture while not universally so. It is usually the m a l e s who are dominant why? women in our culture have evolved in what is usually considered a submissive role. In prehistoric times women cultivated the land and Men would predominantly hunt and fish. As such we grew certain biological traits that better allowed for these functions. But like language if you believe in the theory of evolution we are an evolving species. And as such. There are some women who are stronger than men there are some women who are smarter than men there are women who are more able in different ways than then. However the exact same thing could be said for men. One interesting thing I find among lions most of the female Lions do the hunting. But the male lions are the largest of the sexes why? Amongst elephant the females lead. Amongst hyenas many of the female hyenas are much bigger than the males again why? You’re running bias ideas and ideologies without proof and only assumption where is your proof? And how would your assumptions differ if you were taking them from a male perspective. Is your gender bias only because you’re female? I disagree with your view I disagree with your conclusions and I see no proof of any logic that you used to form said conclusions. So my response if you think that what you’ve said is accurate prove it. Where is your proof.

  2. A woman is perfect in being a mother and being feminine and gentle And A man is perfect in being a father, being masculine and being his support We are both halves of each other Superiority or comparison is wrong because our world is different

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