20 Weirdest Fetish Fashions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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20 Weirdest Fetish Fashions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Every once in awhile, a mainstream artist comes along and wears fetish clothing for style or attention. Taylor Swift‘s music video for ‘Bad Blood‘ is the most recent example, and in the spirit of T-Swizzle, here are 20 of the weirdest fetish fashions you’ve probably never heard of.

Well, if you read my last article on weirdest fetishes you’ve probably never heard of, you might have heard of a few of these. Regardless, fetish fashion is an altogether different beast.

Again, this list is not meant to demonize or mock anyone who likes to follow these fashions. The word “weird” is not used negatively, but in the sense that, for the vast majority of “vanilla” people, these are definitely odd.


20. Roleplay Costumes

Roleplaying in the bedroom is nothing new for lots of folks, but the fetish community has made an entire fashion catalog out of the activity, sexualizing the outfits of the different roles so much, they’re often unrecognizable.


19. Tight-Laced Corsets

Corsets are one thing. They’re popping up all over the place these days. However, only the hardcore corset enthusiasts go through tight-lacing. It’s pretty self explanatory, but it’s essentially lacing corsets so tight, they get unnaturally thin waists. This can also be part of waist-training, where the tight-laced corsets are worn so often, the waist stays that small.


18. Strait Jackets

Most people know that restraints are as inherent to BDSM as spanking, but entire fashion industries have sprouted based on the different types of restraints. Strait jackets can be bought in different colors and styles now, and some are more for show than anything else.


17. Masks

There are all kinds of masks in the fetish world, but these femme, latex doll masks are quite common. Other variations include ones that have no opening for the mouth or the eyes, ones that look like doll faces and others shaped like animal heads.


16. Ballet Heels

Of all the different styles of heels found in fetish fashion, ballet heels are probably the most unique, and definitely the most challenging. Few people can actually walk in them (for obvious reasons), but they look pretty awesome when someone is successful!


15. Harnesses

Lots of fetish fashions find their way in to the mainstream, and harnesses are currently doing so, though they’re most often made of dainty chains and other jewelry. Classic fetish harnesses are not only for the aesthetic, but they’re also functional (for, I hope, obvious uses).


14. Pony Play Wear

Pony play is probably the most popular of the “pet play” category, and it’s definitely unique. Pony play fashion can range from a simple bridle and headdress, like the woman on the left, to full head masks like on the right. It’s often accompanied by reins and hoof-like gloves and shoes, sometimes with silver horseshoes.


13. Puppy Play Wear

There are a lot of different facets to “pet play,” but pony and puppy are the most common. It’s also most common for men to be puppies. Again, the fashion can range from simple dog ears on a headband to a full-face mask in the shape of a dog’s head. Tails and gloves that simulate paws are common as well.


12. Latex Clothing

This is the fetish fashion that made the transition to the mainstream most recently. With Lady Gaga’s affinity for the material, Miley Cyrus’ latex lingerie during her infamous VMA performance and now Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video, latex is making the jump to mainstream fashion. And for obvious reasons; look at how well it hugs and accentuates a person’s shape!


11. PVC Clothing

The problem with latex, however, is that it’s very expensive. The cheaper alternative is clothing made from PVC. PVC has developed its own fans beyond those who can’t afford latex, and is used in all sorts of different ways.


10. Collars

Collars may be one of the most important BDSM accessories. It’s definitely the item that holds the most significance in the scene, denoting “ownership” of a person, or in some cases, that one is submissive. These come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, ranging from the common leather ones, to neck-stiffening posture collars (as seen here), to locking collars that just look like a simple metal ring.


9. Boots with Sky-High Heels

Boots are definitely the footwear mascot of the fetish community (barring, of course, bare foot fetishists), and the higher the heel, the better. These heels pictured have a nine inch high heel.


8. Cuffs

Cuffs are also important to the fetish community, and they come in a myriad of styles. This one is a subtle locking cuff, most commonly worn when somebody “belongs” to someone else, and they want to show it off, but a collar is too much or too obvious


7. Sissification/Feminization

The fashion world associated with sissification and feminization is wide and varied, but it often manifests as men who enjoy wearing or being forced to wear women’s clothing. This can range from “normal” everyday wear, as pictured here, to women’s lingerie or role-play attire.


6. Leather Wear

Most people know the stereotype of the “Leather Daddy” these days, but the leather community is so much more than that. Men and women wear head to toe leather, with leather accessories, and it’s often associated with “butch,” gay culture. They also tend to look dapper as hell when rocking the leather look too.


5. Adult Baby Clothing

The world of adult baby fashion is simple in form. It usually consists of an adult sized diaper (sometimes doubled up), an adult sized onesie, footie pajamas, pajama sets, pacifiers and baby toys. The complexity comes from the different designs they can get on their clothes and nappies. A diaper can be worn under clothing, like the woman in the gif, or by itself.


4. Rope Harnesses

Rope harnesses are similar to leather harnesses in function, but are much more versatile. Certain people will don harnesses for fetish events on the outside of their clothes, and some people wear them under their clothes while going about their daily vanilla business.


3. Catsuits

Catsuits are one of the staples of Fetish fashion. They cover the legs and torso (sometimes the arms), and come in all materials, colors and designs. The most common incarnation is the black latex catsuit.


2. Military Fashion Show


Some would include military fashion as part of the “role play” umbrella, but it really is its own beast. It’s not even about role playing as military personnel as much as it is just a love for the look of military uniforms.


1. Fishnets and Thigh Highs

Lingerie is pretty common in the fetish scene, but fishnet thigh high stockings reign supreme. Everyone from Tops to bottoms, Dommes to subs and sissies to slaves have worn fishnets, and they’re a common part of most fetish outfits. Of course, everybody has heard of fishnets, but most associate them with prostitutes, unaware of how prevalent they are in the fetish fashion community.

20 Weirdest Fetish Fashions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – Femdom Lifestyle




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