Diaper fetish lands Prince George sex offender back in jail

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Diaper fetish lands Prince George sex offender back in jail

A sexual offender with a fetish for diapers has been given a 20-month jail sentence for breaching his long-term supervision order.

Ricky Bruce Gordon, 52, was sentenced last month in provincial court in Prince George after pleading guilty to one breach charge.

On Sept. 26, Gordon was living in a halfway house in Prince George when he was seen Dumpster diving. In the past, Gordon had retrieved diapers from garbage bins.

An investigation was initiated and his room at the halfway house was searched. He had a garbage bag in his room that contained a baby-type doll wearing several used diapers.

Gordon was placed in custody that day.

Judge Shannon Keyes viewed Gordon’s possession of the doll and diapers as “a serious breach of the conditions that were intended for the protection of the public.”

In September 2003, Gordon was sentenced to 30 months in prison and placed on a 10-year long-term supervision order after being convicted of sexually touching a young girl.

Gordon had a long record of prior sexual offences involving young girls and on several occasions he either wore a diaper or placed a diaper on his victim while committing the offences.

Gordon admitted he has a fetish for diapers, which he also uses to masturbate. One of the conditions of his long-term supervision order was that he not be in possession of diapers, any material that can be used as diapers, children’s underwear or related items.

Since being placed on the long-term supervision order, Gordon has breached the no-diapers condition several times.

Crown and defence had suggested a sentence of 20 months in jail, minus 291 days of credit for time served in pretrial custody.

Despite her concerns that the sentence was a step down from the last sentence Gordon received, Keyes acceded to the joint submission because it was within the range of a fit sentence for the offender and his offence.




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