Trained As Her Fuck Toy (4)

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Boy Toy Accommodating His Butt Plug

boy toyDuring the week since the last session with Mistress, the boy toy had followed the instructions with the new plug, finding that it did indeed stay in, and although he had to re-lube it several times a day it was not that uncomfortable. He supposed that his anal passages must be stretching to accommodate it. It still made him feel very full and certainly prevented him from forgetting about his Mistress. As he walked down the stairs that Friday he saw the familiar white envelope laying on the mat. He picked it up and sat down carefully, feeling the plug deep inside of him. Opening the envelope he took out the letter and read:

“Good morning Boy Toy, I expect your sissy cunt is stretched out nicely now. You will be at the same place, same time with the plug inside of you, following the instructions previously given to you.” As in the previous week, he entered the shop and was handed a bag by the lady behind the counter. She had a big grin on her face as she said “Good evening, your usual cubicle is free”. He carried the bag into the cubicle and locked the door wondering how much she knew about what he was doing. Opening the enclosed envelope he read, “Strip, ensure that your plug is secure, put on the clothes in the bag, and wait to face the mirror.”

Getting Ready For The Session Of The Week

Inside the bag, he found a frilly pair of knickers and a matching bra, all in shocking pink latex. It didn’t take him long to be ready, the latex lingerie had already been talcumed and fitted snugly. He looked at his reflection in the mirror thinking how he was sinking deeper into a very strange world. The routine followed the previous week and he quickly found himself facing the trainer with a maid holding his arms. He saw that this week the two masked maids were wearing black latex catsuits, while the trainer was elegantly dressed in a short black cocktail dress and high-heeled pumps. Her mask was a shiny black leather.

“Good evening Boy Toy. You look very fetching in pink and will understand the reason for latex later on this evening. Your Mistress is busy tonight and has left instructions for your training session. She will look forward to seeing your progress and knows that you will be happy to save your milk until She can give you release personally. You will be filmed for Her viewing pleasure. First, you must be masked.” She picked up a latex helmet from a small table and carefully enclosed Toy’s head in it, zipping it up the rear.

Training Class For The Novice Mistresses

He discovered that he had limited vision through two small eyepieces and his mouth was exposed although two tubes were inserted in his nostrils to give him some access to air. The trainer held a mirror in front of him so that he could see the latex matched his lingerie and that the breathing tubes snaked around the back of the helmet. “Right girls, strap him into the throne and we will begin.” He felt pulled backward and down onto some form of a contoured couch with a surface that felt like resilient rubber.

His arms were strapped down by his sides, his ankles secured and rubber straps tied his throat and waist ensuring that could not lift his body from the couch. The whole unit was then lowered until his semi-prone body was just above floor level. He found that he could move his head slightly from side to side but all he could see through the restricted eyepieces was the open crotches of the maid’s catsuits over his head. “Excellent” he heard and the masked face of the trainer came into view above him. “Now Boy Toy, tonight I have a training class for ladies who wish to dominate their partners.

Toilet Training On Boy Toy

They have reached the midpoint of their training and are going to learn a new humiliation technique tonight. Your Mistress wishes you to be aware that you can be used in any way that She sees fit and has instructed me to use you as a training aid. My pupils today are going to learn to use you as an object for pissing on. You are not going to be trained as a toilet, well not under your Mistress’s present intentions, but merely as something only worthy of being pissed upon.

There is one other function that you have and that is to lick clean any lady that requires it. You will make no sound during the session, I have permission to punish you if you do not follow my instructions. My maids will give you some practice before the class starts and I will check your performance when I demonstrate at the start of class.” She vanished from his view and he watched helplessly as the first maid squatted above him and a stream of golden piss spurted from the gap in her latex suit. He felt the warm fluid hit his lower chest and run down his angled body. The stream slackened as she squeezed the last of it onto him and then he saw her damp crotch lowered towards his face.

Lick Her Clean

“Lick her clean,” he heard the trainer’s voice and obediently licked the remaining droplets from the latex and skin that was waiting over his mouth. “Good Toy, now one more for practice.” The other maid followed the same routine but this time aimed her stream over his latex bra. He quickly closed his mouth as droplets bounced onto his masked face. The smell of fresh piss was starting to penetrate through his breathing tubes and he was glad that his nostrils were not exposed to the golden streams. Again she lowered herself onto his mouth to be licked clean and then moved away.

“Very good.” The trainer’s face reappeared over him “They have not been allowed to pee since midday, so you could get a good baptism Boy Toy. I am looking forward to demonstrating to the class as I have held it in for a while. The maids are bringing them all in now.” She vanished again and he heard a murmur of approaching voices.
“Good evening ladies and welcome to our fourth session. Hopefully, by now your partners are all in panties for daily wear and I look forward to seeing your pictures during the session.

Reinforce Your Superiority Over Your Submissive

Today I am going to show you an excellent technique for reinforcing your superiority over your submissives. It may also be used as a punishment or reward depending upon how perverse your slave maybe. You will see that I have a subject restrained for our use. Gather around and take a good look.” He saw movement around him and could see a group of smartly dressed masked ladies staring down at him. “The subject is currently in training for a Mistress who has kindly allowed me to use it for this session. The slave has limited vision hence the need for you all to be masked tonight, but it increases the effect if the source of the piss is seen during the training. The slave will learn that it is only fit for being peed upon. Any questions?”

“Why the underwear, I would have thought that total nudity would be more effective?” came a contralto voice. “In some cases, this is true, particularly if the objective is total toilet training. In this case, the slave is also being trained to wear lingerie full time and I have used latex for ease of cleaning later. Of course, if your slave is wearing frillies it can be particularly humiliating as they will either have to change or be constantly reminded of their status by the piss-soaked lingerie.” “I see that his mouth is free, do we expect him to drink our pee?” “Not tonight. I have left the slave’s mouth available for clean-up duties after you have relieved yourselves. If we were toilet training the slave, only the mouth would be available for your use. Allow me to demonstrate.”

Use Him As Your Toilet, He Has No Say In Where You Piss

He watched as the trainer lifted her skirt and squatted over his upper body. She was wearing no panties and he lay helpless as she directed a stream of piss over him. Playing it over his chest and stomach, she carried on talking to the group. “As you can see, this slave has no say in where I piss on it. You may find it advisable to restrain your partners at first, but when you have full control of them it should be possible to have them lie and wait to be peed on at your command. I suggest having a latex sheet available unless you have a surface that can easily be cleaned by your slave afterward.”

She finished her piss and moved her shaven pussy over his face to be cleaned, as he licked off the few remaining drops she said. “Right ladies, you see what can be done; does anyone need to use the slave right away? If not we will move into the club and you can report on your progress so far while we have a glass of wine. Whenever you need to use the slave, it will be here waiting. Feel free to use it singly or in groups but ensure that it can see what is happening. “ He heard the click of high heels and murmur of voices as the group moved away.

Drinking Hot Piss

The smell of urine was now pervading his senses and he wondered how long the session would continue. Time seemed to stretch into an eternity interrupted by the sound of heels followed by a view of pussy and another stream of hot piss splashing onto his helpless body. On one occasion it was a group of three who were discussing the failings of one of their partners as they mutually pissed on him and then were cleaned up. The last one looked down at him and laughed. “I’m going to enjoy using Freddy like this.”

He decided that the worst were the natural pussies as they held a lot more fluid trapped in the curly pubic hairs and took longer to clean. The worst moment of all was the lady who aimed at his face and managed to fill half his mouth before he could fully seal his lips. He had no choice but to swallow and he reminisced about the comment by the trainer about toilet training.

Filled His Cock Cage

At last, he heard the whole group approaching. “Right ladies, I think that you have all used the slave at least once now. Does anybody need a final pee before we finish for the night? Yes Suzanne, go ahead.” A particularly bushy pussy came into view and he felt a long hard stream impact onto his panties. The vibration stimulated his enclosed cock which painfully tried to rise in its cage. His body twitched and the trainer laughed.

“Nicely done Suzanne. The slave is in chastity and I believe that you have just caused it to fill the cock cage most painfully. Well done.” The dripping bush was lowered onto his mouth and he cleaned off the dribbling hairs. “Very good everyone, I’ll see you all at the same time next week and I expect you all to bring a picture of your dripping slave.”
The group moved away and the room became quiet again. Shortly afterward he saw the trainer looking down at him.“Well Boy Toy, you are dripping nicely now.

The ladies were most amused by tonight’s lesson, Suzanne is eager to try it out on her partner and a couple of the ladies are thinking about taking the advanced course in toilet training. I’ll just have a last piss and then the maids can clean you up and send you home. Keep that plugin for the next week and you will receive further instructions in due course.” She lifted her dress and ran a stream of piss down his body then squatted over his mouth for a final clean-up. “Bye, for now, see you soon I expect.”

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  1. I only dream of such to happen in real life to me. Am I to old to rturn to being a toilet slave being in my mid 50’s. Can someone please help?

  2. I have asked my Mistress to piss on me a few times but, it doesn’t seem to be her thing. That’s OK. I’m there to serve and pleasure her. I wouldn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do. By the way, I’m her oldest sub male slave. I’m 71 and love being her bitch.

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