Sissy Mistress Brings Bull Home

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My Sissy Meets The Bull For The Night

Dear Diary: I open the door and with my bull I met at the bar and I see my cuckold wearing the cute maid outfit in his cage. For now, I have better things to worry about, after all I have the key around my neck to my sissy’s dick and she is about to have a show. My sissy is not allowed to get hard without my permission and is certainly not going to cum tonight, but I am.

The real man from the bar unzips my dress and it falls to the floor. I have designer lingerie on and hurriedly unzip my bull’s pants to find a massive cock. I can barely fit it in my mouth and we start fucking. This is the best sex I’ve had in a while as I orgasm on its girth. I can feel my bull’s cock clench as it releases into me. “Come sissy,” I lead my cuckold in her cute outfit and make my sissy kneel and clean the dripping cum from my pussy. As my girlfriend’s tongue tickles my clit, I say, “You like that you pathetic little sissy slut, eating my bull’s cum from my pussy. I bet that sissy pussy is getting excited. What would you do if I let you fuck me, would you like that?”


Strapon Sex

I lift my sissy’s head and look into her eyes and say “Yeah, not a fucking chance, I only fuck Alpha Males. Alphas are not sissies.” I grab her collar and push her over to the bed, Stay down,” I say as I grab a 12-inch strapon and spray some lube on it. Then lift her skirt and drop her sissy panties to her ankles. She can’t run away. She knows what is coming as I slap her ass, “What a good little slut you are,” I tell her as I shove the strapon inside of her feeling her resist.

I slap her ass and say, “Relax, it’s going in pretty deep. What a fucking pervert you are to get fucked like this. You are such a little whore.” The sensation is unreal as the dildo massages my clit. I hear the chastity belt bang into my pussy as I shove the strapon in harder. My bull is now behind me and I feel his hard cock as he grabs my tits, OMG!!! He is inside me….

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