Craving Her Sensual Dominance

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Her Sensual Dominance Invades Me

sensual dominanceSitting on a leather chair to myself, I began pondering about the one I love so much. I looked for her sensual dominance, to be chained to the bed by her and guided by her hand that strapped a ball gag in my mouth. I needed her presence so she could put me at her feet. Craving her sensual dominance like a drug, I had become completely attached to her without giving her pleasure. What became of my purpose? I am nothing without her. She so gracefully took me in to be her slave. There would be no me without my submission to her.

Suddenly I heard a quiet click and felt my neck being pulled on a chain leash. My heart jump as I noticed it was her. My dom, my life. Her perfect shoulder-length brunette hair and slender but fit body were worth any man’s worship. Her perfectly sized breasts were perfect for me to service. The lower half of her body can only be described as a gift from God. From head to toe, I worshipped every part of her.

She pulled my leash which brought me in front of her. She smacked my ass and asked,

  • “Is my little slave ready for his milking?”

I nodded and she pulled my leash, leading me around her apartment and into her bedroom. Laying down on the bed, she beckoned to me with her finger. I laid down with her and scooted up next to her.

Rewarding You With My Pussy

  • “Lay your head on my chest slave,” she told me.

I laid my head between her warm breasts as her company kept me warm. I rolled myself in between her legs. She rubbed her hand on my chest and slowly slid her hand down to my cock. She cradled me. I could feel her warmth. It kept me from being a crazy man. This…this is what I crave, that exquisite sensual dominance, that touch.

Slowly I felt her milking me. Almost nothing felt as good as giving her control of my cock. I look over and see she has a butt plug in her hand. She leans over me and I turn over a bit so she can slide it right in. I lay back flat again and she continues to milk me.

After a while, the pleasure overcomes me, and cum leaks out of my cock and onto my stomach. I relax as my cock continues to throb. She looks down at me and smiles, hugging me.

  • “You’ve been a very good slave,” she whispers in my ear.


  • “I would be nothing without you mistress. Thank you for everything.”

She moved out from underneath me and laid me flat on my back and revealed her pussy to me. She straddled me and made her way to my face. Lowering herself, she touched my head and started smothering me.

  • “You’re a very welcome slave.”

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