My Adventure With Mistress Trinity

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First Contact With Mistress Trinity

One day, I was in a BDSM chatroom looking for a dominatrix when I finally made contact with Mistress Trinity. After a few exchanges, I felt confident enough to ask her if she would accept me as her submissive over a defined period of time. She accepted on the condition that we would a slave contract between us. So we started talking about this contract. She made it clear that from the moment I was in contact with her, I could not complain about anything. Everything done to me or asked of me is of my own free will. Indeed, I had just decided to abandon myself body and soul to Mistress Trinity.

She told me about my living conditions, which would be completely different from what I was used to. I had to surrender my freedom for the duration of this time period and I would be subject to her whims day or night, whatever they were and at whatever time. It was Sunday when I spoke to her and she expected me to arrive late afternoon Monday and be there until Thursday morning. It would be 3 nights and 2 days where I would be under her control. The conditions were clear. Any deviation from the terms of the slave contract and I would be punished severely. Mistress Trinity also requested I go to the nearest sex shop and purchase a few items I would be taking with me on this trip.

The Items In My Suitcase

mistresstrinityAs I drove to the airport Monday morning with the items that Mistress Trinity requested, I was nervous about the world I was about to enter. I finally arrived at the airport, printed my boarding pass, and proceeded to the security checkpoint with my carry-on. My carry-on goes through security screening while a rather large woman looks at the images on the screen. I see her look at the images of what’s inside my bag and look at me. Those 30 seconds seemed like an eternity! How could I explain the presence of these items? As a matter of fact, I was carrying a cock cage, a harness, a penis gag, and a huge butt plug. I blushed when she looked at the images and looked at me. Obviously, she understood that I posed no threat to the airplane or the passengers.

She handed me my suitcase with a mocking smile and wished me a great day. I thanked her looking at the floor, feeling slightly humiliated. Maybe this was all part of Mistress Trinity’s slave training. I got on the plane and reminded myself there was no turning back now. Things were going to get more complicated from this point forward.

It was 4 pm when I arrived. The flight went well. As soon as I arrived at the airport, I sent her a text message as she had ordered me to do so. Mistress Trinity responded with a message saying she couldn’t come before 7 pm and she ordered me to put my butt plug on and wait until someone arrived to pick me up. I immediately did what I was told.

She Finally Arrives To Pick Me Up

Around 6 pm, I began to feel abandoned and wondered if this was part of the abuse she was planning to inflict on me, and all without having yet approached me. It must be a small glimpse of what awaits. My phone beeps … A message … “Go to the parking lot, a white Toyota Prius with black windows is waiting for you. Open the door in the backseat and wait.” Immediately, I go to the parking lot and I see this vehicle.

I open the back door, it was very dark inside and there was only one seat installed on the three provided in this vehicle. Sitting down without saying a word, I feel a presence behind me, but I did not dare turn around. I hear a female voice in my ear asking me to put my hands behind the seat. Then I felt cold metal touching my wrists. Hearing a few clicks I realized that it came from a pair of handcuffs.

Her Dungeon And The Small Cell

To further secure me to the car, she tied my feet to the seat. She placed a blindfold on my face, and my vision went completely black. I hear her voice again telling me to open my mouth, and she placed a gag inside. So I was completely helpless. My safety depended on a stranger. She says to me,

  • “Now, you are mine until Thursday!!!

I felt my cock harden as it never did before. She moved to the driver’s seat and started driving towards her dungeon 20 miles away. The butt plug was still in me, but I suffered in silence. Once there, I heard my door open. Mistress Trinity untied my feet and helped me up while I was still handcuffed. As soon as my feet touched the ground, she placed a collar with a leash around my neck and led me to her dungeon.

I was still blindfolded while Mistress Trinity led me to a room. When we arrived she took the gag off and said,

  • “Have a good night, your day will be very long tomorrow.”

I felt like I was locked in a cell with a small mattress. When I sat up, my head touched the top of the cell and when I tried to lie down, I was forced to bend my legs. This was a very small cell. I could not remove the blindfold from my eyes, the handcuffs didn’t allow it. I was too excited to fall asleep. After a few hours, I finally did fall asleep, not knowing what was waiting for me the next day.

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