A Quick Rendezvous With Two Dominant Females

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Christmas Shopping

It was two days before Christmas and I was just getting around to shopping for presents when I met the dominant females at the mall. As I came to the mall entrance two dominant females approached the door just behind me. One was average-looking. The other I would describe as having “a few extra pounds” but there was something about her I found sexy. She wore skin-tight jeans showing off her big, round ass and a tight low-cut sweater exposing her big, round breasts.

She was a big, beautiful, women and she wanted everyone to know it. I held the door for them and wished them happy holidays. The average one thanked me but the sexy one just walked through the door like it was my duty to hold the door for her. Instead of being pissed off about her rudeness, I was very attracted to her confidence. The way she strutted by showing off her big round ass almost gave me a hard-on.

I was in the sporting goods store looking at running shorts when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was the two dominant females from earlier.

  • “Hello again my name is Jane and this is Tina.”

Tina again didn’t say a word.

  • “My brother is a runner and he is about your size. I was going to buy him compression shorts but I really don’t know the size.”


  • “Well I wear a medium in running shorts but I like compression shorts to fit tight so I sometimes buy a small,” I said.


  • “I was thinking of this brand. Could you try these on so I can see how they fit?” Jane said.


  • “Sure,” I said as we walked to the dressing room.

Dominant femalesThe Two Dominant Females

I put the shorts on and asked them to come in. Both Jane and Tina entered. Tina sat down on the bench. Jane said,

  • “Oh they are very tight, ” she said as she looked up and down my body.
  • “Well, compression shorts should be tight. If your brother is my size then this is the correct size.”

Tina stood up and moved toward me. She rubbed my ass and slowly inserted a finger in my asshole. The cool material and her finger inching up my ass excited me. I think Tina was pleased that I didn’t flinch.

She smiled as she looked at my crotch starting to bulge. Jane said,

  • “Thank you I will get this size.”

I said you’re welcome as they both left the dressing room. I changed and when I left the room Tina and Jane were gone. Shit, I really wanted to see Tina again. I finished my shopping and was just about to leave when I saw Jane walking toward me.

  • “Thanks again,” she said as she handed me a note.

“This is from Tina.” I couldn’t wait to read it. The note said, “I know you enjoyed our time in the dressing room and you want me to fuck your tight little ass with a strapon dildo. Text me at 555 555 1234 and I might consider giving you the ride of your life.” I couldn’t get my phone out of my pocket quickly enough.

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  1. i liked “Rendezvous” a little bit. i enjoy and relate with the charge that the narrator felt when Tina showed She was Dominant. i also liked that there is not much focus on the narrator, i don’t believe a name is even mentioned.

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