My Princess, My Mistress, My World all Wrapped into One!

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I arrive home from work, my mistress meets me at the door.


“HI SWEETY” she says and I give her a kiss.

She holds up a bowl and I put my keys, wallet, money, and cell phone into it. She places it on the desk and closes the door then locked it. I strip off my clothes next and hand them to her.  She places them in a basket in her foyer.I see you’ve been a good boy “as she tugs at my chastity device firmly locked on my manhood.

She pulls out a small set of keys and unlocks it. She then placed it in the desk drawer. She removes a set of handcuffs and I hold up my hands. She locks them firmly and I bend over the desk so she can secure them to a eye ring attached to the end of the desk. She strapped each one of my legs to a leg of the desk with a leather strap and buckle behind my knees.

Preparing for Dinner

“Now don’t go anywhere, I need to check on dinner,” she says as she heads to the kitchen. After a few minutes, I hear her returning. She pulls out my metal collar and snaps it in place around my neck. “Now how many hours have you been away from me?”. I quickly answer ” 9 and a half so about 10 hours my Princess “.

She pulls out her leather two-inch wide barber strap. Without hesitation, she starts. “One, two three…” she counts. As the tenth swap comes it starts to sting. She then attaches my lead and unstraps my legs. A chain is placed around my waist and my handcuffs are secured to it with a padlock.

Time For Dinner with My Princess

She leads me to the dining room where I take my place kneeling on the floor beside her chair with the lead now attached to the table. She then puts dinner on the table. Two plates and sits down to eat. After a few minutes, she places some food from my plate into her hand and lowers it to me. I ate it out of her hand.

This pleases her and she takes another drink of wine. After she finishes her plate and gives me a few more hands full she pushes the plate back and stands up. She lets her dress fall to the floor exposing her naked voluptuous body. She lays down on the table and dumps my plate on her body. A firm tug on my head and I stood to lick off my dinner carefully not to miss anything.


After I’m done she pushes my head down between her legs. I lick her till she cums at least twice. She sits up and gives me a nice slap on the cheek. “Very good, now clean the dishes up and join me in the living room”. I hurriedly take the dishes into the kitchen and load the dishwasher. I return to the living room and sit on the floor beside her while she browses her tablet. She strokes my hair occasionally.  After about an hour and a half, she says time for your “workout” and up we go to the exercise room.

Time for a Workout

She releases my hands but stands behind me holding my lead. She grabs the crop and leads me thru my weight training.  She tells me when to stop and I dare not stop early. She pushes me hard. After I am thru with the workout, I get to take a quick shower accompanied by a protein shake. She then leads me to the bedroom. 

My feet are tied to the bed and my hands are tied back to the chain with the handcuffs. “Nighty night,” she says as she leaves the room. It’s only about 8 but I’m already spent. I dose off quickly. At about ten she comes in and wakes me by climbing on top of me in a 69 position and rubbing her wet pussy on my face. I lick it while she plays with my cock. She grinds on my face and I can tell she is about to cum. She squeals as she cums and her juices flood into my mouth. I do my best to swallow all of it. She then lowers herself onto my throbbing cock and rides me hard and fast until she is ready to cum and commands me to cum with her. I finish with her as she falls on top of me quivering.

“Your such a good slave”.

“Thank you my princess ” I reply. I drift off into a deep sleep with her by my side.

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