The Femdoming Society of Tomorrow a Future Fantasy

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Femdoming Society

By the year 2055, women were coming to power on Earth. Most of the big nations are run by women. Extremist feminist groups advocate the enslavement of males and their withdrawal from most occupational activities. However, these ideas remain marginal. By the year 2080, women had proved their worth. Peace reigns in the world and men are increasingly not seen. Those who were considered extremists in the past were no longer so, and their ideas were very widespread among women. In the year 2086, the first anti-male law was enacted in Great Britain. In the year 2091, restoration of slavery for certain men, including prisoners or heavily indebted individuals. They have to work on behalf of women in factories without being paid.

Hierarchy in the Femdoming Society

In the year 2099, the company changed enormously. This is how it ranks. At the top of this gynarchic society we find women, equal to each other and superior to men. They occupy all key positions. Women are the only sex allowed to sit in government and occupy the media. Thus, they create a gynarchic society tailored for them. Far below, sub-citizens, semi-free men do not enjoy the same rights as women. However, they are, nevertheless, allowed to work in some occupational sectors that are not very rewarding for wages less than those of women. These semi-free men are allowed to marry and have children, and to own a dwelling in the poorest neighborhoods. The exclusive quarters are exclusively reserved for women and their spouses to allow them to live in their homes. Still beneath them is the caste of slaves, which accounts for nearly 30% of the world’s male population. Domestic and sexual slavery has become more democratic in recent years, especially in the rich countries of Europe and Asia. Two-thirds of the women possess at least one slave. Legally, they are inferior to humans and animals, and are considered as objects.

Role of submissive slaves

Their roles are multiple: Objects of sexual pleasure, butlers, simple furniture of house, deflowers, living pots-de-chambre, pets, frames, etc … The ways of becoming a gynarchic slave are the following: – Become voluntarily when one is extremely indebted or too poor to live otherwise. Having become enslaved, it is absolutely impossible to regain human rights. It’s a lifetime contract. So it’s not a decision to be made lightly. “To find herself in prison.” All criminals with sentences of two years or more are automatically given to slave farms. – The birth of a slave father. The child immediately becomes a slave himself. He can be raised by the Mistress of his father who later makes him his own slave. It can also be sold to a slave farm for training during childhood and adolescence.

Formation of submissive slaves

The formation of a slave lasts three years before the slave is sold to a woman who will make her legal property. The training takes place as follows: First year, learning by humiliation: -This year, the slaves are parked in extremely uncomfortable individual cells, sorts of austere 2-by-3-meter cages, without windows, in which the slave sleeps bare, on the floor. During this year, the role of the trainers will be to dehumanize the slave and to break him psychologically. They will make him forget that he is human to make one object. To this end, the slave will suffer constant humiliation and violence. The trainers will wake him up at random hours of the night so that he licks the intimate parts or the boots. They will use their tongue as their toilet paper, either after urinating or defecating. Regularly, the slave will even act as a living chamber pot. The trainers can relieve themselves and empty themselves in his wide open mouths and . With the aid of belts equipped with artificial penises, the gynarchic trainers will penetrate the slave several times a day. Sometimes they will do so under very harsh conditions and without being allowed to make any sound or move. The slave will be slapped and beaten for no reason. It can also be trampled, dragged on a leash, or served as a living chair during the meals of its trainers throughout the year.

Punishment Sessions for Subjected Slaves

The slave will be devoid of a name and will be designated only by a number. Very often, the trainers will call him by “dog”, “thing”, “sub-being”, “object” or “mop”. Twice a week, each time on different days to avoid psychological preparation, the slave will be chained to the wall at the back of his cell. He will receive forty lashes on his back, twenty strokes of English cane on his buttocks and thirty strokes of his legs and thighs from a randomly chosen formator. Each blow will be punctuated by a thankfulness from the slave. The slave will also be drained once a month, without enjoyment. Positioned on all fours on an operating table, a trainer will take charge of sodomizing very violently for several tens of minutes. At the same time, another will masturbate him without softness and strongly press his penis at the time of ejaculation. No pleasure will be felt by the slave but only an unpleasant, even painful sensation.

Humiliation of submissive slaves

The food of the slave will be brought to his cell in the form of a tasteless puree in a plastic bowl. He will be allowed to consume it by lapping it in the manner of an animal, under the supervision of a trainer, and a glass of water. A cold shower will be given once every three days but may be canceled to constitute a punishment. The beginning of the morning of each day will be devoted to difficult physical exercises and an intense sport session, under the orders of several trainers. During this session, all the slaves will be gathered in a gymnasium. The meeting will last three hours. It will constitute the only moment of the day during which the slave will pass out of his cell. The slave will be deprived of all leisure such as music, reading, reflection …

Second year of training for slaves

Second year, learning fun: Pleasure obviously does not mean that of the slave but that of his future owner. In the first year ended, the slave will leave his cell and join a common dormitory where ten slaves will be reunited. The dormitory will consist of a room eight meters by ten, with very fine and uncomfortable straw pallets stacked on the floor, and latrines in one of the corners. Again, there will be no window. -During this year, after being broken and forgetting its human existence, the slave will be modeled and trained in order to become an object of sexual pleasure. Each day will take place in the same way: At five o’clock in the morning, all the slaves will be awakened by a strident ringing. They will all have to leave their mattresses to line up at the door of their cell. The slaves will have to be kneeling, hands in the back, naked, silent, and erect penis. They will have to maintain this position until gynarchic trainers come to look for them. They will come at random times and without warning the slaves, from five o’clock to eight o’clock. The last slave to be recovered will have to wait three hours in this position without moving.

A typical day during the training

Each slave will be taken in hand by a gynarchic trainer for the whole day. A trainer can not take care of the same slave two consecutive days. The morning will be devoted to the care of the trainer’s feet. The slave will first have to massage them. Then his face will serve as a footrest for more than an hour during which all that he will be allowed to do will breathe the odor of her trainer’s feet. Finally, until noon, the slave will have to lick the feet of the gynarchic trainer. He will have to clean them of their dirt, sweat, dust, dead skin and dirt between the toes. At noon, the trainer will feed the slave in a bowl, more consistently than in the first year so that it regains strength and a little weight. The afternoon will be devoted to the care of the buttocks of the teacher and her private parts. The slave must perform a cunnilingus to her trainer for several hours, silently and with application. As the year progresses, the trainer will put her slave into more difficult situations during which he will have to continue his cunnilingus impeccably and without distraction. She may, for example, whip him simultaneously by asking another trainer to sodomize him during this time.

Sunday: A day with a special trainer

In the early evening, and until dinner, the slave massages and licks the anus of her teacher with devotion, the cleaner of any dirt that he can find there. In the evening, the slave will be escorted back to his dormitory. The slaves will dine in common, without the supervision of their formators this time. The curfew will be declared at twenty-two. Once a week, on Sunday, the slave will be taken care of by a special trainer for a special day. He will be trained this time to use his penis as an object of pleasure and will have to penetrate his gynarchic trainer by oral, vaginal and anal. Different positions of the kamasutra will be taught him throughout the year and will have to be mastered to perfection to satisfy to the best the fantasies of his future Mistress. The slave will learn at the same time to bandage on demand, to retain his ejaculation and to release it with precision, and to improve his endurance during intercourse.

Third year of training for a Femdoming Society

This year will be the equivalent of a practical training course for the slave who will leave the training center. He will be sent, together with three other slaves, to the dwelling of an independent trainer who will train them to serve as a butler and domestic servant. The slaves will live in conditions infinitely more comfortable than in the two preceding years. However, this comfort can be taken away brutally and without warning to the slightest error on their part, or then purely free to test their resistance. -During this year, they will use their knowledge accumulated during the previous two years to best satisfy their owner in sexual terms. In addition, they will take care of various household tasks. The first half of the week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, will be devoted to intensive theoretical courses. Thus, the slaves will learn to speak well, to stand correctly, to put the table by placing the cutlery according to precise rules, to do the cleaning, the dishes, to cook, to scour the toilets, to sew, and To amuse their mistress, to sing and dance.

Practical training in a dominatrix

The second half of the week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, will be devoted to practicing the courses in real situations at the service of their temporary owner. The slaves will be led to work alone to improve individually but also as a team to carry out certain difficult tasks. Lastly, on Sunday, a trainer will come to visit the slaves from the training center. It will draw up a weekly review of their skills. According to their results of the week, she will be rewarded or punished very severely. During the last three years, the slaves will receive a tattoo on the thigh showing the capacities acquired during their training. They will be transferred to various sales centers around the world. They will be parked in glass cages so that clients can come and examine them and possibly buy them.

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  1. I am a human dog I need to be owned by a woman as her dog I like being chained to a toilet in a ladies room

  2. Mistress Amanda, I so enjoyed your vision of a Femdom society. Oh but what if we could change the world sooner. I suppose it is up to us powerful Mistresses to make this a reality. Ill have to make a similar article with some of my thoughts on the subject.

  3. Goddess Nike send us an article! More mistresses should share their thoughts on their vision of a femdom society should be.

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