My Female Led Relationship with Angela

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When I first met Angela I didn’t know she was a strong believer in FLR (Female Led Relationship). I didn’t even know what a Female Led Relationship was. All I knew was that she was a beautiful and intelligent young lady and I desperately wanted her to like me.

My first date with Angela

Angela had a sardonic smile all through that first date. That day I just assumed it was a smile showing she liked me. But now I am not so sure. She smiled because she probably thought that I didn’t know I was meeting a dominant woman but I would soon find out.

When the bill for our meal arrived I half expected her to insist on paying half, as that seems to be the modern way, but she didn’t say anything when I reached for my credit card. I thought how wonderfully old-fashioned”.

But now I know it was simply her assumption that it was my role to pay for everything, and that didn’t
give me power but rather pass all my power over to her.
I asked her if she enjoyed the date and would like to meet me again. Out came that smile again, a smile that I read as “yes, I enjoy your company”, but was more a case of “yes, come into my parlour (said the spider to the fly)”.

She said “yes”, but didn’t add “come into my parlour”. That she was reserving for later.

My second date with Angela


Our second date was a venue Angela chose. It was rather expensive, more so than I would have chosen myself, but I felt she was worth every penny and so I agreed. At the end of the meal, Angela asked if I would like to come back to her place.

She didn’t say “for coffee”, but simply invited me over. My first thought was that this was a bit forward, but I didn’t say anything other than “I would be delighted!” – which I was, of course.

When we arrived at her home, Angela said that she was going to change, showed me the kitchen, and told me to make us both some coffee. She didn’t ask me but told me. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, not really noticing that subtle difference between “ask” and “tell”, but now I can clearly see the difference.

As I was making the coffee, Angela called out from her bedroom telling me to make myself comfortable by stripping off my clothes. A little odd, I thought. Yes, it was a good idea to get comfortable, but I would have preferred then to put on some loungewear. I even asked if she had something I could put on, but
she told me naked was just fine. Well, if it was fine for her it was fine for me!

Perhaps that is what she meant when she said she was going to get comfortable. Perhaps she was now naked too! I could feel myself reacting to that thought, and felt rather embarrassed, as now there was no hiding it!

Surprised by Angela who was dressed in leather

I shouted out that the coffee was ready, and Angela told me she was in the dining room and I should bring it there. That was a bit of a disappointment. I thought we were going to drink it together in the bedroom. Still, I was pretty certain that is where we would soon be headed. What a lucky man I was!

When I entered the dining room I was so surprised I nearly dropped the tray with our coffee. Angela was not naked. Not at all. She was dressed in leather. A leather top, leather skirt, and leather thigh-high boots. I felt so embarrassed. Humiliated even!

There I was completely naked, with a very obvious erection, carrying in our coffees, and there was Angela seated at the table fully dressed and waiting to be served.

  • “Put my coffee here on the table, then squat on the floor by me and drink yours there!”, she said.

Female Led Relationship

I was absolutely dumbfounded! But found myself doing exactly what she said. What was happening?

  • “You have put too much milk in my coffee!”, Angela said. “I like my coffee quite dark brown, not almost white like this. Make me another!”.


  • “Yes, Angela, I am sorry!” I said, taking her cup to the kitchen.

When I brought in her freshly made coffee she took a sip and smiled at me.

  • “Good!”, she said, “Remember that next time! That is how I like it, so that is how you must always make it”.


The beginning of our Female Led Relationship

This was certainly not going the way I expected! But at least I was here, in Angela’s home. And she certainly looked very sexy in her leather outfit! So what if I had to squat at her feet while drinking my coffee? I could do so while thinking about what was to come next.

A little embarrassing that my cock was now advertising to Angela as plain as anything what I had in mind, but she would soon be making that very worthwhile!
Well, that is what I thought, but there was another shock soon to come.

We both finished our coffees. Now comes the exciting end to our evening together, I thought.

  • “Thank you for the coffee, the second one that you made right”, said Angela. “That is a good sign for our future relationship. But now I am quite tired, so I am going to bed. Put your clothes back on and leave quietly.”

What? Leave? Right now, just when I thought the best part of the evening was about to begin?

So why did Angela tell me to strip off in the first place? Why did she change into that leather outfit? What was happening here?
What was happening, of course, was the beginning of our Female Led Relationship. My role was to serve Angela in the way she wished when she wished. She was showing me I could not assume any rights in that Female Led relationship. Angela was the one in complete control.

And in complete control she was. If not, I would have questioned her command for me to dress and leave quietly. Although now I was realising if I had done so, what followed would not have been a pleasant experience!

Being summoned by Angela to her place

The next day I was really busy at work, and I was glad I had not arranged a follow-up date with Angela yet. I was so tired at the end of the day I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Just as I was settling down to bed the phone rang. Angela!

  • “What are you doing right now?” she asked.


  • “I had just settled down to bed!”


  • “Well. I want you here. Get dressed and come right over! Don’t worry about dressing up. You won’t be wearing anything once you get here. Just put on something simple and easy to remove!”

I got out of bed, slipped on my jog pants and sweatshirt, and drove right over.

When I rang the bell, Angela answered in her leather gear again.

“Come right in, strip off, and make me a coffee!” she said.

I noticed the word “me” rather than “us”, and decided it would be safest just to make the one coffee. When I brought it in, Angela smiled and I knew I had made the right decision.

She looked at the coffee and smiled her approval.

  • “Good! Just the right color. You are learning! I see from your cock that you are hoping for something other than coffee tonight! Well, you are not yet going to get what you are hoping for, but there is at least going to be a little more than coffee tonight!”

Naked in the kitchen preparing an”omelette”

I wondered what was coming next. From what she said, it wasn’t going to be the bedroom, so what was it going to be?

  • “I am a bit peckish. How’s your cooking? I only need something very basic right now. An “omelette” will do!”

So I went, naked, into the kitchen and prepared Angela an “omelette”.

  • “Put it on the table right here, then kneel beside me.”

I did as I was told.
Angela ate half the “omelette”.

  • “Not bad,” she said. “Open your mouth and have a taste.”

I opened my mouth expecting her to cut a piece and put it in my mouth. Being treated like a small child. But that is ok, as long as I am here with Angela I am happy!

What happened next was that she cut off a piece and put it in her own mouth!

So I closed mine.

  • “I said open your mouth! Keep it open until I tell you to close it!”

I opened my mouth again. Angela bent over, putting her lips to mine, and spat the small piece of “omelette” into my mouth.

  • “Now swallow it!”

I did as Angela said. The “omelette” was moist, not just from the butter I had used to cook it but also from quite a large amount of Angela’s saliva. So I wasn’t being treated like a small child but like a baby! As that thought came into my mind my cock started reacting! I was not behaving like a baby.

There was something really sexy about swallowing Angela’s saliva! And something really sexy about feeling she was treating me as her baby!

Being fed By Angela


  • “I can see you enjoyed that! Open your mouth again for another piece!”

And so I finished the “omelette” I had prepared for Angela, taking it with a good quantity of her saliva.

  • “Now lie on the floor with your mouth wide open!”

I did as Angela demanded, and she knelt over me, opened her mouth too, hacked up a good quantity of saliva, and spat it into my open mouth. I swallowed and found imbibing fluids produced by Angela an arousing experience, as my engorged cock clearly demonstrated.

  • “That’s it for tonight,” she said. “I will call you when I next want you. Get dressed and go home to bed now.

So I had still not made love to Angela. Well, not in the traditional sense. But somehow I felt what we had done together was still making love, and I was happy with it. I was also happy that I didn’t have to make any decisions. This relationship was turning out very differently from how I expected it to develop, but I was finding it more and more the kind of relationship I now knew I wanted.


Agreeing to receive a punishment

Two days passed and I heard nothing. I could not call, as Angela had made it very clear that I was to await her own call. So wait I did. Nervously, hoping against hope that my summons would come soon.

Even as those thoughts passed through my mind I realized they symbolized a significant change. I was no longer in control of my own life. I was completely subservient to Angela, and that is the way I wanted it.

Then the call came.

  • “I want you here. Come over right now.”

The call I had been awaiting.

I rushed to put on my casual clothes. Clothes I knew would not be covering me for long. Angela always seemed to want me completely naked, demonstrating that there was no cover, no hiding, that I was completely under her control.

When I arrived Angela told me to prepare drinks and a meal. Drinks with a plural! I was very happy with this.
When the drinks and meal were ready Angela told me to serve them at the table.

I wondered if she was going to tell me to eat and drink on the floor, but the fact that I had to serve them on the table suggested otherwise.

  • “Sit next to me here, Graham,” she said.

Happily, I took my place next to her, next to Angela my beloved Mistress.

  • “Thank you Mistress” I replied.


  • “Not Mistress!” Angela shouted. “Do you think I am a ‘professional lady’ to be addressed in that manner?”


  • “Not at all, Angela, I am sorry!”


  • “Ok, I will forgive you this time. But only if you agree to accept my punishment. Do you agree?”


  • ”Yes, Angela, I agree!”


  • “Good! Lie face down on the couch and await my instructions!”

Beginning of the punishment

Female Led Relationship

With some trepidation I lay on the couch, wondering what was coming next.

I heard a swish and a crack! Clearly some kind of whip!

  • “You are now going to be introduced to the cat!” she said. “It is going to hurt you a lot, as my cat has 15 lashes rather than the more usual 9. But you must take your punishment without complaint. Lie there without moving, and count aloud as I give you your strokes. If you count properly and do not move I will
    give you just 5 strokes, but if you lose count or jump up we will start from the beginning again.”

So I waited in trepidation! I heard another swish and then felt lots of stings all over my bare bottom! It hurt so much!

“One!”, I called out feebly.

Swish, crack

  • “Two!”

Swish, crack

  • “Three!”

I so much wanted to jump up and rub my bottom, but knew I must not!

Swish, crack

  • “Four!”

Swish, crack

  • “Five!”

After the punishment, enjoying a nice meal

Relief! It was over!

  • “Well done, Graham! You took your punishment well! This is the first and will not be the last, but I hope I will not have to administer it too often. As long as you remember your place and do what you are told, it won’t be necessary. But I know men have short memories, and that is why I can confidently say it will not be the last, by any means!” “Now just lie there quietly while I soothe the wounds.”

I did as she said, and then felt her lotion covered hands rubbing my aching bottom cheeks. That felt so good! The punishment was terrible, but the relief following it almost made it worthwhile suffering!

  • “Now sit next to me and let’s enjoy our meal!”

So I carefully eased my still very painful bottom onto the thankfully cushion- covered chair and sat beside my Angela. We ate and drank in silence, and then Angela told me to get dressed and go home.

I had still not even seen inside her bedroom, but I knew I had to be patient, so I quickly dressed, said good night, and left.


One evening, being introduced to Angela’s friends

Female Led Relationship

“Come on over right now!” was the command. A command that excited me! My Angela wanted me!

When I arrived I found not only Angela but two other ladies, all sitting on the sofa in the living room.

  • “Meet my friends Cindy and Lizzy”, she said. “I have told them you cook well, so they have come round to sample your wares!”

I turned towards the kitchen, but Angela stopped me

  • “Take off your clothes, Graham! You know you don’t wear any clothes here!”


  • “I am sorry, Angela, but I wasn’t sure whether I should strip off in front of your friends.”


  • You always strip off when you come home to me, Graham, regardless of whoever else might be here.”


  • “Yes, Angela, I am sorry!”

I remove all my clothes and then turn to the kitchen again.

  • “Wait, Graham. First of all, you should greet Cindy and Lizzy!”

I turn to Angela’s friends and say

  • “Hello”,

but then Angela says

  • “That is not how you greet my friends, Graham! You must always greet my friends by kissing their feet! And show them how welcome they are by kissing their feet thoroughly, not just with a little peck!”

Taking care of the three ladies

So I kneel in front of the couch and take Cindy’s right foot in my hands, then bow down and begin to lick and suck, toe by toe. When I have sucked all her toes, Cindy moves her sole towards my face. I see it is slightly dirty, and I lick it fully clean. Then she presents her left foot and I give this the same reverential treatment.

When Cindy’s feet are well sucked and cleaned I turn to Lizzy and do exactly the same to her feet.
Then I retreat to the kitchen and prepare a nice meal which I bring into the dining room and put on the table. I wasn’t sure whether I should prepare anything for myself but felt she would not want me to sit at the table with her friends, so I didn’t.

  • “Good, Graham, you read my mind! I don’t want you to sit at the table with us as that would suggest you were equal and you are not. You are a man and therefore not equal to us ladies. Do you agree?”


  • “Yes, Angela, I agree!”


  • “Ok. But you should still have a chance to eat something. Your place is under the table as we eat, licking and massaging our feet. We may then feed you bits and pieces from time to time as we would a dog at our feet.”


  • “Yes, Angela. Thank you, Angela!”

Angela’s proposal to get married and continue our Female Led Relationship

And so I spent the dinner hour under the table, massaging and licking their feet. I decided to massage the feet of two ladies and lick the toes of a third, swapping around every so often in an attempt to give all three ladies equal treatment.

Every so often a hand would appear with a piece of food. Usually, it was very clear it had already been chewed and sucked, so I was simply getting their leftovers. But very pleasing leftovers, as each was covered in the saliva of a superior lady.

When the meal finished Angela told me I could come out from under the table and to wait for her on the sofa. Cindy and Lizzy each came to me and thanked me for my service, presenting her foot for me to kiss again, which I did with great pleasure.

Then Angela and I were on our own.

I waited for the command to dress and go home. But what came next surprised me.

  • “You performed well this evening, Graham. Did you enjoy entertaining my friends?”


  • “Yes, Angela, it was good to be of service to your friends as well as to you!”


  • “I am glad, Graham! So is this the kind of life you would like to continue?”


  • “Very much so, Angela!”


  • “Good! Then, will you marry me so you can serve my friends and me for the rest of your life?”

I still had no idea what Angela looked like under her clothes, or how I would feel in the bedroom I had still not entered, but I knew absolutely how to answer.

  • “Yes, my darling Angela, I would love to marry you and be ready to serve you and your friends for the rest of my happy life!”





Femdom Strap-on Fantasy Discovered by Wife

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