Mistress Goddess Sodomizes Her Slave

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You Love This Don’t You Slave

Mistress Goddess was standing behind me in her latex dress. I was suspended on my back on a swing and my leash around my neck that led back to my Mistress’ hand. My legs splayed wide as the sweat dripped down Mistress’ tan ass. Her tits flopped out and pointed forward. I could not get away and she swung me back and forth. She had her 9-inch big black cock deep in my rectum. “You love this don’t you slave, riding this big black cock, all stuffed up your asshole,” I screamed as she stabbed my ass. “What a good slave taking this big rubber dick like this.” She bent over near my face and thrust her hips, as her tits brushed my chest. She looked into my eyes, kissed me, and drove her tongue into my mouth.

Then, she pulled away and spoke directly to me. “I love my little perverted slave, taking your ass like this, you have to do what I want here.” She slowed her thrusts. “Whatever I want goes,” she said purring. “I can make love to this little hole of yours.” Her movements slowed. “This isn’t love though, I only care about me getting off. Your job is just to take this dick up your ass while I massage my clit.” She grabbed her nipples.

Begging Mistress Goddess To Unlock Me

Mistress Goddess continued, ”It gets me off that you can’t even enjoy this fucking, even if you wanted.” She grabbed my balls with her hands. “Your dick can’t even get hard because it’s in a silly little plastic chastity device. I can see you trying to get hard in there. Do you like this cock in your ass?” Slap, Mistress’ hand came down on my balls. Pain rushed up my spine. “You are not supposed to enjoy this slave, this pleasure is for me.”

Mistress continued to be hot and bothered, “I love getting off using your asshole and I love that if you want to cum, you have to cum like a slave in chastity. This is so fucking hot that I am doing this, it makes my pussy so wet. I don’t even care about your pathetic slave asshole. I just want to use it to rub my clit and get off. Oh, oh, I going to cum! Look at me slave!” She pulled my head in, “Mistress Goddess can you unlock this, my cock is so hard in this cage, my prostate.” “No fucking way,” the sweat dripped down Mistress’ face as she pulled out her tits from the latex as stroked. She was halfway to an orgasm, “it has been a month Mistress, you promised.”

Cock Slut

“Cum slave.” She said. “If you can cum while in chastity from a rubber dick up your ass that is.” “But Mistress Goddess, you said you would fuck me.” She cut me off, “I am fucking you, slave.” Her thrusts continued as she moaned. “Did you honestly think you are the kinda guy I would fuck, just sitting here taking a rubber dick, hanging from the ceiling, wearing a cock cage? I’m never going to let you out to cum. But I will do one thing.” “Yes Mistress, please!”

“You don’t even know what I am going to give you, do you cock slut? Here it is.” She grabbed a vibrator and pushed the dick all the way down my ass. As she touched the vibrator to my chastity, she put the top of her pussy on it. “We can cum together like girls, just like this.” I could not believe it. “Oh, I see your little worm getting all hard in there, too bad it can’t get nice and hard. Now, I get to watch you cum in this pathetic way, wearing, this tiny little chastity device, don’t think I am not enjoying this. I want you to thank me for this slave.”

mistress goddess

Sissy Pussy

“What?” I protested. “Thank me for doing this, for spending my time, romancing your slave pussy.” Her dick was deep inside me. “Now ask permission to cum like a sissy slave on my dick.” I could barely speak I was so close to cumming, but I could not while she kept stroking my ass. She knew it, “What’s the matter slave?” “Mistress Goddess please let me cum!”

“Sure go ahead, if you can cum locked in a chastity cage with this rubber dick up your ass go ahead. I don’t think you can cum, I just want to tease your sissy pussy. I am the only one getting off here from watching you. This is so hot.” The vibrations were intense, and Mistress pulled me toward her tits and put them in my mouth. I felt like a baby suckling her titties. Her hips slapped my ass and she moved my legs higher. I moaned and felt the sensation of almost being able to cum, but Mistress would stroke the cock. “Oh poor slave, what a predicament, legs back! Don’t push out, let me in, that’s it, don’t tense up, make this easy on yourself, just take this fucking dick.” I love this male humiliation!”

The Only Type OF Sex You Will Ever Have

She stopped and smack my ass, it startled me. “Relax!” She spread my cheeks wide and thrust her hard member inside of me. “Let me all the way in you little slut, this is my ass here.” She cooed, “Just accept this dick as far deep as it will go. Good boy, that’s it. If you weren’t such a sissy slut I would let your dick out but I would rather not get near this pathetic little prick. You are a much better girlfriend. I have a date with an alpha man after I finish destroying your cute little asshole, now you just got to cum like the little virgin girl you are.” She stared intently,” I love how ridiculous you look right now, me just watching my cock stretching that asshole of yours, this is sooo fucking hot!”

It was too much and when I got close, I had to tell Mistress, who would slow down to take me off the edge. “Not yet slave boy, only when I say.” I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress, but I didn’t know if I could wait as she brought the vibrator close again. “Alright slave, cum for your Mistress, like a worthless slave girl and I am going to cum all over your locked-up clit, like we are girlfriends.” I felt pathetic. Mistress didn’t waste any time and started moaning. I asked, “May I cum yet Mistress,” she grabbed my balls wrapping her hand around them and squeezing them. I could feel the warmth as she continued gyrating her dick in my ass again.

Cum Now Slave

“No slave, I’m just going to make you think you can cum. I won’t even let you have that pleasure, but I sure as hell am going to get off because all this power is making me super horny. I love watching how pathetic you are right now, swinging on my big dick, in chastity, you better enjoy this slave because this is the only type of sex we will ever have.” “But Mistress.” She retorted, “Shut up.”

She tensed up, ”I am about to have the orgasm of my life.” Now her thrusts were violent. Her dick went so far up my ass, as I watched her tits bounce. I could not control my throbbing dick that desperately wanted to get out of its restraints as sweat rolled down her chest. ”This is so hot slave, cum when I say.” I didn’t think I could actually cum, but she moved the angle of her thrusts and was pulling the nine inches out and then back down again.

All of a sudden, her dick hit my prostate and I could feel something happening. “This is so pathetic slave, it makes me so hot to see your little prick on edge while I take this nice ass of yours. RIGHT SLAVE!” She smacked my ass and started really pumping, “How does your little dicklet feel slave?” She knew what she was doing, as she grabbed my dick in chastity, “You can cum now slave.” All of a sudden I felt a rush as Mistress grabbed my balls, “And fuck this little clit.” I could not believe it, as I spasmed and she drove further, her eyes rolling back. I looked up as she kept squeezing my balls and I gave in, “I’M CUMMING!”



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