Mistress Alice And Her Wonderland (1)

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The Desire For The Woman To Be The Man In The Relationship

I saw there were loads of online photos of Mistresses who appear to be devil-worshippers. You could tell because they make the sign. They wouldn’t get me! Waiting for a whole lifetime was nothing compared to waiting in Hell for an Eternity. Any Mistress who thought I didn’t fear God’s Judgment more than hers was simply mistaken. Luckily for me I knew a woman (Mistress Alice) who would be my Mistress without damning my soul. She may have used me for my love, my pension and my bank account, but she would never seek to steal my soul. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Privately I tell myself she really does mean to come back right into the middle of my life from wherever she is. After all she keeps saying she will.

In the meantime, I just want a female to be my Man. I want her to own me like a Man owns his Wife in other cultures. I want a reversal of that. That shouldn’t be too much to hope for in contemporary Western culture, should it? Her female domination would be complete apart from forcing me to do sexual acts with other males. I couldn’t imagine ever meeting someone who’d appreciate me. It looked like you had to spend money just to meet the Mistress of your dreams.

The Lucky Break

Then one night I got a lucky break. After going out to see a football game I decided not to go to my usual place for a drink but instead go to a gay bar. Once I arrived, I ordered a drink and looked around, hoping no guy would make eye contact with me or worse, chat me up. Since all the tables were occupied, I walked over to one with a free chair where two women were sitting, arguing. One was tall, with broad shoulders and long dark hair.

The other petite, immaculately dressed with short auburn hair. I had to do a quick re-take to confirm how good looking this one was, but very quickly it dawned on me that they were probably a couple. After a few minutes their argument got a little more heated, and suddenly the petite one said, “Go to Hell!” To the other woman who got up and left.

mistress alice

Mistress Alice

After that she turned to me and said, “So what brings you here? You waiting for someone to show up?” I said that I was just checking the place out and wasn’t expecting anyone. ”What happened to your friend?” I added. “Oh her, I dumped her. She was seeing someone else,” she said. Then she whispered in my ear, “If you’re looking for some fun it’s your lucky night”. My heart was pounding by now and I happily admitted I was. In no time we left the bar and got a taxi ride to her place.

During the short taxi journey she kept looking at me intently and when I asked her what was up she didn’t respond and kept looking at me. I told her my name was Bob and she told me her name was Alice and when we got to her place she said, “This is it. Welcome to Wonderland. “I laughed and said, “Here she is, Alice in Wonderland.” We walked in together and she led me to the living room where she asked me to sit down on the couch. “Before we go any further I need to make one thing crystal clear,” she said. “You will refer to me as Mistress Alice, ok?” I hesitated and said, “Ok Mistress Alice.” “Why did you take so long to answer, slave?”

Get Down On Your Knees Slave

Still processing what she asked me to do, she walked over to me and said, “Get down on your knees slave,” she commanded. I was so transfixed by her eyes, as a result, I did what I was told. Next thing I knew I could hardly breathe. She walked behind me and put a collar round my neck attached to a chain and was pulling it tight around my throat. Then she started hauling me around the room on the floor until I really thought I was going to choke. ” Don’t ever ignore my orders again slave, ok?” She said tightening my collar. “Ok Mistress Alice,” I croaked out and she let go leaving me in a crumpled heap on the floor.

She left the room for a minute and when she came back she pulled on my collar and said, “Stand up slave.” I stood up immediately but because I hadn’t answered her fast enough she got really angry. “Answer your Mistress when she commands you slave,” she ordered me. Before I could she kicked me hard in the balls and I fell to my knees. “Get up slave ,” she ordered and I said, “Yes Mistress Alice.”

A Disobedient Slave

But I was in so much shock I didn’t get up fast enough so she kicked me in the balls again and smashed me with her fist full of rings right between the eyes. “When your Mistress orders you, you do what she says, don’t just agree?” She spat on me. “Now stand up and take your clothes off,” she continued. I quickly got up and said, “Yes Mistress Alice,” before taking my clothes off.

I was hurting really badly but before I could think of what I had gotten myself into she grabbed my leash and pulled me into the bathroom where she shoved something in my anus, chained me to a bar and ordered me to sit on the toilet and wait. She left me there and after a short time my bowels started to explode. This went on for about ten to fifteen minutes and then stopped. I cleaned myself and tried to get up but I couldn’t because of the chain.

Used As A Sex Object

I flushed the pan still sitting there on it and she must have heard because she returned right after. “Ok stand up slave, ” she ordered me and unhitching the chain from the bar she started hauling me before I could even get up or reply. “Do you know what I do to disobedient slaves?” She said staring right through me. “No Mistress Alice, ” I replied. Alice laughed so loud shivers went through my spine. She hauled me to the bedroom, put a pair of gloves on and ordered me to kneel down with my ass sticking up. Then she started applying lube into my rectum. When I yelled she laughed and shoved something in my mouth to stop the noise. Then she started going in deeper and deeper until she was fist-fucking me with both hands.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t believe what was happening. When I left the bar with her and got in the taxi, I still thought I could reconcile my sexual feelings for her with my romantic ideals. Now I was being forced to realize there was no compromise. “It’s what you wanted isn’t it, slave?” She laughed mockingly at me. “Yes Mistress Alice.” I tried to mutter quickly so as not to anger her further. Trouble was there was a pair of her pants stuffed in my mouth so I couldn’t be heard.

Lick Me Slave

She then came around in front of me and smashed me in the face again. I was dazed. She pulled down her jeans and panties and took the her pants out of my mouth and said “You better lick my ass real good ok slave?” But before I could reply she was sitting on my face first one way then the other demanding I lick her holes. Mistress Alice wanted me to suck her clit. After several minutes of this, Miss ordered me to get on the bed.

Then she bound my arms and legs to the bedpost. I was really scared for what she might do next. I was facing up on the bed and I knew she wasn’t going to sodomize me at this moment. “Oh God, what comes next!” I thought. Then she started going for my cock and forcing her finger down into it. Next thing was I knew she’s pushing her clit on my cock.

I’ll Be In Touch With You

“This is what happens to disobedient slaves, ” she said, and she lays there for ages on top of me thrusting her pussy into my cock harder and harder, faster and faster. “Mmm you’re going to be all mine any minute,” she laughed, then turning me roughly over she jumped up, altered the chains fastening my limbs and left the room. I knew what was coming next but it wasn’t how I’d imagined it at all. My screams for help were futile. I wished I’d never left the the bar with her and I started crying for my cherished romantic hopes. Too late! Very soon Mistress Alice was back and she must have seen me sobbing as she joked, “What are you going to do now slave? “

The first thrust was like an electric shock through me. Unimagined agony kept searing me in rhythmic pulses until I nearly passed out from the pain. Then I was ordered to change position, and this torture went on for hours, her taking me from different angles. When she finally stopped, she put a cage on my cock and ordered me to get dressed. “Go home slave,” she laughed. “I’ll be in touch when I want you.”

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