Strapped In The Fuck Bench

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fuck bench

Mistress And Her Fuck Bench

The alert on my phone went off. I checked and yes it was a text from my Mistress. I suspected the fuck bench I ordered a few days ago arrived. My cock hardened with anticipation. It was weeks since she contacted me. She did this from time to time as part of her teasing and denial. She knew I was a submissive slut and she owned me. I couldn’t wait to read it. “Slut I am horny thinking about your tight ass. Come to my house now. Mistress is in a pegging mood. Now hurry, do not keep me waiting”.

I couldn’t get ready fast enough. The thought of being strapped in the fuck bench and having Mistress fuck me was too much. I felt moisture and sure enough, there was a wad of cum in my boxers. Hell, the longer it takes for me to cum the more I can please Mistress. She loves wearing her strapon and pegging her sluts and I want to be her favorite.

Mistress Has Her Way With Me

I reminisced about the time she first found out about the fuck bench in an ad she read. She got so excited and turned on that she pulled off her panties and pulled my face into her pussy. Before I got my tongue out of my mouth she squirted in my face. “Lick it up and then order that fuck bench,” she commanded.

I arrived at her house a few hours later. Mistress had assembled the fuck bench in the living room. “Lay on it slut, I want to fuck your sissy pussy.” I immediately took my clothes off and lay on the fuck bench. Mistress reached over the drawer in the living room and grabbed a huge strapon with big balls and a veiny cock and lube. “I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to fuck you with this cock. Today we are going to stretch that pussy out really good.” She strapped me to the bench and lubed my asshole. I started to feel her inserting her cock inside of me. Slowly at first and then she started thrusting hard inside of me. The pain mixed with the pleasure made gave me a raging hard-on.

The End Of Our Session

I started to leak precum while she was fucking me. She smacked my ass and said, “Come on slut, beg me to fuck you harder.” Mistress, please give it to me harder.” Her cock in my sissy pussy started to hurt me, but I didn’t want her to stop fucking me. She fucked me harder and I can feel my ass being stretched out. Suddenly I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I shot a big load of cum on the floor. Mistress, upset with me smacked me in the ass and said, ” I didn’t tell you to cum. You cum when I tell you to cum.” Get on your hands and knees and lick the cum off the floor.” She unstrapped me from the bench and I got on my hands and knees and licked my cum off the floor.

As disgusting as I think licking my own cum is, I would do anything to please Mistress. When I was done, Mistress said, “Well my submissive slut, although you disobeyed me, I have enjoyed my time with you. Next time I have my way with you, you will be severely punished for cumming when you’re not supposed to.” With that, she led me to the door and I left, feeling fulfilled and eagerly awaiting the next session with Mistress.

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