A Quick Rendezvous With Two Dominant Females (3)

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My Dominant Sexy Female Turns Me Into Her FuckBoy

My heart was pounding as she opened the door and led me into the apartment. My dominant sexy female was wearing tight yoga pants and a half-tee shirt exposing her flat, firm belly. We sat down on a couch in the living room and she poured two tall glasses of wine. We talked for what seemed like hours getting to know each other through it was more like 20 minutes. She is so nice and interesting. My dominant sexy female played soccer in college and graduated from Law school. She was a defense attorney for the local district attorney’s office and she was interested in my background which really put me at ease.

When we finished our wine, she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Right when we were about to enter, my dominant sexy female stopped and looked me in the eyes, and said, “I am looking for someone with intelligence who can carry on an intelligent conversation. A submissive who is fun, witty, and bold. Someone who is honest about his expectations wants needs and desires. I love a sub-male who is very open-minded and insatiable.

My greatest pleasure is showing him that I Own his boy hole. I will expect you to want to please Me in whatever manner I wish.  When you enter this room your purpose is to be My playtoy, My fuck boy, My asswhore. I especially enjoy long sessions of ass fondling, fingering, and fucking a nice tight ass like yours. Are you my new fuckboy?” Yes, I answered. Then get naked and wait for me in bed.

Passionate Kiss

I undressed and got in bed in a flash. My dominant sexy female stood above me removing her clothes. I had originally thought she was a bit on the chunky side but I was dead wrong. She had thick athletic legs, a gorgeous muscular ass, broad shoulders, and a flat hard stomach. She looked like a fitness model. I was extremely impressed. She got in bed and we cuddled for a bit side by side. Then, she took charge sliding her hands slowly down my stomach while kissing me. My dominant sexy female moved sensuously to my cock where she stroked it for a few seconds before moving to my balls.

Then, she moved further down between my legs exploring until she found my manholes. She gently inserted a finger and I couldn’t control myself. I kissed her hard and sucked her tongue in a fit of passion. She pulled away and smiled as she positioned me on my hands and knees. She reached into a small bag and pulled out a glove and lotion. She slipped the glove on and lubricated her gloved fingers. She began to finger fuck me, slowly and gently until she reached my prostrate. She massaged it making me moan with pleasure.

Ready To Penetrate Me

Two more fingers entered and I moaned and started to grind until she stopped and pulled a dildo from the bag. She rubbed it around my ass for a bit and then lubricated it and pushed it slowly into my waiting asshole. “You really want it badly don’t you slut?” “Yes, my dominant Mistress I want it.” She positioned me on my back and put two pillows under my hips. “I want to see the pleasure on your face when I drill my cock into your tight manhole and fuck you.” She then inserted the dildo on her strapon and lubed it as I spread my legs as much as I could. I closed my eyes in anticipation as she slid her cock into my ass.




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