A Quick Rendezvous with Two Dominant Females (2)

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Make You My Submissive Slut

I was nervous as I typed my first message to Tina.

Bob: Hello this is Bob from the sporting goods store. I can’t stop thinking about you since our encounter in the dressing room.

Tina: Well hello Bob. It didn’t take you long to contact me. I must have made quite an impression on you. I was right about you, wasn’t I? You are looking for a Domme to submit and take control of you and make you a submissive slut like the ones I’ve met on Slave Selection that I turned out.

Bob: Yes. You made much more than an impression and yes I want to submit and be under your total control. I have never met someone like you who brings out my longing to be dominated.

Tina: I like your attitude and even more I like your tight round ass. Perfect for pegging. Have you ever been pegged? I will mold you into my perfect submissive slut. Do you think you can live up to my expectations for you?

Fuck. Just texting with her and I am hard as a rock. I have never been so aroused and excited.

Break In That Virgin

Bob: I want nothing more than to please you. No, I have not been pegged but I want my first time to be with you. I will give 200% to meet all your expectations.

Tina: Ummmm a virgin. I love breaking in virgins. I will text you tomorrow with instructions.

Son of a bitch. I was so excited I could not even remember where I parked my car. I didn’t sleep a wink waiting for my instructions. At 9 am came the first text.

Tina: I live at 200 Main Street. Be there tomorrow at 6 pm and follow these instructions. Today eat high-fiber food like salads and raw vegetables. This will help to basically clean you out. Eat completely naturally, i.e. no artificial flavorings or colorings, no meat, no dairy, and no alcohol.

Yes Mistress

Tina: Eat lightly tomorrow as I want your energy to be used for play, not digestion.

I almost shot right there in my pants thinking about being her sex toy.

Tina: Get a rectal syringe and squirt small amounts of plain water just into your rectum. Plain water is fine or water with sea salt. I want you clean as I am going to give you a thorough pegging.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I masturbated right then. My god three strokes and I went off like a rocket.

Tina: Are you still there? Don’t be late or I will have to spank you even more than I have planned. Text me tomorrow throughout the day with progress updates. And from now on address me as Mistress.

Bob: Yes Mistress I will follow all of your instructions and I will not be late.

The day finally arrived and I could not wait. I followed all the instructions and packed my squeaky clean butt into my jeans and headed out the door. My hands were shaking as I reached for the doorbell. The door began to open and I was filled with excitement and anticipation.

What happened next is another story. Stay tuned for part 3.



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