Femdom Fiction : Mistress Masquerade Party

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It had been three months since the first training session and he was starting to look forward to his weekly meetings when he could please his Dominant Mistress. It was not so nice when he was not found satisfactory but the bruises had usually healed by the next meeting. There had been no envelope this morning and he had made himself uncomfortable thinking about missing his session when a knock came at the door.

femdom party

He opened it to see a delivery man with a large parcel. Signing for it, he took it indoors. Removing the outer wrapping, a familiar white envelope dropped out labeled “For Toy”. Opening the envelope he withdrew a sheet of paper and read:

“Your Mistress is taking you to a party this evening. You will wear the costume enclosed and a car will pick you up at 8 pm. Further instructions will be given to you by your guide who will check your costume before you leave the house.”

He carried the parcel up to his bedroom and opened it up. Inside he found a complete uniform for a French maid complete with petticoat, peephole black bra and fishnet stockings with suspenders, high heeled black pumps and a feminine Venetian character mask styled with long blonde hair, but leaving his mouth exposed. He laid the clothes out on the bed and smiled to himself. He would be seeing his Mistress tonight after all.

At 6.30 that evening he showered and started to put on the costume, leaving himself plenty of time as he knew that if he was not ready on time punishment would follow. The stockings and suspenders took the most time but he was dressed and ready well before the allotted time. The maid’s dress was a good fit but the skirt was very short, only just covering his caged genitals and no knickers had been provided. He carried the shoes downstairs and putting them on sat on the sofa and waited for a knock on the door.

Promptly at a minute to eight, there was a knock and tottering on the 4-inch heels, he went to the door and opened it. A figure stepped into the room. Wearing a cat costume and mask, it looked like one of the trainer’s cat maids. Quickly she checked over his costume, her hands moved to the back of his mask and he heard a click. 

“Just to make sure it can’t be removed in public” she chuckled “Now follow me, the rest can be finished in the car.”

She led him out into the darkness and he saw a large car at the roadside with darkened rear windows and a capped chauffeuse in the driver’s seat. His guide opened the rear door and he entered, she followed him in and sat down beside him closing the door behind her. The car moved off.

“Sit still, I have to make a couple of adjustments to your costume until we are in the venue.” She reached into her bag and took out several objects.

First, she buckled some wristbands on him and clipped his wrists together, then clipped a patch over each eyehole of his mask.

“No peeking until Mistress is ready for you”

Lastly, she fitted a gag below his mask, buckling it behind his neck under the long blonde wig. The gag forced his mouth open and she clipped a ball into the opening.

“There we are, all ready for serving Mistress at the party. We’ll be there soon and I will lead you to Mistress, she has one more thing to finish off your uniform before she introduces you to her friends.”

She sat back and the car sped through the quiet streets. Time seemed to pass slowly to him as he sat unable to see where they were going. He could feel the soft material of his tight bodice rubbing on his bare nipples and his cock grew uncomfortable in its confinement. He shuffled on the seat.

“Nearly there” came the soft voice beside him  ”eager to see your Mistress are you?”

He tried to reply but the gag effectively muffled any sound and the girl beside him chuckled again.

The car drew to a halt and he heard the doors opening. A hand reached in and clipped a lead to his wrist restraints, there was a gentle pull and he cautiously got out of the car and was helped to his feet. The lead tightened and with great care, he walked in the direction he was guided. His heels made no sound on the carpeted floor as he was led through a corridor. He could hear voices and music in the background.

“Stop here” came a soft command and the lead was dropped. He stood still and waited.

“hello, Toy” came the familiar voice of his Mistress “you DO look pretty tonight. I’ll just check that everything is secure and ready to meet my friends.”

She moved around him and he felt her hands on his body as she checked all the fastenings on his dress. Her hands moved up under his short skirt and checked the suspenders then round to his chastity cage.

“Good, all secure. I don’t want any of the horny bitches in here interfering with that bit of my property. One last thing and we’ll be ready to make our entrance.”

He felt her place a collar around his neck and heard it fasten behind his head.

“Now you are clearly labeled as my property, I think I will let you see your surroundings.”

The covers over his eyes were removed and he blinked as his eyes adapted to the light. He saw that his Mistress was also masked in Venetian style and wearing a little black cocktail dress and elegant high heels, the cat maid was standing to one side and all three of them were reflected in a large wall mirror.

He watched the reflections as his Mistress unclipped the lead from his wrists and on to his collar.

“Off we go, don’t let the lead hang loose and follow carefully or you will be punished in public”

The cat maid opened the double doors beside the mirror and his Mistress led him into a large room full of masked people.




As she led him through the crowd, he saw that there were a lot of gorgeously, although quite kinkily, dressed ladies and also some maids like himself. The costumes were in all sorts of materials including latex, leather, and shiny satin. A lot of the dresses were very low cut and many were slit up to the thigh exposing stockinged legs and glimpses of skin. Everyone was masked and unrecognizable.

“I am presenting you to the Queen of the masquerade first,” said his Mistress as they proceeded. “You will curtsey to Her and then await further instructions. The maids that you see may be either male or female but all must obey any instruction from the Mistresses present.” 

She led him through another doorway and towards a group of people gathered around a figure seated on a raised throne. An imperious gloved hand waved them forwards and the group parted to reveal a lady in a red leather dress and matching mask upon the throne.

“Good evening Lilith, so pleased that you could make it. You have a new maid I see.”

“Good evening Milady” responded his Mistress and curtseyed. He followed suit  and a chuckle ran around the group.

“Not far into training yet then, how is it at sucking?”

“Starting to improve Milady”

“We had best give it some practice and assess it’s capabilities”

She rose from the throne and opened a slit up the front of her dress to reveal a large strapon jutting out. The Mistress unclipped the ball from his gag and pushing him forward, whispered

“Do your best job, if you please the Queen you will be rewarded.”

With his mouth held open by the gag, he had no choice but to stand and let the lifelike rubber cock enter and he started to suck. The red gloved hands held his head as she fucked his mouth. After a few minutes, she pulled out and releasing him, sat down again.

“Mmmm, passable for a trainee. Perhaps I’ll try out its other qualities later this evening, enjoy the party, Lilith”

“Thank you Milady, you are very kind”

Picking up his lead and refixing the ball in his gag,  she led him away.

“That is a good start, “ she said to him. “We’ll go over to the trade stands and I will find you a little reward for that”

They moved through the crowd towards a door on the other side of the room, stopping often as his Mistress greeted friends and they offered congratulations on her new maid. Several times during these conversations he felt gloved hands reach up under his short skirt and explore his caged genitals or finger his arse.

“You are causing a lot of interest.” His Mistress observed. “Good job that my property is well locked away”

They entered the next room and he saw that several booths were lined against the wall with a whole range of fetish clothing and equipment on show. He was led to a stand with all sorts of bondage gear; chains, cuffs, gags, masks, and spreaders. The masked saleswoman greeted them warmly and offered his Mistress a glass of wine.

“Thank you, I would like to see some sissy serving chains for my maid please.”

“Of course Mistress Lilith” she reached below the counter and laid out two leather rolls on top. Unrolling them she exposed two sets of silvery chains with attachments.

“Do you wish to try them for fit, Mistress?” she asked

“Yes please, as long as we don’t have to strip the maid.”

“No, I think the skirt is short enough and the top will attach to the existing collar. If you can just unclip the wrists.”

“Very good.”

Quickly she freed his wrists and the saleswoman picked up one of the sets of chains and started to attach it to him. First clipping one end to his collar, she then ran a short chain to each wrist where a bangle held it in place. Another chain from each bangle ran to another ring which the woman bent down and reaching under his dress clipped it around the base of his ballsack just behind the chastity device. The length of chains forced his forearms to remain parallel to the floor with only a few inches of movement.

“As you can see, just the right posture for carrying a small serving tray. This model comes with three sets of silver bells which may be attached anywhere on the harness. Although it appears light and delicate it is made of hardened alloy and cannot be easily broken once locked in place.”

“Yes, very nice. I see that it works well whatever the slut is wearing. What about the other harness?”

“that one has three additional chains. One to a clamp on each nipple from the bangles and a back chain from the collar to the cockring. Most useful when your maid is naked of course.”

“That sounds good, I guess that the back chain could always go under clothes anyway and I like the idea of the nipple chains. I’ll take it. Put it on my account and send it out to reception so that I can collect it on the way home.”

“Yes Mistress Lilith, thank you for your business.”

Mistress clipped his wrists together again and led him off past several other stands. He looked in amazement at the ranges of floggers and whips. One counter was devoted to strapons, some of which appeared much too large for any human orifice. 

She noticed his gaze and chuckled. “Not yet, sweetie, you’ll need much more training for those. I’m looking for something else for the training that I need for a future stage. Ah there we are, good”

She led him towards a booth where instead of a counter there was only a cage sitting on the floor. A lady stood beside it dressed in a tight sexy leather ringmaster’s outfit and high heeled boots.

 “Good evening Mistress, how may I help you this evening?”

“Good evening, I am looking for a cage for my toy.”

“I am sure that we can supply something to suit your every requirement. The demo model I have here tonight is our latest basic training cage. There is a complete set of accessories available, perhaps I may be permitted to demonstrate some of them for you.”

“Why not. Toy, follow this lady’s instructions.”

She handed the lead to the sales lady and stood back watching as she led him to the open end of the cage.

“Kneel slave and crawl into the cage.”

Obediently he got to his hands and knees and crawled into the cage as the sales lady looped his lead between the bars and then clipped his collar to an attachment hanging down at the closed end.

The floor of the cage was a firm rubbery material, sloping from the sides slightly to a small opening in the middle. From his closeness to the bars, he could also see that they were covered in a similar material.

“Right in now, you will need to tuck your knees up so I can close the door”

He squeezed his knees up and felt the first door close up behind him pushing his foot further inside. It was a tight fit with his nose against the bars at one end and his arse against the other.

“As you can see Mistress, your property is quite well restrained in this model, we can alter sizes to specification if needed. One improvement we have made to the new model is the double door. At the moment only one door is closed, the second door has a fitting to allow for one of our range of anal accessories to be installed. I have an example here, the new self-lubricating training plug. Totally adjustable, as I shut the second door it slips into your slave and can be locked in position. Inflatable and vibrating versions are available, including one with a 7-day timer if you are working to a particular training regime.”



adopt a sissy



As she closed the second door, he felt the plug slide deep into his exposed ass holding his backside in position. He heard his Mistress chuckle.

“I like that, so I can train his little rosebud by remote control?”

“Oh yes, just set up the controls and leave your slave in the cage for a week. You’ll probably need to leave a feeding bottle on the other end as well. Here is out latest variation.”

She passed a bottle with an odd appendage on the end to the Mistress.

“Just fill it with whatever nutritious fluid you wish and it mounts at the head end on to the central bar. The slave needs to suck on the feeding point and it will swell until fluid is available. It only allows for feeding when properly sucked. At that point, it closely resembles an erect penis so gives your slave practice at cock sucking as well.”

The Mistress laughed again. “Excellent, let us see that in operation”

The sales lady moved to the head of the cage and clipped the bottle to the central bar. Unclipping the ball in his gag she inserted the end of the bottle into his mouth.

“Start sucking slave. This bottle only has water in it but I am sure that your Mistress will find other fluids for your training.”

As he put his mouth over the plastic end of the feeding bottle it started to swell up and soon he found that his mouth was full of what felt like an artificial life-size cock.

The sales lady turned to his Mistress.

“It responds to temperature and friction. Until it is fully enlarged no fluid will be released. Now while your slave has a good suck, let me tell you about the other features. All exposed metal parts are coated with an easy-clean, sound deadening polymer, the drain hole in the center of the floor vents on to a removable litter tray underneath, but can also be closed for water sports or discipline purposes. The lip around the floor allows for up to 5 liters of fluid to be contained without overspill. Other accessories include a padded seat top and a whole range of other bondage fittings; although as you can see, once your slave is plugged and sucking there is very little movement possible. The bars are far enough apart to allow for a flogger or crop to be used on any exposed skin or to allow afoot to be inserted for appropriate worship.”



“Fine, it looks ideal. I could go away for a weekend and leave Toy in training and total security. Does it come in other colors?”

“Black, pink and red are standard but others could be available at a small extra cost”

“Oh, pink would be ideal. With matching feeding bottle, the vibrating timed training plug, and remote control. When can you deliver?”

“two weeks is normal for UK delivery.”

“That is excellent, here is my card. Please contact me when delivery is imminent. Now I see that Toy has just about managed a drink so I suppose you had better release it. It will have plenty of time to enjoy its own cage in a couple of weeks.”

The sales lady went to the rear of the cage and opened the first door. As the plug was pulled out of his ass he gurgled around the cock in his mouth and the Mistress laughed again.

“Oh, we are going to have fun in your cage Toy. Out you come now.”

His collar was released and he backed out and stood up in front of the two ladies.

“Right, before this nice lady pops your gag back in; what do you say?”

“Thank you for allowing me to try your cage. And thank you, Mistress, as well”

“Good Toy, I’m glad you remembered to thank us both or you would have been punished. Come along now.”

Clipping his gag back in the place she waved to the saleslady.

“Bye for now, if you should need any PR photos I’ll be glad to oblige.”


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