The Strict Dominant Instructor – Giving out Harsh Punishment’s

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Humiliated by my Dominant Instructor

As my supervising dominant instructor had ordered me, I began to cover her feet with kisses. On all fours, clinging to the ground at her feet, completely naked and tail erect, she had made me more like an animal than a human being but this humiliation was part of the punishment.

The instructor, in order to properly punish those whom they were occupying, had the duty of reducing them to the stage of dog, or even of simple object.
Officially, the criminals trained by the instructor had to sign papers before the start of their recovery session, stating that they were abandoning all their human rights. Their status then became, temporarily, that of a banal utensil that their dominant examiner could use in every possible way.
Claudia obviously took great pleasure in licking her feet.

They were moist with perspiration and smelled strong. I passed my tongue along her arch, collecting sweat, dead skin, and dust. I knew that my instructor never washed her feet in order to make them even more unpleasant for her slave to lick them.

  • Lick in between the toes!, Claudia ordered. Insist well in these places! Cleans all the dirt!


  • Yes, Madam.


Dominant instructor

The Harsh Spanking

I spent long minutes taking care of her feet as she relaxed in her chair, sighing with pleasure. Three-quarters of an hour passed before she made a sign to me to stop.

  • “Good,” she exclaimed, “it’s time to start your punishment for real.” Sit on the easel!

I obey. My dominating examiner strapped me on the easel with leather straps and chains.

  • “Well, my ass,” she said, in a voice that had become colder, a sign that the punishment was really beginning. I want your butt to be lifted high enough and stay there.

I did not know what was going to happen, except that the blows that were going to be given to me were not going to be for pleasure but would be to make me suffer and regret my actions.

Claudia started the session by spanking, with force and precision on my thighs. In the beginning, it spanned them with about thirty seconds between each. Then she began to accelerate and slam her hand against my buttocks faster and faster. My ass went from pale to red in a very short time.

With each stroke, I shuddered and twisted, as if to alleviate the pain. Claudia obviously took a lot of pleasure in this activity and enjoyed my moans.

In the midst of the spanking session, she paused and went to get her glass of wine, which she tasted, observing my expression of suffering and my eyes full of tears. To be spanked was not only painful but also extremely humiliating.

Continuation of punishment

A few minutes later, Claudia put her glass next to me and started slapping my butt again at a steady pace.
I was agitating on the easel, however I was held in place by the straps.

  • Pity Madame,”\ I said at the end of half an hour when I was in agony. I can’t really do it anymore!


  • Really?

My dominating examiner stroked my thighs sweaty and with bright red skin. She contemplated my expression full of suffering with an undisguised pleasure.

  • How bad are you?


  • Very bad Madame … I beg you, can we stop here? Tomorrow, I will be more enduring, I promise!


  • I know, I know you’re in torment. But it is a punishment. I have to make you understand that what you have done is wrong and I will inflict a well-deserved punishment on you.

In her eyes, I saw compassion and benevolence against me. What she did was for my own good, even if it excited and amused her a lot.

  • We have it for a very long time before I detach you and you will still suffer a lot. But you will get used to it because suffering will be your whole life for three months. However, you can cry and beg me if it makes you feel better.

I was silent, knowing that it was useless to seek to negotiate from now on.

Here comes the whip

Claudia went to fetch a whip, which she slammed in her hand.

  • You’re going to count every single blow and thank me for this well-deserved punishment. You understand?


  • Yes Madam.

Claudia amused herself for a moment touching my thighs with the end of her whip, then she sent the first shot. I moan.

  • A!
  • And thanks?


  • Thank you Madame for this well-deserved punishment!


  • It does not matter, I want the complete formula. Or we start again.

She knocked again.

  • A ! I shrieked. Thank you Madam for this well-deserved punishment!


  • That’s better.

For a long few minutes which seemed to be an eternity, nothing was heard in the house of the examiner that the strident smacking her whip on my ass, now crimson, and my cries of pain.

I was no longer aware of the number of blows she gave me and of what I said but I continued to thank her and count. My butt burned me and I was at the height of suffering. But Claudia did not stop and even allowed herself to laugh from time to time in the face of my supplications and the tears on my cheeks.

End of the Session with the Dominant Instructor

At a moment, without my notice, she stopped and went to the swing. After having inflicted countless blows on him, she stopped.

  • You have his ass purplish, slave, she said. A male’s buttocks are like a work of art after they have passed into my hands. Except that in place of the brush strokes, it is the zebra that one sees there. I really did not spare you. “

Given my lack of reaction, she stamped her foot.

  • Well, if that’s how we go on fifty strokes or more will follow!


  • S … If you please, Madame, I can not anymore…


  • I realized that I was joking. We’ll stop there.


  • Thank you…

I was at the height of relief but my expression soon became an air of terror before the dildo belt that my examiner had just donned.

  • I did not say the punishment was over, she told me. Now we’re going to do serious things. And there you go to give voice, oh, yes.

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  1. wow i wonder just how long this goes on for – your Instructor is a harsh harsh Lady
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  2. Tears on my slaves aren’t exciting to me, haven’t gone that far!
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