Bringing Our FLR to the Public For The First Time

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Bringing Our FLR to the Public For The First Time

Whilst there are many aspects of our FLR that require our fairly constant attention, the one that continues to be important to us and which I rarely see discussed in any great depth is the need for maintaining the relationship dynamic at an acceptably high level for Her (and by definition Her devoted submissive: me) whenever in public. Although certain public situations may require a more subtle approach, it is simply never an excuse for a submissive male to offer substandard service to his Lady, Who, in my case, expects and receives absolute obedience from me whether at home or out to dinner with vanilla friends and family.


My Lady and I have been in a FLR for almost 8 years now and we are both extremely proud of the way I am able to serve Her needs, honor, Her every wish and defer to Her always even at times when the power exchange needs to be operating well below the radar. Much of it is due to basic courtesy and attentiveness. Her patience in training me in these areas has been invaluable. Once those foundations have been established (and Her strict training continues to this day, never hesitating to educate me later if something about my behavior has disappointed or angered Her) I am able to utilize my natural intelligence and cognitive skills to serve to Her standards. Many of the people we see semi-regularly in public or in their homes are not fully aware of our FLR. Some are, but they are a minority.

Regardless, She has seen to the fine-tuning of my courtesy and insists that I apply it to every situation. I open doors, I see that She is seated comfortably, we establish beforehand whether She is to order for me (I am a better servant when I am kept healthy, and She knows what foods are best for me in restaurants) or whether I will be permitted. I listen intently when She speaks, I NEVER interrupt Her when She is speaking, Goddess help me if I attempt to talk over the top of Her! I see that She has a water glass and that Her Shiraz is topped up. Simple courtesies. People witness them and admire our relationship.

Attentiveness is tremendously important, especially in truly vanilla company and/or with folks we barely know. A tremendous amount of information can be conveyed to an attentive submissive in one micro-second of his Domina’s expression. The corners of Her mouth may inform him that She is delighted with his efforts. Conversely, the movement of Her little finger for his benefit alone might tell him that She is displeased with the impertinence of interrupting a female guest or paying insufficient heed to Her natural Feminine Wisdom and that this will need to be discussed at a later date. And the Goddesses will strike me down if I should miss a signal or cue from Her due to lazy inattentiveness. It would be quite disrespectful to both Her Dominant position in our relationship and to the help, nurturing and training She has selflessly provided me.

My Lady believes that it can’t genuinely be referred to as a FLR until such time that it operates smoothly in public, whether protocol is on display at a high level or otherwise. I love that I can serve Her and please Her and bring enjoyment to Her life no matter where we are or who we are with. I work very hard to please Her and Her appreciation of my efforts to make our FLR a positive and wondrous experience for Her is its own reward.

I do recommend that all couples in a FLR enjoy the beauty of their relationship in public. The smallest of shared secret intimacies become so profound.

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1 thought on “Bringing Our FLR to the Public For The First Time”

  1. A brief update: For a while now my Lady has been wanting to adjust the public display of Her authority whenever we’re out to a slightly higher setting. She likes to turn it up about one notch as soon as She feels i’ve become too comfortable in the previous mode. She never warns me when this is about to occur but expects me to remain very attentive. Not for one second am i permitted to let my attention waiver from Her.

    The directives come more regularly and they may arrive by way of a slightly more audible and authoritative voice and tone (one that people immediately near us can get the gist of) or barely perceptible signals that She has trained me to watch for. As i become more accomplished at the new standard She sets for me, i am able to take far greater pride in my ability to serve and please Her while She relaxes and takes deserved time-out from Her busy schedule. i love that She can control me so effortlessly in public and She loves how i tremble in the face of Her Feminine Power.

    Last night in a crowded restaurant She elevated our public FLR just enough to keep me focused. She spoke evenly, politely and with great authority. She was an elegant Domina, She scolded me and praised me in equal measures and She most certainly did not go unnoticed. i worship and adore Her.

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