The Beginning Of My Submale Life

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The First Day Of The Rest Of My Submale Life

submale lifeIt was a hot and humid Saturday morning when I went for my run. Since it was so muggy I wore only compression shorts and no shirt for my work out that day. I am 6’1, 165 lbs and I look pretty good if I do say so myself. Little did I know that my submale life would begin that day.

As I got to the second mile of my run, a red Audio A6 pulled up alongside of me. The window slowly slid down and an attractive dominant woman slowly slid over and asked for directions. Well not really ask she more like commanded me to provide her information. After I complied, she looked me over top to bottom and with a sly smile she closed the window and drove off.

I continued my run but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. The way she dominated the conversation and was so confident really turned me on. After another mile, the same car pulled over again. The window slowly went down and there she was wearing a leather studded bikini. She looked like a goddess. I instanly became hard.

Yes Mistress

She gazed at the big bulge in my shorts and asked me: no more like she commanded me to get in the car. I fumbled with the door but it was still locked. She then said, “If you open the door, you will do what I say when I say it no questions asked. Do you understand.” I said, “Yes ma’m. She quickly scolded me and told me to address her as Mistress. I said, “Yes Mistress and got in the car.” This was the first order I followed in my new submale life.

As she started to pull out, she ran her hand over my cock and told me to take off my shorts. I pulled my shorts down and my big hard cock stood straight up. She looked over and with the sly smile told me to jerk off. She said, “Do not CUM or you will regret it.” Hell just being near her I was seconds away from exploding. I did as I was told and forced myself not to CUM. After some time passed, she said, “Good boy, I see you were made for the submale life.”

I don’t know how she managed it while driving but she slid her panties off. She spread her legs and told me to lick her pussy. I could not wait to get my tongue inside of her. After I licked her pussy she said, “You passed the test. I am going to take you home and train you to be my slut. From now on, you will only know the submale life.”I don’t know why but hearing her call me her slut excited me so much I got even harder.

Welcome To Your Submale Life

“If you have any plans for today cancel them now.” I told her I had a date with my girl friend. She slid her phone over to me and said, “Call her and tell her you are done. You belong to me now.” I was dating Carol for almost a year but I could not refuse my new Mistress so I called Carol and broke up with her then and there. “Good boy,” she said as we pulled into her driveway.

She led me into her playroom and told me to undress as she slipped off her top and panties. She was so gorgeous I stopped removing my clothes. “Slut,” she yelled “I told you to strip. Now lay over my knees and accept your punishment.” Of course I did as I was told and she began to spank me. In between she would rub my ass. “You have a sexy tight ass slut.”  She then slipped her finger in my ass and started to finger fuck me. I started to grind up and down.

“You know you like it slut,” as she slipped a second finger in, I started to moan so she moved me off her knees and led me to her bed. “Lie face down and spread you legs”, she said. She then went to drawer and pulled out a strapon and a bottle of lotion. “I am going to fuck you and you are going to enjoy it slut.” She did and yes I enjoyed it. That was 2 years ago and we are still together.

Oh..I hear the door opening. I have to go and welcome my Mistress home.

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