A Mistress Tribute to Mistress B through a Chess Game

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A Mistress Tribute  to Mistress B through a Chess Game

by Slave bill

Bill had always been a good chess player. When much younger (say 12) he beat nearly all his friends at it, and also his mother and father. Indeed his mother and father (who were OK at it) got tired of losing to Bill and quit playing him. Bill had read up a lot of info on chess, and knew about different openings and how to play them, what the different openings were good for, and all kinds of other things. In his adult life, Bill had friends who had similar experiences to his own, and Bill would play them quite a bit.

Mistress B

Now Bill is submissive to his Mistress B., indeed She is his female superior in their relationship. He has always regarded women as superior. This would play an important role in what was to come. It turns out that Mistress B. plays chess too, and a pretty good game of it. How well she played compared to Bill is very hard to say. But at first he did not know she liked to play chess (the subject hadn’t come up). At any rate, he had a friend over and Bill and the friend were playing chess. Mistress B. came up and put her arms around Bill and said “I can play too. Do you want to play me?”. Bill said “Sure, but I do not want to embarrass you, because I am pretty good at this”. Mistress B. got red in the face and said,”When your friend leaves, we’re going to play — and we will make a bet also.” That sounded like an order, and slave Bill obeyed and said “Yes, Mistress”.

All too soon, the game between Bill and his friend was over (Bill won) and the friend said, “Looks like you all are getting serious, I better go.”. So he left, and at that time Mistress B. came in, pointed her paddle at slave Bill and said “Take off your clothes, boy, you will feel this paddle on your butt in a moment for acting all uppity about how well you can play chess!”. So Bill stripped naked and bent over the couch, and Mistress B. began to paddle his ass. She layed on about 20 hard strokes — his ass got red and he was sobbing, and she said “That’s better! Now you have learned what will happen when you disrespect me or disobey me!”. She also said, “Now you and I will play a game of chess, but when we do, you will remain naked. That is just how I want you when we are home alone.”

Mistress B

Bill said “Yes, Mistress, I will obey You”. She then said, “OK, and also there is a bet on the outcome of the game. If I win, you are going to get a punishment whipping. I will have 2 of my friends over to watch you get punished, and they will be laughing and enjoying themselves while you are being caned and whipped and crying and with your legs kicking. They might even want to spank you themselves! Now on the other hand, if you win the game — well I’m still your boss and I am still going to spank you. However I will give you a light paddling and will jack your dick while paddling you, and you get to cum that way. Deal?” And Bill said “Great! That sounds terrific!”. Mistress B. then said “I do not know why you are so convinced you will win. I predict that I, your boss, will win. I do not say that because I play a better game of chess than you. I say that because you know you are inferior to me, and this plays into our relationship in every way.

I say that even though you maybe have better skill at chess than I, you will still lose because THAT IS WHO YOU ARE!”. Bill gave a hollow little laugh and said “We’ll just see.” But they both knew that Bill’s body language revealed that he was concerned that Mistress B. might be exactly right. He knew that many times in his life he had fantasized about losing in some sport or game to a female and having to be whipped as a result.

So they started to play. He let her have the white pieces, as they play the first move. She did a Queen pawn opening, which he was a bit surpised at as he did not think she knew such things. Things went OK and normally after that for a while. Everything was pretty even, until suddenly Bill moved a Rook out and right away Mistress B. took the rook with her Queen. She said, “My Queen just whipped your Rook to death! You sure you are going to win?? Ha! You are naked and inferior to me, and you are losing!”. Sure enough, three moves later he screwed up again and lost his Queen! Well now he was 14 points down and no one ever heard of anyone going down that far and surviving to win, at least between more or less equals. He tried, but ultimately his King was checkmated by Her Queen and the game was over. He was naked before her and as he lost, this caused him to get a boner, as he enjoyed being inferior to her. He told her, “Congratulations on your win!

You played a superior game!” She said “Thanks, but don’t think this will change what’s going to happen!” She said “Go now into the dungeon and lay across the whipping bench. I will tie you up there, and then get my friends over to watch your punishment. You just wait there and anticipate!”

So he waited. And waited. He started to think about how for the first time, there would be a female audience to his whipping and he got hard thinking of this.

About that time, they all came in. Her friends were Tina and Tanya, and they started laughing as they saw me naked and ready for a whipping (and with a hard on).

Tanya said (laughing) “So you like being whipped by a woman? I bet that boner goes away fast!”, and she laughed some more. With that Mistress B. got out a black senior cane and said “I think 50 strokes with this will do the trick. Poor guy cannot take much more than that!”. She started caning him, one stroke every 5 seconds. The pain was soon unreal! He had parallel red stripes on his ass, and they stung like crazy. He was trying to keep from crying in front of these

women but it was just no use. As he started to cry, Mistress B. went even harder with the strokes! He was screaming and crying, Tina and Tanya were laughing, and he was broken now by Mistress B. He was her complete slave, whose destiny was to endure many more whippings and humiliations. She had proven her superiorityFind your Mistress.


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