Male Submission Institute

Male Submission Institute

male submission

There were about twenty in the amphitheater, men of all ages, all written for one purpose, to become perfect subject and learn all the techniques of male submission to meet a mistress.

A woman appeared, forties, impeccably dressed, the stern look and whose authority was clear. It began:

– Gentlemen, welcome in this school of male submission.I am the director and is now the first day of a course of a year that will lead you to the human condition to that of a stooge, a slave, a dog, in short, a person at the bottom of the social scale.

Be aware that it is your personality, your skills, your devotion will make you a good subject. After this training, you will all be on an equal footing, you will not be a man, you will not be beautiful or ugly, but just decide what your Mistress: a tongue to lick a throat to swallow , hands to string, holes filling or arms to accomplish all sorts of humiliating and degrading tasks. I’m sure these few words are enough to cure your tail gentlemen but know that you will have to learn not to bend at your discretion.Your genitals will soon belong to you, and it will soon be considered as a fun tool to use your Mistress for the luckiest of you, or a simple drain pipe for others.

Let me now explain the place of the year you will spend 6 months to follow the teachings of our best teachers.Theory and especially practice. The first week will be dedicated to the verbal behavior and attitudes manifest to all the staff of this school during and outside of class, to leave on good foundations. At the end of this week, each difference will be severely punished. So we give you a last week of freedom. Thereafter, we will teach you different disciplines: you will learn the art of bondage, clothing submissive, worship feet, face-sitting, dog-training, urophilia, a lackey of training, and the basics feminization and body maintenance subject … in short, all aspects of the D / S. Finally, the culmination of the year will be a period of 6 months. Unlike conventional schools, you do not choose your course, but will be chosen during a final test will be present in public where many domineering. So I go back to the beginning of my speech, you will not have a say in the allocation of these courses … I advise you to forget as soon as your fantasies domination can take countless forms you do not suspect.

I will end my speech by the more interesting: you live in a community for the first 6 months. Only between subject.I can only encourage you to apply what you have learned.As in any social group hierarchy will introduce you. It is very instructive to become dominant to become a better subject. We will observe your behavior outside of school hours and you will be noticed for that. Personal work is as important as attendance in class, so I hope to see you work hard and enjoy your free time to work your expansion capabilities, your tongue agility. A small detail to conclude your living space has all the necessary accessories and you will live naked throughout the year to encourage you in a studious atmosphere.

Let me wish you an excellent year of male submission and leave you in the hands of the head of the student building that will introduce you to your rooms. The first course will take place tomorrow morning at 8am in the same amphitheater. Good night.

The rest of the program was the presentation of where we would spend the next 6 months of our life subject.The group was silent as he walked towards the building.the tension and uncertainty of each student could feel. A couple waiting at the entrance, the stern look and assessor, dressed in leather. The man wore a whip in his belt, which says a lot about the climate that would reign in these places. The woman wore a leather skirt fishnet stockings with big boots, leather also. They made us sign to enter without a word. then we enter a large stark room where a desk was installed on a platform. Wooden benches were installed for us. the woman spoke:

-Well, Start with a few developed. I am the Mistress of these places and there have any authority, above even that of the director. I heard his speech and for those who thought they could fool around quietly after class, believe me, it does not really happen like that. Practical work, you will have, rest assured. For you, I’ll be Mrs. Julius here and this is my personal subject, but it is your superior in every way and you owe him obedience. Vous de rigueur, is it necessary to report it. You speak that when we give you permission and you have the right to discuss you only outside of our presence. Every word from us should be regarded as an order and requires as “Yes Sir Julius” or “Yes ma’am.”

Regarding the rules of life in community, we require perfect hygiene on your part, which involves a shower every morning and whenever it is needed in the day. You yourself will establish a schedule of rotating 6 people per day: a team of 3 for cleaning and maintenance of common areas, and another team for preparing meals and table service. In addition, every night, we will choose one or more subject to our personal service that will be available to us for the end of classes until the following morning.

Before beginning the tour of the facilities, you will put yourself in the holding of rigor in these places, that is to say, naked and you will pass one by one to the podium to collect your Necklace, a sign of your status in this house. 

We execute and soon we find every twenty naked in the center of the room, some embarrassed hide their intimacy with their hands.

Julius took us to line 5 and began the call. One by one, they détaillèrent the subject students. The procedure was the same for everyone, without a word, they opened their mouth and examined the teeth and tongue of the candidate, then they fingered everything that could be palpated, chest, testicles, buttocks … before methodically take measurements of each . Finally, the student ended his knees and had to face against the ground present his ass before the assembly. Mrs. conducting a thorough review of the orifice, infiltrating some fingers or other more or less sized dildo as potential subject. The necklace was then handed and wore our ring and a subject name to attach a string to it. An incident occurred during the passage of a young subject, about 25 years: when arrived naked on the stage, Mrs. began palpation and we all felt recoiled from him when he began to him knead balls. When he came to his anus, he even took a step back, uttering a cry of disapproval. Julius immediately put his hand to his whip, but Mrs. stopped:

-Hold on ! : She smiled. Listen to me, my boy, I’ll let your little fit of temper, because the training has not yet begun. That said, you’ll be part of this evening the first team to serve us, and I will try to determine now whether it is worth it as you go. Believe me, tonight you should give yourself thoroughly if you really want to become subject.

Lady spoke again towards the group:

-There Will be a final exam that we will do before dinner.We will measure what you have between the first legs erect and at rest. You will enjoy for the last time tonight for the purposes of the review, so try to enjoy it as soon after you pull a chastity belt for at least 6 months. Be in condition for tonight, I see some who have taken the lead!

With that, his eyes fixed on my penis that the situation was made very rigid and erect to the ceiling and she stared into my eyes. I supported his gaze a little too long.Speaking to Julius:

We found our second crew here to serve us tonight!Submitted Tom, I’ll teach you to look down and your cock when you do not have permission. Others regain your rooms!

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