3 Tips to Manifest Your Ideal Soulmate

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3 Tips to Manifest Your Ideal Soulmate

by Allexcited69

Warning: This short story is a fiction of my twisted imagination, a result of the scars in my Soul, the fruits of my horny loins, the essence of my kinkiness. Any resemblance to real people, real places , real events is purely coincidental. The story contains coarse language, adult themes, BDSM, FemDom , Chastity, Power Exchange and allusions to World Politics and Society.

Hey Jimmy,,

Are you currently single?

If so, here’s an important question for you…

Are you ready (I mean really ready) to complete this “single chapter” in the book of your life?  In other words, do you feel an urgency in your heart to have an amazing relationship?

If you hear yourself saying a passionate “YES!”, then I have a resource for you that will really help.

This upcoming Wednesday, February 10th at 5pm (Pacific), I’m hosting a F.R.E.E. webinar training that you’re gonna love entitled: “3 Simple Secrets To Manifesting The Woman of Your Dreams.”

Click here to register >>> I’m Ready For Love

Over the past 8-years I’ve been helping men understand the hearts and minds of women and attract the relationship they want.

There are three simple (yet POWERFUL) secrets that most men overlook, that can truly help you manifest the woman and relationship of your dreams.

Next Wednesday, I’m going to show you what these three strategies are and how you can use them to immediately shift your results in love.

Here’s the registration link: 3 Simple Secrets To Manifesting The Goddess of Your Dreams, called my three step formula

Hope to see you there!

Here’s to the next amazing chapter in your life!

With Love & Light,

Mistress Zeta

P.S. Special Note: this is for men who want to attract a real Goddess in their Life that they can worship.  If this does not apply to you, please be a blessing in someone’s life and forward this email to a man you know who wants to find love.

Jimmy read this Email with Interest and registered in the Webinar.

A sexy picture of Mistress Zeta, a thirtyish slim brunette , clad in an elegant black leather skirt and jacket stirred him in a strange way. He felt intrigued by her and by the prospect of undertaking such a Journey. He promptly registered for the Webinar , getting a hard-on just thinking about Mistress Zeta and her 3 step formula.

Jimmy had been single for the last 2 years ever since breaking up with Jane, a sexy bespeckled woman doing her PhD in Feminist Litterature. She had left him one Sunday without Notice. She just said that the love was gone and that she wanted more from life than him watching Football Games, Jerking off and neglecting her. Ouch..The problem is that she was right. Jimmy had became a Procasturbator, as the cover of Cosmopolitan had coined it..”is your boyfriend a Procasturbator?”

Jane was a soft spoken woman always with her face in some book, usually a good girl that had a hippy side to her and he had fallen in love with her aura of Honey, Innocence and Goodness. However, in the sex department, she was all too conservative and cautious. She would have made a perfect mother, often treating him like a little boy and sharing little of her inner world, her fears, her joys , her Dreams. Their connection had been at the surface level and Jimmy yearned for something deeper, more significant. He looked for a strong love, the kind of love that would consume you, obsess you and become a better man.

Jimmy often wondered what lasting love was all about. His parents were clearly not role models. They had divorced and married 3 times each. His younger friends wetre into PolyAmory, relationships without strings, extasy and all night raves. There must be more to this life than partying, buying bling objects and having a series of nmon-committed relationships.

Everybody raved about Freedom. But what was this Freedom? Being plugged into a Computer or IPhone 10 hours a day, doing stuff, connecting lots but superficially , feeling little if anything.

Jimmy sometimes wondered wether he shouldn’t drop everything. Drop everything. Leave his IT Job which no longer held mmuch appeal for him, not renew his lease and hit the road , like Jack Kerouac, with no set Agenda, other than writing down his thoughts, his Journey.

His rational reptile side immediately kicked in reminding him that there was a Football Game at 2 PM, Texas against Louisianna… and he shook out of his Dreamy State, back into a reality where he reacted to Apps, also had an eyec on the Clock and had little meaningful connections other than his two pals, Johnny and Charlie..both pot head geeks, obsessed with nintendo, footballs  and adolescent games that generally led nowhere.

Maybe Jane had been right. Maybe there was more to life. Jimmy felt as if the year that just went by was the same as the year before, with little in terms of Boldness, Life. His life was all about paying off his student loans and car payments, looking at Porn on Tumblr, playing VideoGames and watching Football. His Father had died last year after 37 years in the same job. His mom was into Cats, Cooking, Bridge Games and Choir singing.

She looked young for her 67 years and she reminded him of Susan Sarandon, a freethinker . She had bought a 50 inch Flat Screen so that Jiommy and his friends could come watch the Football Games on Sundays and she delighted in cooking them a nice dinner. Where had  women like her gone, always there to extend unconditional love, to heal, to soothe and to support their man? He hadn’t found a girl like this. Yet, he was willing to try new things.

Mom’s new Boyfriend was a Life Coach, always saying that one must step outside our Confort Zone to discover the Greater Side of Ourselves. Maybe he was right. Maybe, Jimmy had been overly cautious.Maybe Jimmy had been conditionned to play it safe. Nowadays, doing anything was considered dangerous. His dad was a Renovator, taking on projects beyond what he could imagine hinmself doing.

He often reflected about the serious gaps in his Education; stuff like learning to garden, grow stuff, knowing how to build stuff, or going on the road with little or no excess baggage. He felt that he had been shaped and trained to be a little cog in a Big Machine that defied comprehension. Even speaking to women had become so complicated. Everybody had their own Agenda; Vegan Food, sharing little about their life. Jane had left for Thailand and India, travelling across Asia with just her laptop then upon her return , hadjoined a Hippie Commune in Oregon.

The following Wednesday , Jimmy logged on and listened to the Webinar of Mistress Zeta. Her voice was stern and Jimmy suddenly fantasized about being in the same room with her, on his knees, and keenly drinking in every word she uttered. He felt like if she had cast a spell over him. Her voice seemed so right, so melodic, so clear , full of pûrpose, clarity and intention.

She said that there were 644 Subbies on the line and after introducing her guest Mistress Tanya and her Sub Janey , she talked about her three step formula for attracting a Goddess.

The first thing she said was Clarity; be clear on who you are; on who you are not; what do you love to do; how can you swerve Others with your Gifts, your Passion, your Purpose.

Finding your Purpose is trough foer mostr men who seem lost like babes in the wood..she laughed.

Mistress Tanya said that her Program was all about clarifying Purpose. Passions could change over time and Gifts were stuff we did well and naturally.

Most men, she said, need a Firm Female Hand to guide them to their true Purpose.

Mistress Tanya said that her Program : Finding your Inner Purpose and Monetizing it was as much axRelationship -focused training as an Inner Jouirney. She talked about the Inner game , visualizing your new Self, your New world, using Meditation, being grateful and using her Brain Entrainment Tapes, for the lazy men amongst you, that want quick results.

Then Sub Janey was aasked what he thought of his New Life. He said that his new Life was much simpler, that he had found Clarity with Mistress Tanya’s Course, he had effortlessly formed new Intentions, Visualized his New World and a week after he had finished the six modules , Mistress Zeta had appeared out of nowhere in an Email. Their first date was at a Fetish event where he was awed by her Presence. The rest is Herstory…lol.

Mistress Zetya laughed and thanked her Sub and said that clarity is important; where do you sit now? where is your life now? how eager are you to change your life? What’s holding you back from going after your Dream and Purpose? How committeed atre you to changing your life? What is it costing you to do nothing? Life is going by and another year goes by quickly. Can you afford to wait another year?

Einstein is often quoted she says. He said that if you want different results, you have to try something New. Same behavior, same results. How committed are you to change your Life?

She took some questions and answered , always in her sure way , melodious, practically hypnotizing him with every word she spoke. Jimmy felt entranced. How could he have a Lovely like her in his Life?

He clicked on the Button ”I’m ready for Love” and prompmtly registered in the Program which cost $1995 but given his skimpy finances, he opted for the three-pay program. He had a hard-on by now as he listened on.

Mistress Zeta said that the three secrets to attracting the Goddess into your Life are:




The first involves a lot of Inner Work (that word again, which kind of confused Jimmy), to define what you were after, get clear, develop a Vision.

The second was to develop a series of steps that were in the direction of your Dream; keep a diary , write down any ideas, intentions to better oneself for Mistress Right, to register in trainings like this one, to resolve to change the way you dress , behave and speak, to resolve to vibrate at a higher level.

The third aspect was equally important she said. Once you were clear on your goals, your purpose, your milestones; you defined your intentions but then had to take action.

The idea is to change your Mindset, your Paradigm, get rid of limiting beliefs …get clear on your Vision…opt for a New Paradigm.

The New Paradigm or Conditionning was based on Repetition and taking on New Beliefs, resetting our Subconscious, making a major Shift.

All this is very difficult to do by yourself , especially if you keep hanging out with the same crowd of losers…that keep you immersed in your old Reality.  You need to make a clean break. You need an Accountability Partner to keep you on track…she said.

Also, her Group of Subbies form a Supporting Community that helps each other in times of Doubt, Struggle and some local and international live events were also held because some Ritual and Community was important for the Human Psyche.

She said that Humans get married, get prompoted, attend graduation ceremonies, go to Funerals, all  to acknowledge psychically the milestones, the events that bring us to new stations in our life.

So a week went by . Jimmy had downloaded the First Module and listened to it before going to bed. He had some vey hot erotic dreams and now usually woke up with a Hard-on. He said to himself:: Whatever is in those tapes, they seem to be working. He started seeing women in a more positive light, with a new sense odf respect. He started opening doors for them, gave his seat on the subway to them..little things like that. His mother had noticed the change when he brought her Flowers one Sunday. She had sensed that there was a Change in Jimmy. He had not revealed the program to her.

A week later, he listened to another tape. This one had melodies and an occasional Female Voice, barely audible. After listening to it multiple times, he suddenly had lewd urges, dreams which he promptly wrote down and shared on-line, as instructed.

In the biweekly call, Mistress Tanya spoke and answered questions. He immediately felt entranced listening to her. She was shown in riding pants and boots, sitting on a chair, with her sub sitting next to her on the floor.

So my lovelies..I have a surprise for you…All of you will receive a package this week so make sure to sign for it or pick it up. It’s a Chastity Device. Download the Module that explains how to put it on. I thank all of you that answered my survey, handed in your homeworks and congratulate all those thatnopted for Security and  had their piercing done this week locally . A Prince Albert Piercing is a wonderful thing. It’s a Gift , it is part of your New Essence. It’s called Prince Albert because Queen Victoria, Prince Albert , had such a Penile Piercing.

Jimmy had not pierced his Dick yet. The idea kinfd of scared him but excitesd him at the same time. Mistress Zeta was right in saying that Wanking off too much could be very bad. It wasn’t called Self-Abuse for Nothing…lol.

Imagine all the time you’ll free up if you stop wanking and dissipating your Energy uselessly. Nearly everything you do, should have the imprint of your Purpose.

Strangely , Society had been more forgiving when it came to Female Masturbation. In the XIX th Century, some kinky doctors in psychiatrix wards , had invented the Female Vibrator, as a remedy for Female Vaginal pains, Menstrual Pains. The less wealthy or less were considered Hysterics and subjected to Electrochocks to heal them of their Urge to Masturbate. Ever since, female Masturbation had become respectable whereas Masturbation by Men was laughed at, frowned upon and termed Self-Abuse.

Mistress Tanya reminded all that the New Womanhood Order (NWO) , defined by the Sisters of Mercy , now foresaw a World where all men had keyholders to limit Self-Abuse, Rape and Violence againmst Women.

She asked her Sub when was the last time he had ejaculated. He said. ”I don’t remember Mistress.” . She kind of laughed. His memory isn’t what it used to be…lol.

”I usually let Sub Janey out once every month but sometimes he begs me not to release him….lol. My little sub usually is happy with a good discipline whipping. Remember to keep a journal of all your naughty thoughts  and provide the details when requested by your Mistress. I am your Mistress for now. I hold that space for you.”

”I must believe in your Dream before you believe in it yourself”..lol

Mistress Zeta then said ”Eventually, you’ll find a Mistress of your Own you can worship. I will try to facilitate things, act as Matchmaker, as much as I can and you will probably meet your live Mistress at our next live Event in Los Angeles in May.”

For now, you must do the ”inner work”, go through all the modules, define your intentions and show up, take action when opportunities arise.

”Bye for Now Sweets ..until then Love Life Loud and Clear…lolRemember all ye all to get pierced this week. Look out for that Package”

To be Continued

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