Passionate Letter to My Goddess, My Mistress, My Life – A True Slave Experience (3)

Hi Goddess, 🙂

Here is my daily report for You as required.

Today I got up after only a few hours sleep, as I was up most of the night fantasizing about You. I made breakfast and cleaned up after as my duty of servitude to my live-in, to You and to all of the Female gender. Went out and ran some errands and came home to take a nap.

Now gf is out with friend so I have alone time to be with You in our virtual Mistress/slave relationship. It feels good to be secretly submissive at home, and to think deep down I am pleasing You, my ultimate Goddess, and fulfilling my destined role to submit and be enslaved in all ways to Women, whether they know it or not.

My Comfort Comes From My Goddess


It feels really really good to have a Goddess as wonderful as You who knows well that I am Her slave and Her property and reminds of my place. Every time I wash a dish, or cook or clean or do anything for a Woman, I know You are there, and it is and act of worship and servitude to You, my Goddess.

As You’ve required of me, I have written this for You and the Femdoming website, documenting in present tense our recent trip to meet at Sherman Oaks galleria…Thank You so much Goddess, for allowing me to share our experience!

I am very discreetly enslaved to You as we sit on at a table outside the coffee shop.  You sip on Your coffee that I have brought for You, and have prepared exactly as You like it, adding sugar and milk and stirring for You.

A Life of Enslavement

Most people wouldn’t notice, but someone with Femdom knowledge can see I am Your slave, as I get up repeatedly to fetch You a napkin, and extra sugar, and pour it in Your cup for You and stir it.

You purposely knock the napkin to the floor, making it look like an accident, and I happily get up and walk around the table, kneel to pick it up, when You could have easily picked it up. You instruct me to get you another napkin, which I dutifully and promptly do.

While we sit You put your feet up under the table on my legs so I may rub Your ankles. You enjoy Your coffee and I sit by, not allowed to drink anything, but am there to serve You.

Mall Walks

We walk through the mall and You lead in front of me while I am to follow close behind. Occasionally you trick me by quickly turning and I accidentally misstep getting ahead of You, for which you scold me and grab my ear, subtly glaring into my eyes, pulling me behind You, reminding me of my submissive place. Some young Women walking by notice and giggle. You smile and respond to them with a look and a wink, saying,

“Gotta keep these boys in line, don’t we!”

We go to sit at a bench and you have me kneel before You, remove and replace Your shoes, untying and tying the shoelace for You. While kneeling before You, You subtly brush Your bare foot across my face while I am tying the shoe on the other foot. You look into my eyes and again grab me by the ear, a little reminder of Your power and dominance over me.

The Lingerie Section

We walk through the lingerie section of a department store, I obediently at Your side while You look casually at panties and bras, having me hold them for You, emasculating me. You have me attend to You in the changing room. While secluded in the room, You tell me to remove my pants. I have followed Your orders and did not wear underwear that day. You take off Your panties and put them under my nose and into my mouth so that I may be immersed in Your scent while I attend to You as You try on various garments.

I am then instructed to put Your panties on and wear them for the rest of the day under my jeans. We exit the dressing room with me following behind You as we go to the cashier and I purchase new panties for You.

What a Good Obedient Boy

The cashier seems to notice how I am submissive to You, and I blush when You say to Her, “Ain’t he a good obedient boy?”.

She giggles and looks at You with admiration and approval.

Later we return to Your car and sit while I give You a long foot massage and we discuss our Mistress/slave arrangement and the slave contract I will soon sign for You. After I see You off I return home and immediately strip down to Your panties to type You another devotional of love, servitude and submission for You.

Thank You, Goddess!

with obedience and submission,

Your adoring slave j

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