The Alley Wynwood – A Miami Licensed Fetish Club

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Meet the Proprietors of The Alley Wynwood!

Alley Wynwood

Luis Moya, ““When I got to the house and they opened their door, I saw from the outside looking in and thought, Oh my God, what did I get myself into?” Moya says, recalling his first fetish party. For the past 15 years, Moya has been working and living the fetish lifestyle.
The former military brat who moved to South Florida from Manchester, England, two years ago says fetishism back home welcomes anyone willing to explore sexual fixations. He recently opened Hammers & Nails, a dungeon with BDSM equipment that doubles as a fetish photo studio and transforms into a club Friday and Saturday nights, in Wynwood. Moya says he hopes to re-create that inclusive, playful spirit in South Florida’s fetish community.

South Florida’s Fetish Community

“I used to think, like the majority of people, BDSM? Oh, no, that’s about beatdowns, blood, pain, and Satan,” Moya says. “People think BDSM has to give someone pain all the time, but it has nothing to do with that. The majority of BDSM is about having control over someone’s feelings and beliefs and making them feel awesome.
We’re humans; sexuality is a part of every human’s lifestyle.” The dungeon has 14 pieces of equipment that range from electric play used to give the receiver shocks of current, suspension apparatuses, double and single St. Andrew’s crosses, cages, and even a coffin.
Although the venue is used for fetish exploration on weekends, no sex, alcohol, or drugs are allowed at any time. Participants must be 18 or older to enter, and Moya, known as the “dungeon master” or “pro-dom,” says he is always present, though he stays behind the curtains to ensure the safety of the participants.

Betty Pickle

Alley Wynwood
Betty Pickle, “My favorite things are bizarre, I have always loved playing with taboos. I think it’s because at My core I don’t believe in judgement and playing with sexuality as it relates to BDSM really provokes people to feel something that causes them to question their beliefs and stances.
I am striving to perfect My own truths and actualize My inner being, I was a very odd child and this lent to the tendencies I hold today. My first encounters with kink came from home. My parents were never aware of their kinks but it was obvious. Mom was a total Domme and Dad was a total sub. I think I was born Dominant too.

A True Alpha from Birth

Still I never wanted to be just like My parents, who does?! This desire has caused Me to want to banish shame about My sexuality no matter how weird it might be. People say Im smart. I must admit I do get people and situations very quickly.
I’m reaching for a world where I can play with adult babies in openness and positivity. I have always liked blood. My self piercing started when I hit puberty. It was embarrassing to Me back then. I just didn’t yet understand that sadomasochism is a very natural and normal thing. It’s like being born gay. Now I am self aware and self expressed.
Life is peaceful and happy and I am a healthy sadomasochist. While I have always been kinky and started modeling for fetish events at a very young age, I became a ProDomme when it felt right and I had fully embraced My dominance in the year 2009.”
Visit Her membership site, follow on twitter @BettyPickle or visit Her booking site

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2 thoughts on “The Alley Wynwood – A Miami Licensed Fetish Club”

  1. I think this kind of Dungeon besides being a place to make your fantasies come true, is a place to learn the real meaning of the way that a Dom/sub relationship works.

    As Luis Moya explains, its not all about pain!!

  2. So when are mistresses available and hours and numbers for appointments? Get this place going bro! Excited but unsure how to set something up.

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