My Dominant Lady and My Slave Training (4)

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You Obey Your Dominant Lady So Well

When Goddess Aislynn got tired of me cleaning her up, she pushed my head back slightly and told me to get down. In doing so, the dildo in me stayed and I lowered myself down.

  • “Good boy…you obeyed me so well. You are earning wonderful points with me and now you can go earn more by preparing the dinner your Dominant Lady assured me would be one of the best I’ve ever had.”

She ordered.

  • “Oh wait toy…Let’s clean you up a bit, put an apron on you, and get you to work.”

I was lifted up and off the dildo, my ass wiped and I went to my task of cooking.

  • “Go to the bathroom to tidy yourself and then to the kitchen to cook for me, toy.”

I walked to the bathroom and she followed. As I quickly washed up she watched from the doorway. She was impatient and took to drying me herself. Her hands were quick and a little rough yet I still got erect as she slid the towel around my ass and balls.

  • “Oh look at you again, hard in my hands, I suppose you want some more teasing don’t you?”

What a torture to again be worked to the edge, balls held tight and the cum nearly forced out by her grip now. She began to pump her grip on my balls while holding my cock tight. I couldn’t stand it and she let her grip on my cock loose just long enough for a flow of precum to cover the back of her hand. She rubbed it all over my face as she berated me for the spill.

I Control You Now

Smack…my ass felt her hand and my face her other hand…I felt a finger pushing into my mouth covered in the salty precum.

  • “Suck it off.”

She said and I cleaned her finger of my precum juice. She reached back down and held my balls tight as she continued spanking me. The punishment had me flush and hard and surely dripping again…and as these thoughts crossed my mind…again her finger crossed my lips expecting to be cleaned.

  • “You have no control!”

Goddess Aislynn yelled at me.

She still held my balls as she led me to the kitchen. The feel of her hand on my leather-clad balls made the tightness seem even more constricting. Her grasp tightened even further when she began to direct me in the kitchen.

  • “It seems I will have to micromanage you today so bend over and stick your ass out for me as I leash you.”

She took the leash from my collar and now hooked it to the small ring at the bottom of the cock and ball harness. She looped the handle up over the sink to a hook on the wall and directed me to stay in this area and stay leashed and cook her dinner.

As I plated dinner I realized that Goddess Aislynn had left from behind me and I looked into the dining room to see her sitting at the table. She only moved 1 finger, giving me the signal to come to her. I carried the plated dinner to her and placed it before her to enjoy. She looked at the presentation and then back at me.

A Few Slaps On The Ass While She Eats Dinner

  • “Good boy”

She said as she took the leash in hand and pulled it down leading me to kneel next to her.

  • “You are getting better at following my direction without having to explain each command…this is very good and I will reward you in a while…but for now I want to see you get down for me.”

I got into the position she taught me earlier with my head at her feet and she told me to turn around in the position to present my ass to her. As I settled into the position, she slapped my ass hard.

  • “I will enjoy the meal and enjoy testing your pain threshold as I do. I will spank you with my hand and with my toys and we will see how you do.”

The first few slaps are always exciting and began my feeling of humiliation and submission but then the feeling turns more painful. The feeling of heat rising in my cheeks now intensified and the pain deepened. She seemed to take a bite and then work on my ass as she savored each morsel. Her hand was replaced next by a paddle. Each slap of the leather paddle on my ass sounded off in my ears and sent a wave of fire through me. From the top of my thighs to my lower back she covered me with painful kisses from her paddles, her hand and now I began to squirm and quiver a bit…I could feel the redness of my flesh.

Worship Me

  • “You are doing fine, and we are moving wonderfully deeper aren’t we?”


  • “Yes, Goddess Aislynn”

I replied and I felt her hand touch me again, this time grabbing my balls for another round of squeezing.

  • “I know you love having your balls touched me, your Dominant Lady informed me of this. This is your reward for now but I know how to turn this into punishment as well.”

Her warning came with proof as she now gripped my balls so tight I felt it in my stomach and winced. She pulled my balls upwards and forced me to raise my ass high to her.

  • “I want you to go make my dessert now and as you do, fetch the bag for me again…I want to plan our next training segment.”

Quickly, I stood up to get the bag and bring it to her. She was seated in a large living room chair now and took the bag. As I turned back to the kitchen, she grabbed the leash to my balls and stopped me.

  • “Come worship me!”

Knowing what to do…I knelt down and positioned myself between her legs to begin sucking her again. She looked through the bag as I served her. The sound of her taking things out and rustling with the toys only intensified my anticipation.

This time she chose the flogger. As I sucked and licked her she sporadically flailed my back with the flogger. The harder she hit me the more I pushed at her sex. Her enjoyment peaked and she reached orgasm again. This time when she came and immediately told me to lay on my back. I laid back and she came on top of me to straddle my mouth. She looked down at me and as she fed me her pussy she began to talk to me.

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