Up Your Alley more ‘festishy’ than the Folsom Street Fair

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Up Your Alley more ‘festishy’ than the Folsom Street Fair

Fair-goers including Corey Holmes (top) and Dev Mil (bottom) celebrate near the Tenth and Folsom dance stage at the Up Your Alley Street Fair on July 27, 2014 in San Francisco, CA. The fair is similar to the Folsom Street Fair in September, with a particular focus on male BDSM.

Love the Folsom Street Fair, September’s annual ode to all things leather and S&M, but kinda wish it were smaller, dirtier and less of a tourist attraction? Then this Sunday’s Up Your Alley fair in SoMa might be, well, up your alley.

Deemed the smaller, grittier sibling to the Folsom Street Fair, this BDSM fest now attracts nearly 15,000 leather men and fetish enthusiasts for a day of kink, spankings, whippings and floggings, plus live entertainment and 50-plus adult vendors.

This kinky affair isn’t a newbie to the scene — the whole thing started in 1985 in Ringold Alley and moved to its current Dore Alley locale in 1987.

It is — as is the Folsom Street Fair — also a fundraiser for various local organizations, like Project Open Hand, the AIDS Emergency Fund.

Take a look at photos from 2014’s Up Your Alley above.


Up Your Alley more ‘festishy’ than the Folsom Street Fair



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