Loving Female Authority Discipline as a Expression of Art

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Female Authority Discipline

“As soon as he submits to my Loving Female Authority and Discipline, should I so choose, I can, and may, make him mine forever.”

The Authority of a Female Superior

To me, the full corporal discipline regimen that comes from a powerful woman’s Loving Female Authority, should she choose to express and develop it, is a true artform indeed. When she has a steady boy under her control, and wishes to bring that relationship forward, her discipline may be continuously and effectively administered, and the result can be life-changing as he will come to crave her attentions for sure. It will take a special focus on her part to condition her male to be the willing recipient of her attentions and desires. But if that is her disposition, the rewards can be powerful indeed.

“It is instructive to think of his bare bottom as a blank canvas and the implements of discipline as your paint and brushes.

“Over time, you can create the most wonderful tapestry out of your mastery of the discipline of Loving Female Authority. From the first time he feels the sting of your will and authority upon his fanny and, from that moment forward, with each subsequent application of your brushstrokes, administered always on the bare, the blank canvas of his tender, fully-exposed fanny will be the recipient of the repeated creative application of your will through he expression of your artistic talents — you will simply add to an artistic work already in progress by adding a new detail in the painting.

Punishment Comes in Many Forms

And over time, whether via a simple OTK spanking or by a more severe and formal caning, or anything in between, this tapestry of your will and dominant control over him will be cumulatively etched both upon his psyche and his flesh and, in time, you will have created a lasting, unforgettable work and impression of your presence in his life.

“And from the ritual of every session, will, repeatedly come the added delights of the most beautiful music of his submissive whimpers and cries of distress, bargaining, and finally, capitulation, to his helpless involuntary spasms in response to each stroke, and you will hear his lovely sonnets of devotion to you as they build into a symphony of his love for, and his final submission, to you. And forthwith, will also come the accompaniment of the rhythm and percussion sections as, with each beat, the implements whistle ahead their warning of their impending impact then to explode across tender flesh accompanied, simultaneously, by the plaintive yelps and cries of his building distress.

“Add to this the psychological imprinting of your will and dominant control over him that will inevitably becomes seared deeply into his little boy sex brain through his tender bottom, along with your expert scolding and deadly invasive probing of his deepest, most private fetishes, fantasies and private secrets, you will excise from within his inner sanctum the devils that keep him from expressing his fullest love for you. Your sessions will come to be imprinted as indelibly on his little boy sex brain as the masterpiece that you have applied to develop on his hot, quivering flesh.

In the end, his devotion to you will be the signature to your masterpiece.


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  1. wow, that was a great article. i don’t know how to expand on that w/o coming off wrong, but i enjoyed reading it very much i’m new here. just looking around right now.

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