Femdom Mistress Lady Wednesday – Part 3

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Femdom Mistress Lady Wednesday – Part 3

Femdom Mistress

Anything you like the least?

I don’t have a natural inclination to verbally humiliate My subs or slaves. It seems counterproductive since positive reinforcement has been proven to be more efficient.

Should everyone try this?

I believe everyone should explore just beyond their comfort to discover new grounds to take them on unexpected journeys.

Are butt plugs and strap on sex about the same?

 No. Not at all.

What do you find breaks males and females down the fastest?

A calm and steady voice.

What is your favorite type of Lingerie/sex outfits?? 

Pumps and stockings. Chanel lipstick.

What are your favorite sex toys??

Rope. Hands.

Why did you get into it??

It feels and felt like a natural evolution of My desires, understanding, and practices.

What sorts of services do you provide your clients??

I can’t say that I provided ‘services’. I do however, practice an artform, which can be seen as a ‘creative service’ in general. During that practice, I explore sexuality and kink, as Myself. Thus when asked if I would be interested in ‘roleplay’, I decline the inquiry.

What are the rules??

Following instructions, which usually involves answering My questions over email and submitting them as well as the deposit, in a timely manner.

 What is a safe word/ your safe word??

Generally used to slow down (yellow) and stop (red) a scene.

Can be ascribed to motions when gagged / hooded / restrained.

I do not use any.

Do you have limits?? Why??

Yes, no sexual services. Because the physical sexual stimulation of My genitals has nothing to do with the art of Domination.

How much do clients pay for various services??

Varies. My current base rate is $400/hr

 How long is a session??

Usually 1-4 hours

How often will a client see you??

1/week- 1/yr

Do you have a slave/boyfriend that you are intimate with, and if so I assume he’s locked until you want to use him?

Yes, and no, although he does like light chastity play.

What is the most extreme play session you have been involved in?

Usually anal and double anal fisting gets very intense.

Where do you draw the line between what you will and will not do in a fetish scene?

I do not perform any sexual services.

Interview with a Femdom Mistress Lady Wednesday – Part 3

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