Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon Part 2

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 Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon

Part 2


Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon is back! We have more insider Questions Answered for you all! Remember if you have any further questions feel free to leave comments here!

  1. What was your most memorable session?

    It will be my first one. I forced a guy to behave like a kitten and made him purr whilst I  tortured his nipples and cock…he was hot and made fantastic noises hahaha

  1. What is your favorite footwear?

 I love bare feet so whenever I’m home or garden or the beach I’m ditching the shoes ….I just love the freedom of no footwear at all. Normally I wear trainers or flat boots and for sessions I wear heels or boots….depends on the character of the session.

  1. What is your favorite fetish?

    Impact play and pressure points if physical but I also enjoy fear play and sensory deprivation. So many choices hahaha

  1. If someone asked you to take them way past their limits, would you?

 Only if this is consensual and not if they use the safe word. I’m quite strict about it. I have a sub who comes to me for torture and he always wear the sensory deprivation hood and he’s not able to speak then so body language is also a very important indicator

  1. So how do you know when you’ve pushed the limits of somebody?

    Do you mean how do I know when to stop or how do I know that the limits had been stretched? If when to stop.. they usually tell me if they feel that it’s going way too far for them. The communication is the key in good D/s relationship. With pushing or stretching the limits is like with discovering a new toy or play place. They look and seem excited by the discovery but still kinda unsure what to do with it and how to deal with it.

  1. How do you identify the sub’s fantasy and how do you work it into the scene?

 I have a form to fill on my website so ideally I want them to tell me when requesting about a session what are their fetishes and expectation. If they want to wright a script I am more than happy to go along with that. If it’s just the kinks I usually put them in order and depending on the session’s duration, plan ahead what to use and for how long. Sometimes if I feel adventures I might change something as I go. It also depends on the sub and his/her reactions.

  1. Do you feel like you understand men better than most women, having seen so many in such a vulnerable state?

    I don’t think so. Everybody is different and understanding a person is much more complex than understanding a gender and I try to treat every person equally by learning about them and their reactions as much as I can.

  1. Is there anything that you haven’t done within the BDSM world that you wish to?

    Fire play! Would love to do that and never had the chance so far.

  2. Do your slaves come from any particular area of society or is it a cross section?

    I don’t have slaves but if you’re asking about clients/subs it’s a whole variety of people but most of them are ether self employed or work is oil related. Seems like it’s easier for those to afford my services.

  1. What qualities should a sub/slave exhibit in your opinion?

    Discipline and complaisance most of all but good manners are always welcome.

  2. Outside of being a Dominatrix, what are your interests?

    I enjoy photography and gardening. I like pretty places to visit and interesting things to see.

  3. Do you think that BDSM is misunderstood?

    Definitely which is a shame really as so many people are ashamed of things they like to do and sometimes even of who they are and they shouldn’t be. No one should be ashamed of who they are.

  1. With all of the people you have worked with, has one stood out as most memorable, and why?

    Yes and again it will have to be my very first client. He was simply very hot and as bad and unprofessional as it will sound I really fancied him. Still think about him sometimes 🙂

  1. What’s the most fun you have in your activities?

 Ha! To se how hopeless and pathetic people can be sometimes and to inflict pain and see them suffer. I love to make them cry and begg for more at the same time.

  1. Do you ever feel like a therapist instead of a dominatrix? (If yes, then why do you think that is?

    Yes, it happens sometimes when I have a client coming to see me and when I know why he does it. Some folk from higher positions like directors or doctors…folk who are responsible all day long and making decisions for others come to my sessions and it’s like they’re just taking the burden off of their shoulders by being on the floor, hopeless, overpowered and happy to let me make all the decisions for them.

That concludes Part 2 with Lady DaeMoon




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