Are Shoe Fetishes really that popular?

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Are Shoe Fetishes really that popular?

To answer this simply, YES! Shoe fetishes have an a very important role in the fetish world. Not that it is a fetish shared by everyone, but the erotic and exciting character given to the shoe stimulates creativity and aesthetics of the object.This makes it a source of originality accessory that is found in many models designed for fetish. Of these, some brands grow experimentation even further by offering shoes Accessory office and making sex toy in itself.

shoe fetishes

This is the case of the Italian manufacturer Ainsley does with a collection certainly reduced, but not lack of uniqueness. “Create beauty in a deviant subculture” is the motto that the Milanese company imagines eccentric shoes.The most evocative model is the “plug pump.”These are shoes with platform which serves as the heel plug. To each the choice to use he wishes to make. However, between the wearing and use them as sex toy, there is not that we advise not to cross if only for a matter of hygiene and convenience. Despite this, the erotic aspect is indeed present.

Those who prefer the boots can turn to the “plug boot” that copies the same concept and the same form while arriving at the knees. They give it a dominant side is even more obvious. They obviously accord perfectly with an outfit in leather or latex color matching.

Created in collaboration with the London dominatrixMistress Absolute, the “Absolute boot” are designed for every woman wearing them feel immediately dominatrix. For this, the long black boots host a number of accessories in more or less subtle and discreet.

There is a case for placing a ring for penis whip authentic handmadeby renowned Alexander Jacob, a point and a bag on wheels to store condoms.Suffice to say that with such boots, dominatrix wearing them everything at hand and ends up with a particularly lightweight handbag.

Finally, the “gag sandal” is a pair of court shoes may seem at first more conventional first. However, it would have been the case if one of the shoe does not have an accessory that can be detached by a zipper. This is a gag ball that can keep decoratively foot or better use. As in previous creations, red and black is the same rigor so if your budget is therefore the manufacturer can design shoes on demand as was the case for the Italian burlesque star Janet Fischietto.

Shoe Fetishes



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