Journey Of A Submale Slave (6)

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I Belong To My Cruel Mistresses Now

My freedom had been seriously curtailed by my cruel mistresses but hey, I finally felt that I belonged somewhere. My cruel Mistresses loved me at least as much as the cattle on their prairie and I had a brand to prove it. Instead of being enslaved to corporate America, I had been enslaved by a group of cruel mistresses, firm believers in female-led relationships and it was all for the better. The reading glasses I used, had been crushed under the stilettos of Mistress Elsie. Mistress Dominique had not come back from her polo outing and it was not for a sissy maid to question her whereabouts or exact intentions.

On the next day, I looked at my teeth in the mirror, they did look shitty and I cried. I felt sad and angry for a while. My anger quickly dissipated and morphed into greater submission. As I said, it is what it is. You chose this, you are the result of the decisions that got you here. On the fifth day, my routine of cleaning, scrubbing, and cooking was getting to be comfortable. Elsie saw the joy in my demeanor and said in Spanish, “Come here Juanita, and stand here so that I may examine your dick.” She grabbed my shaft with her gloved hands and called Maria. Maria brought a box of trinkets. Elsie fastened the chastity cage onto my studs. She tried to make me erect and she inserted a hollow stainless tube rod into my urethra.

Suck On It

I was capped with a plug and urinating is now on request. “Hold It unless I allow you to pee, Juanita.” She raised her skirt and had a dildo-like contraption and she said, “Take it in your mouth and suck on it.” She pulled me to the bathroom floor and I knelt there while she sat on the bench. Crouching on top of my face, she inserted the dildo into my toothless mouth. “I will pee now so drink every drop of it as if it were the best of nectars. Pee drinking is a primary skill for a slut sissy Maid.” I lay there drinking the warm fluid. My head was somewhere in subspace.

After that, she told me to get up and she checked my butt plug. “We must change it and graduate you to a bigger plug, she said. There is no standing still on this journey. This journey is transformational and we have provided you the incentives and conditions to be the best slut maid possible but we need to get you fucked tonight. I want you to spend the afternoon practicing sucking cock. Elsie will give you some tips. Your front teeth will no longer be an impediment for you to give great blow jobs, lol. You must also learn to lick the balls with true devotion. Tonight, we are  getting the truck drivers to ram you or you give them blow jobs to help pay your keep here.. capish Juanita?” “Yes you say Mistress,” I said obediently.

Only Allowed To Say Two Words After A Long Day

Mistress Elsie looked elegant yet sexy in some tight leather pants and a black corset that revealed her luscious breasts. She had blonde highlights and a sunny, relaxed disposition, whereas I stood upright with a short wig, plugged and chaste, with mules padlocked on my feet and rigidly tense because of fear and obedience. I sensed that soon I needed to pee and I would have to gain her favor and beg her to let me pee. My simple life had gone from abundance to scarcity, from joy to fear, from love to lust, from English to Spanish, from powerful to powerless in a matter of days. In the evening after a long day, all I was allowed to say was “Sí Señora.”

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