The Journey Of A Submale Slave (5)

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The Golden Rule Of The Femdom Queen

My Femdom Queen told me sternly, “Have you heard about the Golden Rule?” “Vaguely my Femdom Queen,” I responded. “The Golden Rule I go by is the one with the gold makes the rules.” “Yes, Mistress. We’re going to give you a Spanish name to accept your true position. Your new name will be Juanita. ..or just Slave,” my Femdom Queen said enthusiastically. “Your life will be that of a sissy maid, shaved head to toe, trained in domesticity, restricted and fully obedient.. Isn’t that your dream, your wish to be fully owned by a stern Mistress?” “The old you will be dead as of today. Your new you is Juanita, a Mexican Spanish-speaking maid born near Quereto. Fear and pain will be your constant companions.

Juanita is a pain slut and the more she suffers, the closer she feels to her Mistress.” “Your Mistresses will be busy, jet-setting women who will bring along their Bulls that will ram their pussies because you can’t. The Mistresses want you sucking the cocks of their Bulls or licking their pussies. It gets them hot. Haven’t you ever fantasized about a threesome? It’s not the threesome that you dreamed of but it’s part of what is in store for you,” she said as she giggled with a slightly evil grin.

Shaved From Head To Toe

“Your assets in Canada will be seized in virtue of the secured mortgages that Femdom Queen Ekaterina already registered against them. All those documents you signed in Canada initially had your assets entrusted to a Femdom Trustee.” Mistress led me naked to a black van with a driver I didn’t recognize and had me sit in the backseat. We drove until we stopped at the leather shop where Alejandra was waiting for us. “Let’s go because Alejandra is here. Alejandra was a 20-year-old store clerk, who was there barely 15 minutes. I was naked and she proceeded to take a bunch of measures of my waist, elbows, legs, arms, and neck.

My dick was examined closely by the three women there, Alejandra, Elsie, and Maria. Alejandro it turns out was transsexual. They were joking around speaking in Spanish. At around 10 am, I was strapped into a historic barber chair and they applied a cream on me that stung a little and shaved my head and body. I was escorted to the shower and rinsed down with cold water. All my hair was gone and I was brought back to the chair. They looked at my mouth and asked me if I had any toothaches. I pointed to the two teeth that were aching me. They pulled those teeth and 2 more teeth in the front. “My rabbit teeth,” Maria said. It s not enough, we need to pull more teeth,” Elsie said. “This will be better.”
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Su Nueva Realidad

When it was over, Maria gave me some clove oil to put on my gums. In the end, I was virtually toothless in the front of my mouth. “Talk to us now Juanita..como te llamas?” Maria asked. “Juanita,” I answered. “Muy bien.” She shoved a big dildo in my mouth and tied a scarf around my head to hold it in place. “Silencio es su nueva realidad Juanita.” “Si señora, I said. “You have to look your part, as a poor maid,” Elsie said. “Si señora, thank you Señora.” Then, they took off my chastity belt and examined my dick.

Elsie explained the procedure they were about to perform. It’s called a Slavemaker piercing. A series of 4 studs implanted in the foreskin of my dick. The studs were about 5/8 inch standing out perpendicular to my dick. They would be inserted and the skin around it would tighten with the sutures. The purpose is to create something visually pleasing to my Femdom Queen but also functional. It would be attached to a cage that would prevent intercourse and bad thoughts. Then, my butt was branded with a brand that said HSMA. I had no clue what it meant but I found out later it stood for Hacienda De San Miguel De Allende, or something similar. It was a brand that they were still using on their cattle.

The Humiliations Excited Her

How did I react? I was compliant because I knew that all this had been decided beforehand in the washrooms of a ritzy London Club where my Femdom Queen was talking to Mistress Dominique several months earlier according to what she told me. So, there I was being fitted with a tight corset, some lace stockings, some mules, and a white skirt and apron. My first job this morning was to help wash the linens and beware and to beat the dirt out of the Persian and Mexican area rugs. It was lots of work but I found myself useful and contributing to this unique experience in the way that I could. I was wearing a small sheet around my head like a chemo patient to cover my bald head.

The humiliations excited my Femdom Queen and I felt happy to please Her. She once asked me what was better than obedience. She said utter humiliation and total obedience. “What I say goes..capish? You are my bitch but your attitude is still that of an Oxford MBA. There is a disconnect between your attitude and your new station in life as my maid bitch and we must fix that.” Strapped to a chair in San Miguel, I was told to speak only in Spanish with as few words as possible.

No Time To Waste When It Comes To Mistress

“Si Senora, muy bien Señor, adios Señor.” I kept it short and sweet. A maid had no time to waste discoursing when she had work to do. At midday, a trip to the bakery tested my prowess with the high-heeled mules on the cobblestones of these ancient streets. People looked at me inquisitively and I felt at once aroused and humiliated.

I was wearing no underwear and I needed to make sure the wind did not lift up my skirt. A dog followed me, smelling the fresh baked goods. I told him, “I’d like to feed ya but hey, I got strict orders to follow. I am just obeying my Femdom Queen.” It’s so easy to obey blindly, to relieve oneself of all questions of conscience, of good or bad, and just repeat the orders of my Mistress. In the distance, I could hear the Mariachis playing somewhere in a street full of echoes of people, music, and good cheers. This was not my destination. My strict orders were to go and come back. “Vamos Juanita, y regresa con la comida pronto.” There was no other option.

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