The Start For Our FLR

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The Start For Our FLR


Every year, a Woman my Wife works with gives us a large piece of sweet shortbread for a holiday present. This year was no exception, and when we brought this present home, I couldn’t resist, and I ate a small piece of this delicious gift.


Awhile later, while at the kitchen counter, the urge struck and I reached for another piece of the shortbread. My Wife was standing alongside me at the counter, and when She saw me reaching for another treat She said in a loud, commanding voice, “NO! NO MORE!”


I was shocked, because She had spoken so sharply to me, almost as a Mistress would talk to an unruly dog. But I was also thrilled beyond words. I immediately put the shortbread down and didn’t eat another piece. I told my Wife how thrilled I was that She had corrected me and that She was absolutely right-I had had enough and shouldn’t have any more. She was bemused and didn’t act dominant from then on, but I had definitely seen a profoundly dominant streak that I know She has inside Her.


My Wife is totally dominant in our bedroom, and I am trying to gently encourage Her to rule me at other times also. We have had fun discussions about this, and She is reluctant to commit to dominant behavior all the time, but I know She has it in Her–I’m thrilled to say I’ve seen Her dominant side and it makes me love Her all the more.


I’ve been encouraged to believe that my Wife and I can have a Female-Led relationship in part because of your wonderful website, Thank you.

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