Poem For My Submissive Man

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This is a poem I decided to write about the submissive man I found on Slave Selection.


Hunting for some time,
To covet impatiently,
The submissive man who deserved
To be my intended dog.


And suddenly, during an internet search,
I was overwhelmed by this clear sensation,
To have finally been able to find,
My ultimate thing I so desired.


Burn with desire at the sight of his mouth-watering lips,
Who woke up my overflowing perversion,
Wishing to dominant this submissive man,
At least once, despite the distance.


Excitement about training him,
Passion mingling with determination,
To enslave him, own him,
This submissive man who has yet to be collared.


My senses are in turmoil,
I finally found my prey,
Capture it, and slowly enjoy it,
To satisfy my dominant urges.


Observe him, test him,
Rejoice to have him worship my feet,
A submale so devoted,
Anxious to cherish and fulfill me.


Trembling in front of me from the need to be dominated,
Desire to rebuild him and make him a better man,
To hear him implore me he will never leave me.

Make him blush, hear him moan,
make him shudder, cries of passion
Feel suddenly alive,
It’s the beginning of an intoxicating story.


To dive deep into submission,
To be completely controlled by me,
My property for two years,
And possibly for the rest of his life.


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