Sissy Boi Toy At The Fetish Party

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sissy boi toy

Sissy Boy Toy Gets Ready For A Night Out With Mistress

Mistress Kate begins waking up her sissy boy toy just before 6 pm, gently caressing me and speaking softly,

  • “Come on now sissy boy toy, it is time to wake up and start getting ready to go out. After all, it is Saturday night and we are going to have fun.”

She gently got me to my feet allowing me to gain my steps and composure. She leads me to the bathroom to bathe me and get me cleaned up for the night. Ms. Kate and my Mistress both care for me very well; as much as I serve them they serve me through love and the care they provide day to day.

Ms. Kate washes me and gets me clean, speaking about her plans for the evening,

  • “Sissy Boy toy this will be an experience for you in that you will be wearing formal dress attire this evening. It’s a fetish party that our BDSM group holds every month and you will be the gorgeous slutty sissy boy toy to show off this evening. I have the perfect outfit.”

She got me all dolled up with makeup and had me put on the black nylons she chose for me to wear. Then she brought out my ball gown. It was gorgeous. I put it on for her as she adjusted it.

Looking Stunning In My Gown

I turn to look into the mirror; it is a long red mermaid-style ball gown. It hugged my body tight as it flowed down my body to my legs where it fanned out. My shoulders, upper chest, and arms were covered as it was open from my breast down just below my ass and crotch. It was accented with a silver metal belt tight around my waist, silver nipple chains, and a silver posture collar RV’ing down my neck to my breast cleavage. My breast, belly, cock, and ass are all open. The gown was gorgeous. Ms. Kate spun me around a few times and had me walk around.

“Sissy Boy toy, you are absolutely stunning.”

Time for me to get ready, then we shall go. You go sit, be still until I fetch you.

Mistress Kate came out dressed in a gorgeous long black ball gown. She leashed me up and led me out the door. She took us down in the elevator to a limo parked and ready out front. A gentleman steps out of the car

  • “Hello Kate you look stunning and who is the delicate creature with you?

She smiles and replies,

  • “Hello, Master Jim this is my good friend Mistie’s little sissy boy toy. We have been training her over the last year.

Servicing Master Jim In The Limo

  • “Mistie is away and loaned her slut to me to take with me wherever I go. How are you doing this evening Jim?”

I stood there quietly, delicately poised for Mistress Kate listening to her talk to Master Jim.

  • “I am doing quite well, I am happy you are joining me at the party this evening. Get in and let’s head to the party.”

Mistress Kate gently guides me into the limo in the back seat, as Mistress and Master Jim sat across from me.

The ride was fairly quiet for a bit while Mistress and Jim whispered to each other. Some time had passed before Mistress Kate spoke up.

  • “Sissy Boy Toy, Master Jim would like some service before we arrive at the fetish party.”

She said this as Jim was opening his pants and taking his hardening cock out.

  • “Now slut, be careful not to make a mess, make sure you swallow all of him. Do not get your dress dirty.”

I gently kneeled down in the limo and wrapped my lips gently around his cock sucking it deep into my mouth.

Best Blowjob Ever

I began sucking his fat hard cock as my own cock came to attention. Mistress Kate opened the limo window so the driver could see what was going on. I whimpered and moaned as I sucked and licked Jim’s cock, caressing his balls with my hand as I pulled out licking his cock like a lollipop. I felt his cock start to throb and pulse so I wrap my lips around it sliding down on his cock in and out pushing his cock deep into my throat. He began to buck his hips fucking my face.

I wrapped my lips tight around his cock as he erupted in my mouth. I continued sucking his cock and drinking his cum making sure I drained his cock fully. Pulling away, I got back to my seat, my face flushed red as Mistress adjusted my hair and gown.

  • “Good girl such a lovely sissy boy toy.”


Master Jim gathered himself saying,

  • “ Mmmm.. thank you slut, and Ms. Kate that was truly the best blow job I have ever had. You Ladies have taught him well.”


  • “Why thank you, Jim.”

Arriving At The Fetish Party

  • “Yes we trained him well and I do think he enjoys it. Also, he tends to know he gets more cum if he does well,”

Mistress Kate said as I was whimpering softly listening to them talk as we pulled into the entrance of the event. Master Jim opened the door escorting Ms. Kate and me out. Kate led me into the event by my leash as everyone was staring at me. Many men were lusting after Mistress Kate as she led me inside. The event was just getting started as Mistress Kate led me around showing me off. There were many types of people: Doms and subs alike and even some bulls the Mistresses like to use when they wish to get fucked. They would then have sluts like me clean them and the bull as well.

Many pieces of bondage furniture were scattered all over the room as Mistress took me to an empty St. Andrews Cross to use a flogger on me. She used it mostly on my ass making it red as my cock hardened and throbbed moaning with pleasure within the pain. She took me down holding me as I was shaking leading me to a chair to sit for a little while. Then the site of Kent made my ass starts throbbing remembering how hard he fucked me earlier. I started squirming in my chair my cock was wet and throbbing.

sissy boi toy

Another Round With Kent

I tried to hide it but my whimpers grew more intense and louder as Mistress Kate looked my way and noticed me. She came to me to see what was up.

  • “Sissy Boy toy, what has gotten into you?”

Then she noticed my wet dripping cock and me shaking, whimpering. She wiped my cock off having me clean her fingers as Kent walked up.

  • “Hello, Ms Kate how are you doing? I see you brought the whore with you.”


  • “Oh yes, Kent nice to see you….. yes of course I need someone to clean me after I get my fill of your nice hard cock.”

Mistress Kate said as she smiled. Kent escorted Ms. Kate, as she led me by my leash to one of the private rooms.

Kate sat me down on a stool so I could see and watch. I was whimpering, softly squirming as Kent slowly undressed Ms. Kate and they started kissing. Ms. Kate removed Kent’s shirt and pants revealing his large fat cock again. I was trying so hard not to make too much noise as I whimpered and squirmed. Kent pushed Ms. Kate down to the bed and they started having sex. My view was perfect as I could see his cock pushing in and out as he fucked Ms. Kate. Passion filled the room as Ms. Kate had orgasm after orgasm as that huge cock pumped in and out of her. I whimpered louder and squirmed more knowing how that felt. My man’s pussy throbbing and I couldn’t take much more as my cock was throbbing, dripping wet.

Licking Mistress Clean

Kent continued fucking her as she screamed with one large final orgasm Kent pulled out and covered her pussy and stomach with cum. Mistress Kate called me over to tend to her. I went to her kneeling down as I leaned in, I started kissing her stomach sucking and licking the cum from her. I feel Kent spit onto my throbbing man pussy pushing a large dildo into me to get me ready. Whimpering and squirming, I continued to suck and clean Mistress up. I moved my lips and face down close to her pussy making sure I get all his cum off of her. I feel the dildo slide in and out. My ass throbbing and open gaped some as I push my face into Mistress’ pussy, sucking and cleaning his cum from her. Then it happened. Kent’s huge cock slid into me as I screamed.

Mistress pushes my face back into her pussy. Kent slid his huge cock deep into me starting slowly as he move his fat cock in and out pumping me squirming as I sucked and licked Mistress Kate clean. Kent started moving faster, fucking me harder and harder as my cock was throbbing. Mistress Kate stops me, lifts me up moves close to my cock, and starts stroking my hard cock. Kent starts fucking me harder now as Mistress Kate says,

  • “Cum on me now sissy boy toy!”

I whimpered and screamed as my cock erupted onto her pussy and stomach. Kent’s hard cock throbbed and pulsed as it erupts and his hot cum was pumped into my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing in me as I have a second orgasm, cum again dripping onto Mistress Kate’s pussy.

Servicing Other Bulls And Mistresses

She takes my head pushing my face into her having me now suck my own cum from her as Kent pulls out leaving my ass open. I could feel air inside as my ass is throbbing, opened, and cum dripping out of it. I finish cleaning and sucking cum from Ms. Kate as she has me sit and suck and clean Kent’s cock off. Mistress gets dressed as does Kent. Mistress has me sit on the stool, my face covered in cum and my ass throbbing from the fucking I got. I sit there for a few minutes as Ms. Kate walks in with a cloth to clean my face as another Mistress and Bull enter the room. After Mistress gets me clean, she introduces the couple to me.

  • “Sissy boy toy, this is Mistress Ariel and her bull John. You will tend to them as you did Kent and I.”


  • “Yes, Mistress,” whimpering softly as I watched Ariel and John go at it, and I got fucked in the ass again and cleaned the cum from Mistress Ariel’s pussy.

My ass was throbbing even more after John and Ariel left the room and throughout the night my purpose became known.

Falling Asleep In Her Arms

After 4 hours or so, Mistress came in after 4 more couples had their way with me. Worn out and weak, Mistress led me out to the limo for the ride home. She was cuddling me as she spoke softly,

  • ” Sissy boy toy, I am so proud of you. Everyone was talking about how good you were and how well you serviced each couple. I think you need some rest you look worn out.”

I whimpered softly, cuddling close. We arrived home Mistress took me upstairs, bathed me, and took me to Her bed to cuddle with me and held me as I fell asleep purring…. feeling safe in her embrace.

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