Sexy Dominant Women Seduces Me At The Gym (2)

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Me And My Sexy Dominant Female Go Shopping For Toys

Wow!! Seduced, dominated, and under complete control by this sexy dominant female and now walking into the adult sex toy store holding hands with this beautiful goddess. Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming. We were met by Lisa.

  • “Well I have not seen this slut before,” Lisa said.



  • “I want him fitted for a collar, chastity cage, and a cock ring.”

My cock was rock hard. Lisa could not take her eyes off my cock as she led us to the collar section.

  • “Ummm collaring him so soon he must be good,” Lisa said.

Again she slid her hand down my pants squeezing my erect cock.

  • “He is always hard and horny and loves to eat my pussy and rim my ass,” my sexy dominant female said while she selected a leather training collar.

Lisa seemed pleased with the training collar my sexy dominant female selected.

Fitted For My Chastity Cage

sexy dominant female


Lisa moved behind me to check out my ass as we moved to the chastity cage section. The Lover’s Cage was chosen. My cock grew harder thinking about wearing it.

Lisa said,

  • “If he is new to cages you should break him in slowly.”


  • “I know,” Mistress said, “I don’t plan on caging him yet. He will only wear it during sessions at first.”


Not sure but I think Lisa was pleased about this.

Next was my cock ring. Mistress wants the 3 snap rubber cock ring.

  • “Oh that model is out of stock, I can order it if you like.”


  • “Yes, Lisa order it. Slut, go with Lisa and pay for the order while I browse.”


As Lisa and I moved to the front counter Lisa asked,

  • “What is up for the rest of the day?”


  • “Mistress has a session with another one of her slaves so I will be home just hanging out,” I said.

Lisa smiled and said,

  • “You are not collared yet.”

Not sure what she meant but I pulled out my credit card and paid the bill.


  • “I don’t want to hold you up to give me your phone number in case I have problems with your card.”
  • “Sure,” I gave her my number.

Lisa Is So Hot

Sitting alone in my apartment I started to think about Lisa. I wondered if she was dominant. She sure knew a lot about BDSM. Just then my phone rang. It wouldn’t be Mistress, she said she did not want to see me until later in the week. I did not recognize the number but I answered it anyway.

  • “Hello. Hi, this is Lisa from this morning I have good news for you. I found the cock ring Mistress wanted. Why don’t you come down and pick it up? It will be a good surprise for your Mistress.”


  • “Sure I will be there in a bit,” I said.

I opened the door and Lisa was standing there dressed in skin-tight yoga pants and a sports bra as a top. Fuck she was so fit. Flat stomach, muscular arms, and athletic legs.

  • “I am going to work out soon. You are my last customer,” she said as she flipped the sign to close and locked the door.

She pulled out the cock ring.


  • “You should try it on to make sure it fits,” she said.


  • “I’m really not sure how it works,” I told her.
  • “Come to my office, I can help you.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to her office. I felt my cock starting to harden.


You Are Not Owned Yet

The office was spacious with an odd-looking chair in the corner.

  • “You should take all your clothes off to feel the full effect.”

I stripped naked. My cock was semi-hard.

  • “Hmm.. I see you shave down there that will make it much easier. You know you are not owned yet so you are free to be with others.”


As she slowly slipped the first ring around my balls she said,

  • “Besides, you are starting out on the bottom of her list.”

She stroked my cock a few times and as she slid the second ring on my cock she said,

  • “I don’t have a list.”

She slipped off her sports bra and her firm tits popped out.

Her nipples were big and hard so I knew she was turned on. She then started to kiss my balls and cock. She put my cock and balls in her mouth. Now my cock was harder and bigger than ever. She was sucking and kissing them and I was in a trance. She then started to bite the head of my cock while jerking the shaft with her hands.

  • “Do you want to cum slave?


  • “Yes Mistress,” I said. “Mistress you say. Yes, I want to be your Mistress and you will be my one and only slave. I will be your one and only Mistress.”

She then slipped her fingers into my ass and started to massage my prostate. I shot a huge wad of cum in her mouth. She then got up and kissed me. We shared my cum with a long kiss.

She pulled away and said,

  • “You are mine now.”


  • “Yes Mistress Lisa, I am yours.”

My Queening Stool

  • “Bring my stool over here,” Lisa ordered.


“Yes Mistress.”


  • “This is my queening stool.”

She slipped off her pants. What a beautifully shaved pussy. I started to get hard again.

  • “Get under the stool and get ready to please me. NOW!!”

She sat on the stool and I got into position.

  • “Before you start I want you to drink my nectar.”

I opened my mouth and she urinated in my mouth. I must say it wasn’t bad. It was kind of sweet.

  • “Now lick my pussy until I cum.”

I licked and kissed her entire pussy for what seemed like an hour.

  • “Suck my clit slave.”

I started to lick her clit.

Then I took it in my mouth and sucked on it like it was a lollipop. She started to shudder and moan. She then got off the stool and started to fuck my face. My tongue was still in her pussy so she pumped up and down my tongue until she shot cum all over my face. She didn’t have to order me, I licked every drop.

  • “I hear you give a good rim job,” she said as she turned around and got back on the stool.

I started to kiss and lick her big tight ass. In fact, I am an ass man and her ass was magnificent. I shot my tongue as far as I could up her asshole and started to rim her. Then, I was so turned on I shot a wad of cum straight into the air.

My New Mistress

She was so turned on she got up and kissed me again.

  • “Slave, I want to peg you. I am going to get my strapon and then I am going to fuck you until you cum.”


  • “Yes Mistress Lisa please fuck me.”

I have never been so excited and horny and couldn’t wait to be fucked. I had never taken anything in the ass before but hearing her talk about it made me want to be fucked.

She positioned me over the stool and started to lubricate my asshole with lube. She then stepped in front of me wearing her strapon.

  • “Suck my cock slave.” I sucked it until my saliva was all over it.


  • “Good boy.”

She then got behind me and slowly inserted it. Pumping slowly at first and then faster and faster deeper and deeper.

She was really turned on and started to moan.

  • “Umm slave I love your ass. Ummm I could fuck you all night. Do you love me, slave?”


  • “Yes Mistress Lisa, I love you.”


  • “Oh I am about to cum slave. You are the best fuck I have ever had.”

She pulled out of my ass.

  • “Let’s go to my house and take a shower together and then you can call Mistress and tell her that you are mine now.”

We went to her house and what happened next is another story.

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Sexy Dominant Woman Seduces Me At The Gym

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